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Whether you're looking to rob a bank or save Gotham from the Joker, a black mask carries a gravity that can't be matched. In our black masks, you can get the darkness you need for a truly menacing costume. Coming in a variety of styles, you can choose the fit and feel to give you total control over your look on the big night, and no need to worry about a mask that heats up inside or pinches your face!
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Girl's Costume
Your child will be talking about all things dark and morbid this year when they're all dolled up in our Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Dress Kids Costume. If your little angel loves the dark, witty, and sarcastic sense of humor of Wednesday, then you know they're going to fall in love with this dazzling Wednesday look. Everybody knows Wednesday Addams lives on the darker side of life, which is why she's one of the best characters in the entire Addams family. While donning this elegant garb, you bet your daughter will be expressing her dark and mysterious beauty alongside all her outcast friends and classmates at Nevermore Academy. With this Wednesday Raven dress costume, you will receive everything you need to make sure your child is all dressed up and ready for class at Nevermore Academy. Featuring an absolutely stunning black and dark brown accented dress with elegant layers of fabric, a stylish black collar around the neck, and a dark gothic belt design around the waist, your child is going to love this unique and enchanting look. A dress that is both drop-dead gorgeous and comfortable to wear, this look can't be beaten. Whether your daughter is heading to a Halloween party, going trick or treating with friends, or just looking to get dolled up as her favorite Addams family member, she's going to fall in love with this one of a kind dress. To really complete the look, be sure to check out our site for makeup kits, dark wigs, and jewelry to accessorize. When your daughter's friends dress up as Enid, Yoko, Bianca, and all the other great Nevermore Academy characters, your child will surely be on cloud nine. Pick up your Wednesday Addams dress costume today, and go make this a night she never forgets!
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Women's Costume
This Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance costume for women features an a-line dress crafted from black gauzy fabric, accented with dainty ruffles for a unique and fashionable look. Perfect for Halloween or themed-parties, this costume is sure to be a standout!
Wednesday Nevermore Academy Morticia Addams Adult Costume
When she steps back into the world of Nevermore Academy, Morticia Addams always wants to make an entrance and will do so with this stunning gothic dress! This Morticia Addams Adult costume features a fabulous floor-length black dress with dramatic draping bell sleeves and a scoop neckline. The dress has a form-fitting silhouette and metallic silver detailing along the sides to give you an extra snatched look. In this costume, you will channel your inner Morticia and exude confidence and mystery. This Morticia Addams costume is straight out of the hit show, Wednesday, and is ideal for any fan of the show and the Addams Family. Looking for a great couples costume or a group costume idea? Get your Gomez and the rest of your crew and check out all our Addams Family costumes. You all will be the best dressed on Halloween night!
Wednesday Addams Girl's Costume
Our Wednesday Addams Girl's Costume will have your kid feeling extra spooky in this classic black dress with a dotted white flower pattern and attached white cuffs and a dramatic white collar. This ankle length dress also features faux black buttons down the front and is straight out of Wednesday’s opening scene in the hit self-titled Netflix show. Now your kid can make the same dramatic entrance! It is the perfect look as your kid gets ready to make their Nevermore Academy debut or for any Addams Family fan. Wednesday Addams is a classic costume for Halloween and this one is an instant hit!
Women's Black Nylon Fishnet Stockings
Add that little extra oomph to your costume this year when you get all dressed up with our Industrial Fishnet Black Hose. Whether you're dressing up as a sassy vampire, a witch, or a devil, you'll certainly have all eyes on you when you walk into the party wearing these. Featuring a pair of black fishnet tights that will instantly elevate your look, you definitely don't want to miss out on these great leggings this year.
Kids' Short Black Gloves
There are so many uses for plain black gloves in a child's costume that it would be impossible to mention them all here! Suffice it to say that these will fit the bill for all of them!
Bold Goth Black Lipstick
Going a bit 90s grunge or full goth? This Bold Goth Black Lipstick will take your costume or cosplay over the finish line. You've never seen a lip color so daring! Get ready to show the world that you're unafraid to make a statement with this bold goth black lipstick. It goes on smoothly and gives you the perfect coverage you want. So put your lips on display and make a statement with this daring lipstick. With a creamy, satin finish that will last through the night, this black gothic costume lipstick is the key to nailing your intense vibe.
Kid's Forsaken Souls Costume
Tortured spirits will be freed from their thralls of their living beings when this deadly beauty arrives to the scene. The Forsaken Souls Child Costume features black dress with ghost details, lace-up chest, and hood. Check out our accessories page for makeup that will make you look even more terrifying. As you make your way around town on Halloween, the ghostly apparitions will start to rise up and haunt the Earth. Lead the souls to their new home, in the eternal underworld, where they can roam free from the search of their lifeless bodies. The Forsaken Souls Costume will make your queen of the Netherworld. You will be ruler of the underworld, and master to the souls of the dead. The eternal kingdom shall be yours!
Adult Black 2nd Skin Mask
You will be looking elusive as ever this year when you show up to the party wearing our 2nd Skin Black Mask. With this one, you will receive just the mask you need to conceal your identity while feeling slick as ever. Everybody will be wondering who the person behind the mask is when you're wearing this one. Featuring an all black mask that will pair perfectly with a whole variety of looks, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume
Beetlejuice is brought to life in the black and white striped suit of the Deluxe Beetlejuice Adult Costume. This fun and eye-catching ensemble has everything you need to begin your transformation as the iconic character from the '80s. This bold look features a long sleeved dress jacket with vertical stripes down the front and horizontal ones on the arms. A single black button sits at the center of the design for a closed look. For a complete look, a dickie with an attached tie is also included. A pair of matching pants with vertical stripes is also included. Complete the look with our Beetlejuice Mask or Ghost Stories Tm Makeup Kit, both sold separately. Wig and shoes are not included. This costume comes in accommodating sizes and fits up to a Size 46 men's jacket. See our online Size Chart to determine your best fit.
Women's Black Nylon Fishnet Stockings - Queen Size
Fishnets are flattering on legs or all shapes and sizes. These Black Nylon Fishnet Stockings in Adult Queen Size are the perfect fit for full figured women. Accentuated your curves in any costume or look by pairing them with these stockings.
Blackout Tooth Wax
Add instant drama to your Halloween costume with this Blackout Tooth Wax, the painless way to create a seamless, realistic missing tooth effect. With this easy-to-use, fast-drying wax, you'll be able to keep your teeth free from stains and take your costume to the next level without the risk of tooth discoloration taking away from your fun. Be bold and fearless. Bring out your dark side with a creative look that can be easily removed at the end of the night. The Blackout Tooth Wax is the best way to put a gap in your gob.
Adult Black Classic Top Hat
Elevate your style with the Adult Black Classic Top Hat from This is one of the most versatile hats on the market. You can dress it up or down depending on your Halloween costume of choice. From magicians and ringmasters to presidents like Abraham Lincoln or mimes that put on shows in Paris, you can pair this top hat with so many different costumes. This timeless accessory adds an air of sophistication to any outfit. Make a statement as you embrace old-time glamor with this black top hat. It features a ribbon around the base for extra pizazz.
The Flash Batman Kids Costume
The Joker and Harley Quinn will be fleeing Gotham in a flash when they catch your kid wearing The Flash Batman Kids Costume. If there's one DC Comics superhero who knows a thing or two about keeping the town safe from evil villains and masterminds, it's the Caped Crusader. Armed with Batarangs, a Grapple Gun, and a mighty cool Batmobile for cruising around town and extinguishing foes, it's no wonder Batman is one of the world's most beloved and feared superheroes. With this powerful costume set, you will receive everything your kiddo needs to fight crime from the shadows as the Dark Knight himself. Featuring an all black Batman attire set with the classic yellow Batman logo on the chest, spiked bracers, a flowing black cape, and an iconic black cowl Batman mask, taking down thieves and criminals will be easy as can be for your tyke when they're all geared up with this heroic costume. Whether it's the Joker, the Penguin, Kingpin, or the Riddler wreaking havoc across Gotham this year, your child will certainly be ready for whatever danger comes their way. Fighting crime is fun alone, but it's even more enjoyable when you have allies. Get your kid's friends in on all the action and make it a DC Comics superhero costume theme for maximum heroic fun! Just imagine how powerful and happy your kid will feel when they have Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash fighting foes and vanquishing villains right alongside them. If your kid is looking for more fun Batman or DC Comics accessories and gear, be sure to check our site for more ways to take this Batman look to the next level. Pick up your Batman kids costume today, and go make this a Gotham inspired night your tyke never forgets!
Women's Black Long Satin Gloves
Put the finishing touch on your girl's elegant outfit with the Girls Long Black Satin Gloves. This accessory includes a pair of black satin opera length gloves. Add sophistication to any outfit with this gorgeous set.
Adult Headless Man Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Headless Man Costume and you might just send a few people running in fright. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a cloaked man who may or may not have his head on straight. Featuring a black robe with a bloody decapitated neck and an opening in the front for sliding your own face down, you can't go wrong with this truly unique and haunting get-up this year.
Black Liner Makeup Stick
For the most gruesome ghouls or glamorous goths, the Black Liner Makeup Stick is sure to help you define your best (or creepiest) features. This black liner from is a versatile addition to your costume or cosplay makeup kits. With its lightweight formula and lasting solution, you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd. The creamy texture of this stick ensures an even, smudge-free finish, allowing you to be bold and be beautiful. With this makeup stick, no night on the town will ever look the same.
Adult Black 2nd Skin Suit Costume
You'll be looking just like a shadow this year when you get all dressed up in our Adult Black Skinsuit. With this set, you will receive everything you need to blend in with the night and all of darkness while still looking cool and sleek as ever. Featuring an all black full body stretch jumpsuit that will cover you from head to toe, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this fun and unique look this year.
Women's Black Classic Witch Costume
The Classic Witch Adult Costume offers up a very traditional witch ensemble but with a very attractive, fashion-forward style. You needn't be a traditional ugly-looking witch for Halloween. This particular ensemble includes the following items: a long black skirt with matching fitted top, cap, scarf and hat. The outfit however does not include the broom nor the shoes. These may be available for separate purchase. We do offer a number of accessories to personalize this Witch's Costume. They include: the Black Feather Broom, the Cheri Black Wig for Adult, the Black Nail Polish, and the Black Fishnet Pantyhose with Back Seam. Available in One Size this Halloween Costume will fit most average-sized women. If you are looking for a traditional outfit which will take you through multiple Halloween occasions then this one could be it -- it's stylish, conservative and will certainly be recognized for what it is -- one heck of a Witch's Costume.
Adult Black Witch and Wizard Midnight Lace Cloak
If you're looking to really mystify the crowd this year, then you certainly don't want to miss out on our Midnight Wizard & Witch Cloak. With this set, you will receive just the cloak you need to let everyone know you're the master of the shadows and the dark arts. Featuring an elegant black cloak adorned with floral designs and complete with an attached hood, you're certainly not going to want to miss out on this enigmatic and alluring look.
Adult Black Walking Cane
Whether you're dressing up as a magician, a mob boss, or an old president, you'll be looking the part this year when you are walking around with our Black Cane Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the cane you need to complete your look in style. Featuring a long black cane that is easy to grip and take with you wherever you go, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Black Pork Pie Hat with Feather
Embrace the style of the 1940s with our Adult Black Pork Pie Hat with Feather. Featuring an all-black cap with a black ribbon at the base and an arrangement of colorful feather accents, this accessory will have you feeling the 40s fun and looking great while doing it! You'll be the classiest lad or lass at the costume party when you walk through the door sporting this little number. Be sure to check out our wide selection of vintage accessories to complete your new look!
Adult Black 2Nd Skin Suit Costume
You'll be blending in with the night this year when you get all decked out in our Black Skinsuit. With this set, you will receive everything you need to sport the color black in style. Featuring an all black full body stretch jumpsuit that will cover you from head to toe, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this one. Perfect for disappearing in darkness and spooking all your friends, you are going to love sporting black this year!
Black Face Makeup Paint Pot
Show off your number 1 team with this black face paint! Easily applied to the face this black makeup will allow you to exclaim your team colors! Purchase a few for your friends for game day or wear it with your spooky Halloween costume. Mix and match with other face paints to have the most colorful face at your next party!
Black Cream Face Paint Makeup
Add the finishing touches to your costume or cosplay with the Black Cream Face Paint Makeup from Whether you're looking to accentuate a soul-piercing stare, or add a bit of 5 o'clock shadow, this black face make-up will bring some darkness to your outfit. Every stroke will stay bold, intense, and fade-resistant, no matter how long you wear it. Plus, it's great for face painters and makeup artists alike. The creamy formula glides easily on the face, and the pigment is so intense that it will last all day long. Get creative and wear a new masterpiece every day.
Women's Black Long Nylon Gloves
These Black Long Nylon Gloves will add flair to any outfit or costume! Whether you are going for a more elegant and high society Audrey Hepburn look or want to add a touch of spooky sophistication to your witch costume, these black gloves are a perfect addition! Included is a pair of form fitting long nylon gloves that extend up the forearms and will fit most teens and adults.
Boys' Hooded Death Angel Costume
This dark and attention-grabbing Death Angel Kids Costume is guaranteed to stand out and will have people running scared! This costume consists of a long black robe with extra-long sleeves with attached skeleton hands at the ends, a separate black hood that covers your kids whole head and a set of large black feather-like wings. The Death Angel is an angel that people will avoid at all costs. This quick and easy costume will take your kids scaring tactics to new heights!
Womens Fishnet Stockings - Black
Head to the party wearing the Womens Fishnet Stockings - Black and you'll have everyone's attention all night long. If you're looking for the perfect pair of fishnet tights to pair with your rocker girl, punk girl, vampire, or gangster look this year, then look no further than these. Featuring an all black fishnet design that will pair great with a whole variety of costume looks, you won't want to miss out on these stylish tights!
Adult Black Superhero Boots
Your superhero outfit needs some super accessories to really complete it, so buy the Super Hero Boot Adult! These black boots are flat and extend to the knees. They are taller in the front than in the back.
Plus Size Womens Fishnet Tights
You'll be all ready for the party this year when you put on our Plus Size Womens Fishnet Tights. Whether you're dressing up as a punk girl, a metal rocker, or a classic gangster lady, you certainly don't want to miss out on this great pair of tights. Featuring a black fishnet design that will pair perfectly with a whole variety of different gear and accessories from our site, you are going to love sporting these stunning tights this year.