Adult Scary Costumes

If you're not playing around with your next costume party, our scary selection will give you all the fake blood and fangs you need to leave people with nightmares! You're sure to be a memorable sight next time you dress up when you have a costume that can truly terrify, so our aliens, vampires, and werewolves can give you the spine-tingling aura as your favorite horror movie monster. No party is complete without at least one person in a truly scary costume, so stand out and scare in something no one will ever forget.
Women's 1976 Carrie Bloody Prom Costume
This year, turn a Stephen King classic into an unbelievable costume appearance with this terrifying Carrie 1976 Adult Costume! Recreate Carrie's unmistakable and iconic prom look with this costume dress, sash and tiara that is right off the screen! Rarely seen, and never forgotten! Comfortable, creepy and clearly unhinged, join Carrie White as she gives you and your friends a night you will never forget. Don't forget to add some fake blood to duplicate Carrie's most notorious scene!
Adult A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Sweater
Freddy Krueger is a frightful sight to behold. Nary are any that dare to sleep when you're dressed in a Mens Deluxe Freddy Krueger Costume. Sure to make a great costume for any holiday event or dress up party. Stun the crowd in an absolutely amazing costume at the next costume party. Trick or Treating will become such a treat for everyone this year.
Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Adult Costume
Invite the not-so-good doctor into your costume celebration this year when you put on this Silence of the Lambs: Hannibal Lecter Adult Costume! Including a straight jacket top and Hannibal's iconic face mask, you have a spine-chilling costume that has been terrifying audiences since the early 90s! Comfortable and durable for a long-lasting costume that will never fail to frighten at any occasion, this one is perfect for haunted houses, costume parties, or just handing out trick or treat candy!
Adult Skeleton Man Skin Suit Costume
There is just something so scary about seeing a walking and talking skeleton! This Halloween, give everyone a good fright in black and white design of The Skeleton Man Skin Suit Costume for Men. This high contrast costume is the one of the most frightening Halloween costumes! It features a hooded mask and a black jumpsuit with attached gloves and socks. There is a spooky white skull face printed on the black mask which fits snugly around the head. The black jumpsuit features an anatomically correct skeleton printed in stark white on the black background. You can give everyone the creeps or create an unforgettable anatomy lesson in this classic costume. This is a great ensemble to wear to your next costume party this Halloween! Everyone will wonder who is behind the jokes that keep getting their funny bones to jiggle!
Women's A Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Krueger Costume
Invade men's dreams in a sultry way in the red and green striped sweater dress of the Sexy Miss Freddy Sexy Costume. This jaw dropping look features a long sleeved design with three slashes across the stomach. The fringed hem of the skirt reaches the thigh and can be worn alone or with stockings. As an iconic killer, Freddy always wore his trusty razor fingered glove, and you can too with this design. The glove displays long faux razor blades on the four fingers. We have also included Freddy Kreuger's signature brown fedora for a frighteningly fashionable ensemble. Shoes are not included, but we recommend a comfortable pair of boots for long nights of terrorizing the boys with your seductive charm. See our online Size Guide to determine your perfect fit. This costume fits most women up to Size 12.
Adult Bird Attack Costume
Enter the party wearing the Bird Attack Womens Costume and you'll have everybody on the lookout for killer birds! With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a poor victim of a most misfortunate bird attack. Luckily birds in real life rarely behave this way, but if they ever decided to flip the switch, boy would we be in for some trouble. Show the world just how bad a bird apocalypse would be with this freaky look.
Adult Polka Dot Witch Costume
For the most part witches have plain black dresses with no decorations. How incredibly boring and uninteresting right? Well that doesn't have to be the case this year! Introducing the Polka Dot Witch Costume for Women. Give your witch costume some sass and flavor as you put it on and find out that it's fitted with polka dots. No reason to put on that clich black dress and think that you're good to go. With its design others are have a higher chance of noticing you and complimenting your wonderful look. And of course being a witch costume it's perfect for any and every Halloween party! Arrive on your broomstick and join in on the fun as a polka dotted witch. Join others on the dance floor or the food table and tell how you are no ordinary witch. You certainly look the part so chances are you'll have a one-of-a-kind story to tell others.
Adult Day of The Dead Woman Costume
You'll be all dolled up for Dia de Muertos this year when you show up to the party wearing our Womens Day of the Dead Costume. With this gorgeous set, you will receive everything you need to become the most stunning senorita in the room. Featuring a beautiful black dress adorned with white skeletal print designs and red trim accents, as well as a matching headpiece, you're going to love this festive attire this year.
Women's Plus Size A Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Krueger Costume
Make sure that everyone is afraid of what goes bump in the night when they see you in this Nightmare On Elm Street Miss Freddy Kruger Plus Costume. It's the perfect attire for the biggest fan of Freddy and you'll look like you're ready to help him do some dirty work. Includes a chic torn dress that is modeled right after Freddy. You'll even get his signature glove so you can slice and dice anyone that has something to say against your point. You wouldn't be mimicking Freddy without his signature fedora which we include in this costume! Make sure that you add a little feminine appeal to Freddy's design when you add a pair of fishnets, or a pair of black boots. Get ready to haunt dreams and their imagination when you wear this chic Freddy inspired costume.
Adult Creepy Hooded Ghost Costume
Head to the party wearing the Hooded Ghost Mens Costume and you'll be haunting everyone's dreams all week long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to spook and scare all your friends with a well timed "Boo!" Featuring an all white hooded robe with tattered edges and skeletal print on the front, as well as a matching white ghostly mask, you don't want to miss out on this horrifying look this year.
Adult It Pennywise Deluxe Costume
Head to the party wearing the Deluxe Womens Pennywise Costume and you'll get everybody talking about their favorite horror movie villains. Jason, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface are all up there on the list, but Pennywise certainly takes the cake when it comes to the spook factor! With this set, you will receive a pretty gray dress with red pom poms on the front, a gray ruffled collar, and a makeup kit to get Pennywise's iconic clown makeup down.
Witch Of Darkness Adult Costume
Simple and spooky, this Witch of Darkness Adult Costume is a classic and timeless can't miss fashion item that you will love revisiting again and again! Including a witch dress costume, as well as a matching hat and belt, you have a lovely modernized retelling of a classic scary witch costume that is perfect for costume parties, haunted houses or just handing out trick or treat candy! Remember to check out all of our costume accessories to find your witch's perfect broom!
Adult Oh Mr. Wizard Costume
Dumbledore, Gandalf, Merlin... these are certainly some of the greatest wizards known to man in the storyworld. Join the great wizards yourself when you put on the Men's Oh Mr. Wizard Costume. This black velvety celestial robe is long and draping, and comes with a matching cone wizard hat. If you want to sport a wise and old look, be sure to pick up a white wizard beard from our site, to really show off your wisdom and magical expertise. A wand and a broomstick may also be some cool accessories for this costume. Pick up your Men's Wizard Costume today, and you'll make this the most magical Halloween you've had yet!
Adult Golden Web Witch Costume
Bats may be a vampire's furry companion but spiders are particularly fond of witches! This Halloween show your love for the creepy crawlers with the Women's Gold Web Witch Costume! There's nothing creepy or spooky about this witch costume with its gold accents and metallic spider web details. The Women's Gold Web Witch Costume comes with everything you need to make Halloween truly spellbinding. It includes a golden witch dress with intricate spider webbing and a classic pointed witch hat. Shoes jewelry and broom are not included but can be purchased separately for a truly stunning witch disguise. Don't settle for any witch costume when this dress will have you feeling elegant and magical in no time. The Women's Gold Web Witch Costume is available in women's sizes small medium and large and is 100% polyester so you know it'll be comfy for when you go trick or treating with the family or out to a costume party!
Adult Day Of The Dead Costume
You'll be all ready to celebrate those who have passed on this year when you get all dolled up in our Day of the Dead Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most beautiful girl to ever take part in the Dia de Muertos festivities. Featuring a stunning black dress with skeletal and floral print designs, a pair of matching skeletal leggings, and a set of arm warmers, you're going to love this special look.
Adult Classic Witch Costume
The Classic Witch Adult Costume offers up a very traditional witch ensemble but with a very attractive, fashion-forward style. You needn't be a traditional ugly-looking witch for Halloween. This particular ensemble includes the following items: a long black skirt with matching fitted top, cap, scarf and hat. The outfit however does not include the broom nor the shoes. These may be available for separate purchase. We do offer a number of accessories to personalize this Witch's Costume. They include: the Black Feather Broom, the Cheri Black Wig for Adult, the Black Nail Polish, and the Black Fishnet Pantyhose with Back Seam. Available in One Size this Halloween Costume will fit most average-sized women. If you are looking for a traditional outfit which will take you through multiple Halloween occasions then this one could be it -- it's stylish, conservative and will certainly be recognized for what it is -- one heck of a Witch's Costume.
Adult Ghost Bride Costume
If you're a lover of the macabre and undying love then the Ghost Bride Costume for Women is a suitable choice that meets all your desires! This Halloween go dressed as the undead lover from beyond the veil - prove that love is indeed undying and everlasting! The dress contains a mock exposure to the elements and streams of red sprayed sporadically throughout it. A single rose will sit on your hip attached to a white belt that complements the outfit. The veil is messy and frazzled to go along with the entire aesthetic. The greyish wig will make you look the part of a horrifying ghoul back for revenge! A matching rose headband with red drapes gives the illusion of a fatal blow at a once innocent love. The black bouquet of roses comes separately but is also a must-have! Be a bloody Valentine and order it online with fast shipping!
Adult Saw Billy Costume
Be careful about what you tell people when you are dressed in the Billy the Puppet Saw Costume Adult; Billy has been known to give people some pretty scary advice. A jacket, dickie, mask and pants are all included in this set. The creepiest part of this set is the white mask which covers the entire face. It has a red mouth with indentations on either side like a ventriloquist's dummy. It has bright red eyes and a 3-D red swirl on each cheek. In the Saw movies, Billy is the figure that gives the Jigsaw killers victims their instructions after they are captured. He has also been known to say a few things to the police as well and has even been exploded in an attempt to kill an FBI agent. We hope that you are kinder to people than Billy and Jigsaw were in the movies.
Adult A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Sweater and Mask
Enter the party wearing the Adult Freddy Shirt w/ Mask Costume and you'll be scaring even the most haunting figures in the room. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become an evil horror movie villain who does all of his killing inside the victims' dreams. Featuring a green and burgundy striped sweater with jagged edges on the sleeves and bottom, as well as a pink and red burnt skin Freddy mask, you're going to love this look.
Adult Horror Clown Costume
Become everyone's worst nightmare this Halloween when you show up to the party donning the Clown of Horror Mens Costume! With your purchase you will receive a beige pair of pants a matching ruffled shirt a hat and a matching bag. Buy your costume today and go make this Halloween your best one yet!
Adult Doctor Dead Costume
Head to the party wearing the Dr. Dead Mens Costume and everybody will be asking how your shift went. Judging from all the blood on your clothing, I think it's safe to say it wasn't a clean one. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a surgeon who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty for his patients. Featuring a blood stained blue shirt, a pair of matching pants, and a surgeon hat, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Five Nights At Freddys Freddy Costume
You will have tons of fun in this Adult Five Nights at Freddy's Plush Freddy Costume. This item comes based off the video game mascot Freddy Fazbear who, along with other animatronics, tries to stuff the player into a matching suit. That might seem harmless but you'll definitely jump and not with excitement. The outfit a fuzzy brown body with belly patch. He has a black bowtie centered on the chest along with taped sections of the arms to show of some damaged components. Included are a pair of brown mittens to complete the upper body. Then, use a full head covering complete with Freddy's face and top hat to finish your new look. This Freddy costume is comfortable and easy to wear at conventions. Take a look at some of our other costumes and accessories to see what else you can add to the fun.
Adult A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Hoodie
Looking for a unique Freddy top to show your love for the 1980's horror movie classic, Nightmare on Elm Street? Then don't miss out on our Freddy Krueger Adult Hoodie! With this look, you will receive a wicked red and green striped hoodie that will turn you into Freddy Krueger himself when you zip up the hood. Perfect for scaring your friends and for spreading a little fun and fear, you're going to absolutely love this cool Freddy Krueger look this year.
Adult Psycho Ward Costume
Head to the party as the escapee from the looney bin this Halloween and you'll have everyone on their toes. What did you do to get in there in the first place? Did you kill someone? Were you found living in the woods naked for weeks? Did you try to freeze yourself to death? Come up with a great story about your wild past and tell everyone at the party! You can even come up with a cool nickname for yourself like Whackojacko or Wildman for added effect. With your purchase of this fun costume you will receive a bright orange jumpsuit with the words PSYCHO WARD" printed in bold black letters on the chest. Along with the jumpsuit you will also receive a brown plastic 2018 Halloween Masks which covers the lower portion of your face. Talk about creepy. Pick up your psycho costume today and go make this Halloween an absolutely insane one!"
Adult Friday The 13Th Jason Costume
Don't be alarmed when people start leaving the room when you arrive to the party wearing the Adult Jason Shirt & Mask Costume. When you're wearing this horrific look, it's natural for people to fear for their lives! With this one, you will receive everything you need to become Camp Crystal Lake's most notorious serial killer. Featuring a green and red tattered shirt with ribs exposed, as well as a matching Jason hockey mask, you're going to love sporting this terrifying attire this year.
Adult It Pennywise Deluxe Costume
This year become one of Stephen King's greatest villains this Halloween! Purchase the Pennywise Deluxe Men's Costume and scary fans of the hit film and novel. The three-piece colorful ensemble features a red, black, and white mask with hair, white gloves, and a black, red, green, purple, and yellow clown jumpsuit. Complete your outfit with red or black clown shoes. Also accessorize white body paint and red balloons. All accessories are sold separately.
Adult Heartbroken Clown Costume
Looking for a truly sinister look for the costume party this year? Then look no further than our Heartbroken Clown Womens Costume. Can you think of anything more haunting than a clown who lost all of its color and joy? With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the saddest clown in history. Featuring a white top with black poms, a pair of matching bloomers, a white lace collar, and a pointy clown hat, you're going to love this unique clown look this year.
Adult Zombie Costume
The Walking Dead was a culmination of a renewed cultural interest in the zombie. The undead are the ultimate nightmare with only one twisted goal - to eat the flesh of the living! Show off your love for the zombie this Halloween with the Zombie Costume for Men an authentic attire dedicated to bringing out the horror! The dark brown jacket contains several specks of dried red blood and it goes over a ripped yellow shirt! Both the pants and shirt feature rotten flesh to give the outfit a realistic edginess. Of course you'll have to perfect the staggering walk of the zombie yourself. And don't forget to accessorize by adding some pale makeup and fake blood throughout to truly pull off the look. Then - stumble out into the night for some tasty treats and a ghoulish time! Get it for Halloween or any zombie bash by ordering online today with fast shipping!
Adult Twisted Nurse Too Costume
Looking for the perfect hospital look for the costume party this year? Then look no further than our Twisted Nurse Mens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to tend to patients and help out the doctors in the ER in style. Featuring a white nurse dress with red buttons and a red cross logo on the chest, as well as a matching white surgical mask, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Friday The 13Th Jason Costume
Friday the 13th just got a whole lot sexier in the black and red hockey dress and handbag of the Friday the 13th Jasons Babe for Adult costume. This look includes a dress with short sleeves that is designed to look like an oversized hockey jersey. The top has a high neckline with red trim. The sleeves feature a printed hockey mask with two knives behind them in an X shape. There are two red stripes around the cuffs of the sleeves. The bust features a single red strip across the front. There is a blown up hockey mask on the center of the torso with two knives behind it in the style of crossbones. There is a double red line pattern beneath the mask. Don't forget to bring the awesome handbag that comes with this item. An instant conversation piece, it is designed to look like Jason's decapitated head! Shredded stockings, boots, and knife sold separately.