Adult Nerds & Schoolgirl Costumes

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However your own school days went, you're going to get a better grade this time in one of our nerd costumes! Plus, if you want to bring a little risqué fun into your humorous costume, you can put on of our schoolgirl short skirts. Our costumes come with plenty of accessories to really make the moment, like pocket protectors, cheerleader pom poms, and more. Then you can head off to class and get into all kinds of youthful trouble in these hilarious school costumes!
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Adult Sexy School Girl Red Costume
Adult Sexy School Girl Red Costume
Enroll in the new high school and become the most gorgeous and popular transfer student it has ever seen or dealt with! Introducing the Sexy School Girl Red Plaid Costume. Getting an A" or better yet an "A+" in every single one of your classes without having to ever do any work and breeze through the semester since every single class has never been easier. In a costume such as this you might as well become the teacher's pet and they will gladly allow you to come in late and pull out your phone in the middle of lecture! You might as well become an honor roll student while you're at it and valedictorian of your graduating class! Make an everlasting impression at the Halloween party and charm others with your looks and this costume. And don't every worry about going to detention since no teacher or principal will be foolish enough to give you one."
Adult Green Plaid Mini Skirt
Adult Green Plaid Mini Skirt
The Adult Green Plaid Mini Skirt can be used to produce a variety of looks. You can become a schoolgirl, or pair it with a green top for a St. Paddy's Day celebration. The green plaid design features a pleated hemline that looks stunning. Spice up your ensemble with this mini skirt.
Adult Sexy Prep School Girl Costume
Adult Sexy Prep School Girl Costume
Embody every guy's fantasy in our Sexy Prep School Girl Adult Costume! When you walk into a party in this short skirt and jacket combo every guy will be watching you. You'll be ready for someone to teach you a lesson when you're wearing this cute necktie which looks just like a top prep school's uniform!