Graveyard & Tombstone Decorations

Bring a few late friends to your Halloween party with a set of tombstones that will make your lawn a lot more crowded than before! Your new house guests are going to make the trick or treaters want to read over every tombstone, and you can get some funny ones to bring some dark humor into your decor! You just can't have a proper haunted house without a lawn full of tombstone decorations, so come find the perfect ones for your yard!
5 Foot Freshly Dug Grave Graveyard Prop
Hey, look what we dug up. It's the Grave Mound Ground Prop with Stakes. The burlap blanket looks like a mound of dirt. When you place it over a pile of leaves or rags and stake it in place, it will look like a freshly dug grace. Includes 6 metal stakes.
10 Piece Set of Bones
In need of some bones? Then don't miss out on our Bone Bag - 10 Piece this year! With this set, you will receive all of the bones you need to decorate your home in style. Featuring a bag of 10 bones all coming in different dimensions, you will have a blast scattering them throughout the living room, out on the porch, or out on the front lawn with the rest of your decorations this year.
Haunted Halloween 3 Piece Lawn Decoration
Get your front yard ready for some good old fashioned spookin' this year when you decorate with our 3 Piece Sign Set. With this set, you will receive all of the signs you need to really raise the hairs on everyone's backs. Featuring 3 brown faux wood aesthetic signs coming in plastic with the phrases "Keep Out!" "Go Back!" and "Go Away!" all of your guests will surely take the hint when they see these.
12 Piece Set of Small Skulls
Scatter some skulls around the house and the yard this year with our Skull Bag - 12 Piece and you'll have everyone wondering if they just walked into a morgue or a crypt. With this set, you will receive everything you need to add some old decrepit bones to your overall house decor. Perfect for Halloween or for horror themed parties, you are going to love having these 12 4" skulls to decorate with this year.
12 Foot White Fabric Spider Web Yard Decor
This Halloween, you'll have the spookiest house on the block, guaranteed! Our 12 Foot Spider Web Fabric Prop will make it look like a giant arachnid has taken up residence at your place. This decoration includes a large 12' gray fabric spider web prop that you can put up anywhere in your yard or porch - perfect for drawing the attention of trick-or-treaters (and maybe even some real spiders!). Make your home the talk of the town this Halloween and grab this awesome decoration now!
Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes
Whether you're in a heated competition with your neighbor or just into holiday decorations, these Zombie Arm Stakes will help give you an edge in showing off the scarier lawn ornament. The arms are made of a sturdy plastic that stay rigid and never slump, always giving the impression that the zombie below will eventually find his way out.
22 Inch Mossy Bat R.I.P Tombstone Graveyard Prop
This tombstone is so old, it has stuff growing on it! Get this 22 Mossy Bat RIP Tombstone to show the irony of a living thing thriving next to something that has deceased. Green moss is shown across the bottom of the stone and patches of it are shown growing near the top. The gray stone appears cracked, etched with the letters RIP and the outline of a bat. Place this piece in your home to spruce up your haunted house or put it out on your lawn for the grass to blend in and really creepy out your guests!
30-inch Distressed Cemetery 2 Piece Fence
Assemble the scariest setting for your lawn by adding the Two Piece Cemetery Fence Prop. The silver prop comes with connectable pieces that can be adjusted to form a corner. It measures eighteen inches wide and twenty-nine inches tall. The metallic appearance gives off an old and worn look to the fence. Place tombstones inside the fence and create a creepy graveyard scene. Visitors will be weary to walk on your lawn, for fear of waking the undead monsters that rest underneath the graves. Order several fences and cover your entire yard with cemetery accessories. It's the perfect entrance for your haunted house.
Adult Black Rubber Shackles Prop
Looking for the perfect pair of shackles for your costume this year? Then look no further than our Rubber Shackles Prop. With this one, you will receive just the shackles you need to get your pirate or cave monster costume all ready for the party. Featuring a black faux metal set of shackles with an attached chain, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on wearing this great accessory with your costume this year.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Mini Tombstone Graveyard Prop Set
Want a cool way to make your home become creepy? The Nightmare Before Christmas Mini Tombstone Set Jack/Sally/Zero is one way to do just that. These tombstones are fun yet creepy, just like the movie! All visitors will love to see your love for this classic Tim Burton flick in the form of these accessories on your lawn.
12 Piece Tombstone Graveyard Set
Your house will be the most haunted one on the street this year when you decorate with our Cemetery 12 Piece Kit. With this kit, you will receive everything you need to turn your lawn into a spooky graveyard scene straight from a horror movie. Featuring 3 gray tombstones, 3 brown skulls, 2 skeleton feet, 2 skeleton hands, 1 bag of spiderwebs for that extra spooky touch, and 9' of barbed wire, you're going to love this set.
3 Piece RIP Tombstone Assortment
Turn your house into a haunted graveyard this year when you decorate with our RIP Tombstone 3 Piece Set. With this great kit, you will receive all of the tombstones you need to really make your home feel like a horror movie. Featuring 3 gray faux rock tombstones with skulls and ghost designs carved into each one, all of the trick or treaters are going to absolutely love coming up to your house when you have these great tombstones on the lawn.
3 Foot Lock and Chain Prop
A big lock and chain can only mean one thing. You're chaining up something big and monstrous that's trying to break free! With our 3 Foot Lock and Chain Prop, you will receive just the lock and chain you need to chain up your giant pet monster to make sure they don't get loose on all the trick or treaters this year. Alternatively, pair this faux steel lock and chain with a prisoner, pirate, or zombie costume to really bring the fun to the next level. Pick up yours today, and then check our site for the rest of your accessory and decoration needs.
17 Inch Vine Arm Stakes Graveyard Prop
Transform your lawn into a spooky graveyard this Halloween with our 17 Inch Creepy Vine Arm Yard Stakes! With this set, you'll get two lifelike brown arms complete with stakes for easy installation. Stick them into the ground and watch in delight as your lawn comes alive with a chilling atmosphere. Perfect for scaring all the trick or treaters and guests who come to visit, this is one decoration you don't want to miss out on!
8.5 Foot Gigantic Poseable Spider Prop
Get ready to creep out your guests this year with the 8.5 Foot Wide Gigantic Black Spider Prop. This oversized spider prop will make a perfect addition to your Halloween decorations and is sure to give everyone a fright. Featuring a giant black and gray spider with red eyes, this 8.5' wide prop will be the talk of the town. Place it out on the lawn or by the bushes and watch as everyone takes a step back! Get your spooky spider prop today and make this Halloween one to remember.
36 Inch Floating Spider Animated Prop
A classic creepy crawly is a great way to add more to your night of Halloween fun. The 36 Animated Floating Spider has the right number of legs, but it's far, far bigger than any other spider you've ever seen. Unless you know something we don't. You can pose the spider's legs just how you want, and you can also place it anywhere that will create the best look. Hanging from the ceiling, on a table, or anywhere else.
16 Foot White Customizable Elastic Spider Web Yard Decor
Get ready to have all the trick or treaters thinking they've just stepped into a real-life spider's nest when you decorate your lawn with our 16 Foot Long Customizable Elastic Fabric Web! This one-of-a-kind prop will transform your yard into the most spooky scene you've ever seen. Our white elastic 16' web stretches across trees, bushes, and anywhere else you can think of to create a creepy spider's home. It's perfect for Halloween decor and you're going to love it! Make your home the scariest on the block with this awesome spiderweb decoration!
2 Piece Light Up Gothic Skull Fence
When you decorate your lawn or walkway with our Gothic Skull Light Up Fence, you'll have the most haunted house in town. With this set, you will receive just the fence sections you need to really create a creepy scene for your guests and trick or treaters this year. Featuring a set of black spiderweb ornamental fences with white gothic skulls with flashing light up eyes, it doesn't get any better than this great set.
6 Foot Hanging Cocoon Corpse Animated Prop
This mummy monster is shaking violently to try and break out of its cocoon! The 72 Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop is a great prop to hang from a roof or porch as an external decoration. The 72 Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop shows a skeleton monster hanging upside down and wrapped in a sheer fabric cloth like a mummy. The shaking motion effects make this prop come alive! Terrify trick or treaters and have your home reflect your Halloween spirit with spooky props like this. The 72 Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop will make your house the scariest on the whole block!
11.5 Inch Zombie Hands Light Up Graveyard Prop
This Halloween, your house will be the talk of the town with our 11.5 Inch Fade In/Out Light-up Grave Breaker Hands Prop! Get ready for the fright of your life when these zombie hands start to glow - it's sure to make the trick or treaters think twice before approaching your house! Each set comes with two arms and hands that light up, a connecting wire, and four stakes for easy assembly. Don't miss out on this spooky set - it's sure to make your Halloween decorations unforgettable!
8.5 Foot Cemetery Archway Entrance Graveyard Prop
Transform your yard into a haunted graveyard that will leave trick-or-treaters in awe with our 8.5 Foot Cemetery Archway Entrance Prop. This eerie cemetery archway will make Halloween night truly unforgettable for the undead. With its tall gray structure, adorned with skull and spider accents, and easy assembly using 6 stakes, this one-of-a-kind decoration is a must-have for creating a chilling atmosphere. Watch as trick-or-treaters step into a world of spooky delights as they pass through this haunted archway, adding a touch of macabre to your Halloween display.
4 Foot Skeleton Mummy Groundbreaker Light Up Animated Prop
Get ready for a night of the undead this Halloween when you decorate your lawn with our 46 Inch Lifesize Mummy Groundbreaker Prop! This spooky prop will make it look like the cemetery has come alive on your own turf - it's an incredible one-of-a-kind decoration. It features a 46" mummy prop with tattered fringe fabric and a creepy face with glowing purple eyes and a sinister smile. Don't miss out on this unique mummy prop this year. You won't regret it!
Jumbo Distressed Shackles
Everybody will be wondering what giant creature broke free from their shackles at your home this year when you decorate with our Large Shackles Prop. Perfect to place on the lawn, on the walkway, or right in your living room, you're going to love these giant shackles. Featuring a gray faux metal aesthetic set of 2 large shackles attached by a chain, you definitely do not want to miss out on this fun prop this year.
20-inch Beetlejuice Tombstone Graveyard Prop
Let the Ghost with the Most'est into your home with this awesome Halloween decoration. The Beetlejuice Small Tombstone is just like the one seen over his grave in the classic horror comedy. The gargoyle and skeletons over the grave feature an impressive level of detail and the actual tombstone states: Here Lies Beetlejuice, just like the actual one from the film. This is officially licensed product is a must-have for any Beetlejuice fans.
Haunted House Sign Set - 5 Piece
If you're planning on turning your home into a haunted house this year for the spooky holidays, then you don't want to miss out on our Haunted House Sign Set - 5 Piece. With this set, you will receive just the set of signs you need to make sure all your guests know exactly how to get around your spooky abode. Featuring faux wooden signs like "Dungeon" and "Morgue" and "Cemetery," this prop makes for the perfect addition to your already scary set of decorations. Pick up yours today, and go make this a haunted night you never forget!
Complete Skeleton Tombstone Graveyard Set
Get ready to make your lawn look like a haunted graveyard this Halloween with our Complete Skeleton Graveyard Kit! With this set, you'll have everything you need to give your home the perfect spooky cemetery vibe. It includes two 22" tombstones, two 11" tombstones, 4 skeleton hands, 14 stakes, and 10 grams of webbing. Trick or treaters will be absolutely terrified when they find themselves in your undead graveyard this year! So don't wait, get your Complete Skeleton Graveyard Kit Decorations today and make this Halloween one to remember!
Stone Age Jumbo 17-inch Caveman Bone
Add a little extra horror to the home's aesthetic this year when you decorate your yard with our Bone Prop. With this spooky item, you will have everybody wondering what kind of massive creature that bone was taken from, and furthermore, what beastly pet of yours is using that bone as a chew toy! Featuring a large white bone that will go perfect out on the lawn, in the home, or on the porch, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Faux Wood R.I.P Tombstone Graveyard Prop Set
Turn your lawn into a cemetery this Halloween when you pick up our Set of 3 Faux Wood RIP Tombstones - 2'. If you're looking for the perfect set of tombstones to give an extra spooky vibe to the trick or treaters this year, then look no further than these. With your purchase, you will receive three wooden look foam tombstones, each with removable stands. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for more scary Halloween decorations!
19-inch Skull Distressed Fence
Create a special tribute to death by the roadside with our 19-inch Skull Distressed Fence. This distinctive macabre addition to any gothic space has a distressed finish that adds a unique texture. Put up a spooky accent in your living room, create a haunted area in your backyard, or turn the front lawn into an eerie cemetery for the trick or treaters this year. You can also add a little mystery to your wardrobe by using the fence as part of your Halloween costume. Skulls always make everything more spooky and ominous, so go pick up yours today!
32-inch Hanging Rotten Corpse Torso Light Up Decoration
Looking for a truly horrid prop to scare all the trick or treaters with this year? Then look no further than our 32-inch Hanging Rotten Corpse Torso Light Up Decoration. Nothing is more terrifying than a corpse that has been rotting and decaying for hundreds of years. Featuring a brown bones torso and face skeleton that has clearly seen better days, this horrific corpse will hang nicely on a tree on your lawn or out there on the porch. Plus, it lights up for that extra scare factor! Pick up yours today, and watch how quickly your guests turn around and run in fright.