Flesh & Blood

A well done special effect wound will make people forget that you're just wearing a costume. When they see the gory splashes of blood on you, part of them won't be able to help a shiver of horror! Not only will you find the tools to make the wounds you're picturing for your costume, our makeup kits also come with helpful instructions and all the application tools you need to do your best work yet.
Fake Vampire Blood Makeup - Pint
Trying to nail the vampire aesthetic this Halloween? The Fake Vampire Blood Makeup - Pint from Costumes.com will complete your outfit and ensure that all other mortals beware! This pint of fake blood for vampire costumes or cosplays, or for simulating cuts, scars, and other wounds, will take your look to the next level. Whether you're a vampire, a zombie, or just a creature of the night, this fake vampire blood will add the perfect gory touch to your costume. With just one pint, you can create a seamless transformation and be the spookiest at any party.
Fake Vampire Blood Makeup - 1 oz.
Halloween just got spookier! Get ready to unleash your inner creature of the night with this Fake Vampire Blood Makeup. Just add a splash of this 1 oz. makeup, and get ready to terrify your friends with the perfect balance between deathly beauty and realistic gore. Take your vampire, werewolf, ghoul or goblin looks to the next level with this fast-drying red makeup that will last all night. Then, when the sun rises and you're ready to retreat to your coffin, just wash off with water. A few drips of blood from your mouth or a couple dots on your neck will make for a creepy costume no one will soon forget. So start lurking, and get ready to take a bite!
Fake Vampire Blood Makeup - Gallon
Sometimes less is more - but this Halloween season, less just won't do. Get MORE with this Gallon of Fake Vampire Blood Makeup that will last you all season long and beyond! Turn up the scare factor of any horror-themed costume with this easy-to-use and easy-to-remove fake blood makeup, specially formulated to replicate the thick consistency and deep red color of real blood. Whether you're dressing up as a vampire, werewolf, or other creature of the night, or simply looking to bloody up your costume, this high-quality makeup is the perfect finishing touch to give your look a hauntingly gory effect. Get ready to be feared and admired when you transform into the characters of your nightmares all Halloween season long.
Gory Zombie Flesh Makeup
Feeling extra spooky this Halloween? Step into the realm of the macabre with our Gory Zombie Flesh Makeup. This artful rendition of decaying flesh is straight out of a horror movie, creating a creepy effect that brings the undead to life. Whether you're attending a haunted house event or just aiming to spook with style, this makeup adds that gruesome touch that makes zombies the stuff of nightmares. Pair it with our Adult Zombie Gray Cream Makeup and Adult Fake Vampire Blood Spray and get ready to send serious shivers down some spines!
Fake Liquid Vampire Blood Capsules
These Fake Liquid Vampire Blood Capsules are the perfect accessory to take your vampire costume to the next level. Featuring 20 capsules of fake blood for vampires, these capsules will create a dramatic, realistic effect that will leave your victims with a chill down their spine. Blood-curdling fright is guaranteed when you're wearing these fake liquid vampire blood capsules! The 20 convenient capsules are enough to create a dramatic and realistic effect for your costume that will last all night. Get ready to show off your costume in style!
Zombie Black Blood Spray
Looks like you got a one heck of a bite huh? Usually blood isn't supposed to be black but seeing as how you're a zombie we guess it makes sense. Spray some of that sinister blood on your costume or areas to show where you got bitten! Now you look like an actual zombie! Time to practice that limp.
Liquid Blood Capsules
Want to look like an authentic bloodsucker this Halloween? Keep your fangs out of your friends' necks and use the Vampire Liquid Blood Capsules instead! This set includes 6 red blood capsules and when you apply them to your fangs and around your mouth you'll look like you just snacked on some unsuspecting humans.
Zombie Black Blood
Give your zombie costume a bit more originality this year and upgrade the look with this hood. Make yourself look more sinister as you transform into some sort of zombie Grim Reaper type of character. With Halloween being the holiday when all the scary tings come out you'll blend right in with the rest of the monstrosities!