Kids Religious Costumes

Your child's church pageants and school plays are covered from now on, with all the religious costumes you could ask for. Your child is going to love having the best costume for their big part, so get ready to go over their lines after school every day! You can find any holiday or Bible story your child needs among our religious costumes, and they might even want one to wear to church from now on!
Joseph Child Costume
Pay tribute to the son of God in the white and brown outfit of the Child Jesus Boy Costume. This unique ensemble makes for an ordinary costume idea this Halloween. While other boys dress as their favorite television characters, your child can feel very cool dressed as one of the most popular religious figures of all time. This costume comes with a brown short sleeved robe that reaches the ankles. There is a white under robe that shows down the middle of the design. It has a v neck cut, long sleeves, and a ribbon belt that ties around the waist. The hem of the under robe reaches the ankles as well. Shoes, facial hair, and shepherd's staff are sold separately. See our online Accessories Tab for even more creative ideas for this look. This costume comes in a variety of accommodating sizes. Please utilize our online Size Chart to determine your child's best fit.
Kid's Mary Costume
The mother of God is brought to life in the stunning blue and white creation of our Child Mary Costume. This elegant design has loose fitting long sleeves in a lovely powder blue. The rounded neckline appears right under the neck for a classic touch. The floor length gown has a long thin gold belt around the waist, for some added femininity. This elite ensemble includes a white headpiece, so your daughter can cover her hair like the women did in Mary's time. Pair this look with beautiful open front sandals for an even more authentic look. This costume is perfect for religious costume parties and reenactments. It can also be worn on Halloween. Shoes and additional accessories can be purchased separately. This costume comes in a variety of accommodating sizes. See our online Size Chart to determine your daughter's best fit.
Kid's Shepherd Costume
Guard the flock this year in the genuine inspired black floor length robe of the Child Shepherd Costume. This comfortable ensemble includes a robe, an under robe, and a belt to literally tie it all together. Your child will feel like an actual farmer once he steps into this long sleeved outfit. The white under robe has long sleeves and a v-neck. The hem reaches the ankles, so your child can show off a cool pair of dark sandals. Black coloring on the short sleeved top robe contrasts sharply with the rest of the design. There is a long black string belt at the waist. Staff and shoes sold separately. See our online Size Chart to determine your child's best fit. Additional shepherding accessories can be purchased separately. Use our online suggestions to get even more creative ideas!
Kids' Wild King of the Kingdom Costume
Animal print adorns the royal blue and gold design of the Deluxe King of the Kingdom Boys Costume. This eye-catching ensemble features a long sleeved blue robe with gold embellishment on the chest and wrists. The hem of the robe, which reaches the floor, is also designed with an intricate pattern. A striking blue costume cape is also included, and it's design is unlike any other! The cape showcases bold tiger stripes in tan and black at the collar and down the lengthy sides of the robe. Your child will feel like the king of his kingdom once he steps into this elite ensemble. A gold belt is also included for an even bolder appearance. Crown and scepter sold separately. See our online Accessories Tab for additional creative suggestions. Let the rightful monarch own the throne this Halloween!
Kids Deluxe Jesus Costume
This holiday season dress up as the Christian Messiah. Purchase the Boys Deluxe Jesus Costume today. The Biblical will be a great choice for a Christmas and a religious play. Pair this costume with brown sandals. Also accessorize with scrolls to represent scripture. All accessories are sold separately.
Girls' Angelic Robe and Halo
Your daughter will be the most miraculous presence in the room this year when you dress her up with our Angel Dress and Halo Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your daughter needs to come down from heaven and spread joy to everyone she knows. Featuring a beautiful white gown dress with draping sleeves and a pretty white furry halo, you are going to absolutely love this look on your tyke this year.
Kids' Burgundy Wiseman Costume
Dressed in style, your son will feel like one of the wisemen in the soft long sleeved robe, with gold accents, of the Kids Wiseman Costume in Burgundy. This long sleeved design features a deep v neck cut with exposed gold material behind it. There is a different pattern of material in the same red shade on the border. The long sleeves have a loose fit, so your child can wear a set of thermals under this ensemble on chilly nights. A fancy sash ties around the waist. It can be worn on either side depending on preference. It can also be tied in the back. The robe reaches to the floor, and should be paired with a pair of brown sandals or sneakers depending on the season. This is a great costume to wear to a church costume party or a Halloween gathering. A red headpiece is also included with a band of gold wrapping around it. Shoes and other accessories sold separately.
Kids Rosebud Angel Costume
Your little girl is going to look heavenly dressed in this Rosebud Angel for Child costume! This outfit is great for Halloween, dress-up, and church pageants. It includes a gorgeous dress, a pair of wings, and a halo. The ethereal white gown features a quilted bodice with a sheer yoke and long sleeves. An elegant silver drape wraps around the waist with a darling pink rosebud accent in the center. The floor length skirt features a dazzling sparkling overlay. Every angel needs wings and a halo, and the white wings included in this ensemble are trimmed with fuzzy marabou feathers. The halo also features marabou, as well as silver tinsel. You're always bragging about how angelic she is, and now your daughter can show everyone that she's a gift from above with this Rosebud Angel for Child costume!
Girls' Frilly Snow Angel Costume
Angels we have heard on high, say this costume caught their eye! What could be more beautiful on your little angle than this precious Snow Angel Costume for girls. Included is a long, flowing white dress with shear sleeves and feather detailing on the cuffs. A beautiful silver belt with a diamond shaped center wraps around the waist. And of course it wouldn't be an Angel's outfit without the two most important components: white lightweight wings with a feathered border, and a sparkling silver halo. This is one of the few costumes your child will get several uses out of - Halloween, school plays, Christmas pageants and parties, and even just wearing sometimes to feel pretty. Be sure to check out our available accessories such as jewelry, wands, shoes, and more to make this outfit even more angelic.
Kids' Purple Wiseman Costume
Children in religious families often enjoy hearing the stories of the sacred texts. With the purple and gold robe of the Kids Wiseman Costume in Purple your child will be able to dress up like one of his favorite characters. This adorable ensemble is great for trick or treating or wearing at a Christmastime costume party. Teach your children the story of the baby Jesus and how the three Wisemen relied on the Star of David to find him in the manger. The costume features a purple long sleeved design. There is a v neck front with thick gold trim highlighting the area. A gold sash wraps around the waist for an added accent to an already awesome outfit. The robe reaches to the floor and can be worn with a comfortable pair of sandals. Sneakers may be worn during the colder months if desired. A fun headpiece in matching colors is also included. See our online accessory suggestions for additional ideas. Beard not included.
Kid's Deluxe Mary Costume
Blue and white are the signature colors seen on ancient depictions of the Mother of God. Your daughter can bring the paintings and statues to life in the beautiful blue and white design of the Deluxe Mary Costume for Girls. This pretty ensemble includes a long sleeved costume robe of royal blue, created out of shimmery fabric. The cuffs stand out in a lighter shade of the cool color with satiny white ribbon trim appearing on both sides. The opening of the robe has two additional bands of the same satin fabric down its length. There is an attached white headpiece with this design. A powder blue gown with an attached white rope belt is also included. Pair this look with open toed sandals for a genuinely inspired look. This costume is great for religious reenactments, plays, and Halloween. Sandals sold separately.
Kid's Moses Costume
Moses makes one of the cutest costumes ever in the white, red, and yellow striped robe of the Child Moses Costume. This long sleeved design features a white v neck front with long sleeves. Both robes reach to the ankles. The under robe is designed in a very light beige material. A short sleeved multicolored robe sits atop this ensemble and allows the beige sleeves to peak through. There are red and yellow stripes traveling vertically down the design. Thin gold trim adorns the sides of the top robe. There is a beige belt in the front made of a thin piece of string for that genuine look of the times. Your child will feel like the star of his next religious play or reenactment this year. This costume can also be worn for Halloween fun! Pair this look with open toed sandals or durable sneakers depending on the season. Gray tablet and other accessories sold separately.
Kid's Deluxe Shepherd Costume
Your child will be the commanding member of his flock when he wears the Child Deluxe Shepherd Costume. This Christmas or Halloween costume includes a long, white satin tunic with rope belt, a top layer hooded robe with blue, gray and black stripes, and a coordinating hat. The loose-fitting outfit will comfortably fit size Small, Medium and Large boys. Staff and sandals are not included, but you can complete the look with Shepherds Crook or Biblical Staff Brown, Brown Roman Sandals for Child, or biblical wig, sold separately on our website. This robe is modeled after those worn by Shepherds in Biblical times. It will be a festive addition to any Christmas, church, or Halloween party or event. If you're looking for a historical look that is an alternative to standard holiday costumes like Santa Claus, look no further than this authentically detailed costume.
Kid's Deluxe Joseph Costume
Joesph was the earthly father of Jesus Christ. In the tan and blue design of the Deluxe Joseph Boys Costume, your son will make a respectable husband to Mary at his next religious reenactment, play, or Christmas party. This costume includes a comfortable white headpiece with a band of blue and gold material across the front. The long sleeved, lengthy tan coat has light blue cuffs with embellishments around both sides of the blue fabric. The opening displays gold trim on both sides and reaches to the floor. There is a light blue under robe, which also ends at the feet. It comes with a white rope belt for that genuine inspired appearance. There is gold detailing down the front of the design. Crook, wig, beard, and sandals are all sold separately. See our online accessories page for additional creative ideas!
Kid's Fluttery Angel Costume
Good girls don't have to be bad this Halloween. In the white long sleeved dress of the Fluttery Angel Costume for Girls, your daughter will look sacred and heavenly amidst the sea of other children at her next costume party. The long white dress has a fuzzy round neck collar, which will frame your daughter's face beautifully. The long bell shaped sleeves are crafted of sheer material and have fluffy white trim around the edges. The flowing skirt reaches the floor and displays the same material, for a floating in mid air look. Pair this ensemble with white tights and comfortable white dress shoes, which are sold separately. To complete the look, your angel will need a comfortable halo and a pair of wings. See our online Accessories Tab for additional accessories ideas. Halo and wings not included.
Kids Deluxe Angel Costume
Angels will appear in many forms this holiday season. Take your place as one of the costumed angels! Purchase the Girl's Deluxe Angel Costume. This heavenly costume is perfect for a religious play too! Finish this ensemble with gold, silver, or white ballet flats. Also accessorize with a unique colored wig and angelic jewelry. All accessories are sold separately.
Kids Saint Joseph Costume
With the holidays upon us, you want to make sure you have everything you need to get ready for the annual Christmas play. The Saint Joseph Boys Costume is one of the most important pieces. Your child can now be dressed up in this outfit which comes complete with a robe, attached overcoat, and a headpiece. The outfit will transform your child's looks in minutes and have him looking just like a saint. This costume is perfect for a Nativity scene or to have your child learn more about Saint Joseph.
Kid's Sweet Angel Costume
Your daughter will be looking too sweet for words this year when you dress her up with our Sweet Angel Girls Costume. With this miraculous attire, you will receive everything you need to transform your tyke into a beautiful angel on Earth who just wants to spread a little happiness. Featuring a white and gold star studded dress with a pretty white halo, you are going to love seeing this one on your daughter this year.
Kid's Angel Costume
There is not better word to describe your child than heavenly. So order the Girl's Angel Costume and she will look divine. The set comes with a dress, belt and a halo that is attached to a headband. The long, white features sheer sleeves and high neckline. Angels are heavenly beings, said to be god's messengers. Many people have had angels appear to them, including Abraham, father of Isaac, John the Baptist's mother, Mary, the mother of Jesus and shepherds in the field the day of Jesus' birth. Many believe that each person has a guardian angel who watches over them, often the angel is a deceased ancestor. Some legends say angels can make music by beating their wings. Wings are not included with this set, but you can order a pair separately. Your child will be the shining star on Halloween or in a nativity play when she wears this garb.
Baby/Toddler Little Angel Costume
Your little one will be looking like she was sent down from heaven this year when you dress her up with our Little Angel Baby/Toddler Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into an angelic miracle who was clearly put on this Earth to spread love and joy. Featuring a white dress, a set of wings, and a matching white lace headpiece, you're going to love this one.
Girls' Angel Costume
Your daughter will be looking absolutely divine this year when you dress her up with our Angel Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to channel magic and love from the heavens and put a smile on everybody's faces. Featuring a beautiful white dress with a matching waist sash, as well as a silver sparkly halo headpiece, you definitely don't want to miss out on this celestial attire for your daughter this year.
Kids Mary Costume
Learn about the mother of Jesus by becoming her! Use this Girls Mary Costume to look and feel like the Biblical figure. She is a very vital religious symbol used for prayer. Everything in this order is made to look like the traditional depiction of her. Pick the Mary costume for little ones to wear during church plays and performances. There are a number of matching items on our website to include in the order and enhance the ensemble.
Sweet Angel Costume for Toddlers
Your daughter will be coming down from the clouds to grace the world with her presence this year when she's wearing our Toddler Angel Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little angel into a divine princess of light and love. One thing is for sure, when she is wearing this gorgeous white outfit, she is going to be looking and feeling like an absolute miracle on Earth this year.
Girls' Sweet Angel Costume
Your daughter will be spreading light, love, and magic all day long when you dress her up with our Child Angel Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a precious little miracle who lives to make others smile and be happy. Featuring a pretty white leotard with a matching tutu, a pair of white tights, a set of wings, and a furry white halo, you're going to love this one.
Kids Deluxe Lace Angel Costume
Shine as an unforgettable angel this year. Make the choice and become an angel by wearing the Deluxe Lace Girls Angel Costume. Wear white or gold sandals to complete this elegant ensemble. Also add accessories like white or grey angel wings, a white blonde or silver wig, and gold jewelry. All accessories are sold separately.
Kids Shepherd Costume
This year, don't settle for old rugs or bed linens for the shepherd costume in the Christmas pageant. This Shepherd Child Costume includes a one piece garment made to look like a white gown underneath a light brown striped hooded robe. The edges of the robe feature intricate detail. Don't forget to pick up a shepherd's crook and a pair of sandals to complete the look. We've made every effort to make this outfit both authentic looking and affordable, so that all the shepherds in the play look just as good as anyone else on stage, and keep everyone's focus on the story being told. You'll find this Shepherd's Costume for Kids to be a valuable addition to your school's theatrical costume stock, and they even make great costumes for Halloween and Easter. Order yours today!
Kids Angel Costume
"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly." - GK Chesterton. Your little girl can dress in the clothes you always knew she was meant to wear in our Angel Costume for Children! This outfit features a pair of silver wings and a sparkling halo made of silver tinsel, and also includes a flowing white dress with an off the shoulder neckline and a light layer of sheer fabric making the collar and sleeves. You can take this lovely outfit to even more heavenly heights at our accessories page, where you'll find angelic wands, wigs, jewelry, slippers, harps, and more! She's always been a gift from above in your eyes, now she can dress the part in our Child Angel Costume. Heaven must be missing an angel - but she can stick around on Earth as long as the both of you would like!
Kid's Angel Skirt Set Costume
Transform your girl into a little cherub this season with this amazing item that