Hello Kitty Costumes & Toys


Celebrate the cute Japanese kitty that has taken the world by storm when you get dressed up in one of our adorably stylish Hello Kitty costumes from our Hello Kitty collection. There's no feline more pure, innocent, and precious as the one and only Kitty White. Whether you or your child is dressing up as this fantastic kitten this year, there's no doubt you'll be delighted with the quality of these fun cartoon costumes. Even your pets can get in on the Hello Kitty action with our costumes, and if you're looking for some cute Hello Kitty collectibles, lanyards, pins, and other accessories, we've got you covered there too. For all things Hello Kitty-related, our collection is sure to please.

Kids Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Costume
Your daughter will be looking absolutely purrfect this year when you dress her up with our Girls Hello Kitty Classic Dress. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful feline princess who loves to leap, meow, and pounce. Featuring a gorgeous Hello Kitty classic dress with a matching headpiece, you bet your daughter is going to have the night of her life when she is wearing this great set.
Kids Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Costume
Your daughter will be looking absolutely fantastic this year when you dress her up with our Girls Hello Kitty Dress. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into an adorable feline princess with loads of love and joy to spread. Featuring a red dress with a big white kitty printed on the front and a cute red bowtie skirt, as well as a white headpiece with a bow, you're going to love this one.
Hello Kitty Kaiju Cosplay 8" Vinyl Art Figure - Con Exclusive Unicorn Edition
2022 CON EXCLUSIVE ITEM! Limited edition of 400. Hello Kitty is ready for San Diego with her Comic Con cosplay! Introducing the Kidrobot x Hello Kitty Kaiju 8” Vinyl Figure – 2022 Con Exclusive Unicorn Edition is here to conquer your world with cuteness and destroy your heart with her pearly perfection! Stomping around in a unicorn kaiju outfit, Hello Kitty is 8 inches of pure kawaii and comes equipped with tiny buildings too! She’s ready for a retro monster movie, a comic convention, a costume contest (she’ll win), and most importantly your Hello Kitty collection. Rawwrrrrr! Available for Pre-sale. Expected to ship in October.
Girls' Hello Kitty Kuromi Tutu and Headpiece Set
Step into the spotlight as My Melody's rival with our Hello Kitty Kuromi Child Accessory Set. This stylish set equips your tyke with everything they need to embody the adorable yet mischievous little rabbit creature. Complete with a purple jester hat headpiece and a cute lavender tutu skirt, your child will make a captivating entrance at any party. Embrace the magical allure of this Hello Kitty attire and create an unforgettable night filled with wonder and delight.
Hello Kitty Lanyard and Pin Set
2022 CON EXCLUSIVE ITEM! Limited to 500 pieces worldwide! Take your favorite adorable icon with you anywhere! The Hello Kitty Lanyard and 4pc Pin Set is super-cute and will help you keep track of badges, keys and more. It includes a colorful printed lanyard and a 4-pack of 1.5” enamel pins to enjoy! Available for Pre-sale. Expected to ship in October.
Hello Kitty Tiger 13 Inch Medium Plush with removable jacket and hood - Black/Cream

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All Sales Final. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger! It only happens every 12 years, so celebrate with this Hello Kitty Year of the Tiger Interactive Plush from Kidrobot. The 13” plush features the sweet icon in tiger stripes and dressed to impress! She wears a removable Hello Kitty Year of the Tiger jacket with tiger hood and back tiger graphic - extra “fierce” fashion.

Hello Kitty Adult Comfywear Costume
Who says you can't be stylish and comfortable at the same time? Embrace your love for the iconic Japanese cartoon kitty with our Hello Kitty Women's Comfywear Costume. This unique set allows you to celebrate Hello Kitty while feeling cozy as ever, as if wrapped in a snug blanket. Featuring a red and white striped comfy costume with adorable blue overalls and a hood, you can't go wrong with this one-of-a-kind ensemble. Meow and purr like a feline while enjoying unparalleled comfort in this Hello Kitty-inspired get-up.
Girls' Hello Kitty My Melody Tutu and Headpiece Set
Indulge in the enchanting world of Mariland and showcase your love for almond pound cake with our Hello Kitty My Melody Child Accessory Set. This delightful ensemble includes everything your child needs to transform into their favorite Japanese rabbit and Hello Kitty's best friend. The set features a charming pink headpiece and a matching shimmering tutu skirt, exuding the classic Hello Kitty charm. Don't miss out on this opportunity to adorn your little one in this iconic attire and let them express their adoration for Mariland and almond pound cake.
Hello Kitty Pet Costume - Classic
Get ready for an overload of cuteness that will leave everyone speechless! Dress up your pup in our delightful Hello Kitty Pet Costume and watch them become the embodiment of everyone's favorite Japanese cartoon kitty. This enchanting ensemble includes everything your furry friend needs to step into the paws of this iconic character and steal hearts wherever they go. The costume features an irresistibly adorable blue and yellow plushie design that captures the essence of Hello Kitty's charm. With an attached Hello Kitty hood, complete with her unmistakable bow, your pet will be transformed into the epitome of cuteness that's sure to draw smiles and admiration from all who see them. This Hello Kitty Pet Costume is not just a costume; it's an experience that will elevate your pet's presence to a whole new level of adorableness. Whether you're preparing for Halloween, attending a pet-friendly event, or simply looking to add a touch of whimsy to your pet's day-to-day adventures, this costume is the perfect choice. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your pet the star of the show in this enchanting Hello Kitty costume. Order yours today and let your furry friend channel their inner kitty in a way that's both charming and heartwarming. And while you're at it, explore our site for matching Hello Kitty costumes and accessories for yourself, because why should the pets have all the fun? Embrace the magic of Hello Kitty and make this year's celebrations truly unforgettable for both you and your beloved companion.
Sanrio - 4.5 Inch Vinyl Figures - Hello Kitty Play Theme 2 Pack - Tricycle and Ice-Cream

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Why have one when two is twice as nice? This sweet Hello Kitty 4.5” Vinyl Figure Set packs twice the fun into one box, with two versions of the adorable icon! One is enjoying some delicious ice cream, and the other is riding a tricycle. Perfect for gifting and sure to bring a big smile!

Hello Kitty Toddler Costume
Everyone will want to say hello to your child when she's dressed up in the Hello Kitty Toddler Costume. This simple look takes no time at all, since it's just a costume and a bright and beautiful bow headpiece, and it's a great look for someone who wants a happy outfit for a very first night of dress-up fun with other characters. What could be easier, and what could be a better choice for a happy costume fan?
Hello Kitty Adult Costume
Bring some style and fun to your night with this Hello Kitty Punk Rock Adult Costume! This costume features a tutu-style dress that has a black, velvety sleeveless top and a red and black plaid skirt. Hello Kitty is on the front in the same dress and there is an attached black belt that has a chain detail. Also included is a plush red and black plaid bow headpiece. This look is perfect for those who have a punk rock style and loves this classic Japanese cartoon kitten
Hello Kitty Small Pet Costume
Cat enthusiasts and animation aficionados, get ready to embark on a journey of cuteness and delight with the Hello Kitty Small Pet Costume. The beloved cartoon sensation that has captured hearts worldwide is now ready to sweep into your family's home with an utterly adorable costume that your pet will adore. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Hello Kitty Small Pet Costume is a celebration of the iconic character's charm and appeal. Let your pet become a living embodiment of this beloved figure, spreading smiles and enchantment wherever they go. Designed for both style and comfort, this unforgettable ensemble ensures that your pet can enjoy hours of play and movement without any discomfort. The vibrant colors and adorable design guarantee that your pet will steal the spotlight at any costume party or during everyday playtime. The Hello Kitty Small Pet Costume is more than just an outfit; it's an invitation to infuse your family's celebrations with the magic of this cherished character. Whether you're attending costume parties, seeking a way to brighten up your pet's everyday activities, or simply looking for a reason to spread joy, this costume is the perfect choice. Discover countless ways to maximize the Hello Kitty Small Pet Costume's impact by exploring our vast selection of Hello Kitty costumes and accessories. From classic to creative, you'll find options that perfectly match your pet's personality and amplify the celebration's excitement. Embrace the charm and sweetness of Hello Kitty with this endearing pet costume. Allow your furry friend to take center stage, channeling the spirit of this iconic character and spreading joy wherever they go. Whether you're participating in themed events, creating heartwarming memories during playtime, or celebrating special occasions, this costume is a testament to the power of beloved characters and the happiness they bring.
Hello Kitty Pet Costume
Step into the enchanting world of the iconic animated phenomenon with the Hello Kitty Pet Costume, the ultimate addition to your family's costume celebrations. Get ready to infuse your pet's wardrobe with the charm of this beloved feline character, as they don this delightful and comfortable ensemble that's bound to steal hearts. Capture the magic of Hello Kitty with this pet costume that transforms your furry friend into an immediately recognizable and utterly adorable representation of the classic character. Let your pet become the star of the show, channeling the timeless appeal of Hello Kitty's design and spreading smiles wherever they go. Crafted with your pet's comfort in mind, the Hello Kitty Pet Costume ensures that your pet can run around and play freely while looking undeniably cute. Whether they're joining you for everyday adventures or participating in themed events, this costume offers both style and ease of movement. It's not just your little one that can be a fan of this timeless feline character. The Hello Kitty Pet Costume celebrates the universal appeal of Hello Kitty, transcending age and species. It's a way to share your admiration for this beloved character while creating moments of joy and connection with your pet. Embrace the magic of Hello Kitty and prepare to take Instagram by storm with a collection of adorable pictures showcasing your tiny friend's representation of this iconic character. From adorable poses to heartwarming moments, your pet is about to become an Internet sensation with their captivating Hello Kitty ensemble. Unlock the enchantment of Hello Kitty for your pet with this charming costume. Whether you're attending costume parties, spreading cheer during outings, or simply enjoying playful moments at home, this costume guarantees endless fun and admiration. Share your love for Hello Kitty with your beloved furry companion, and let their Hello Kitty Pet Costume be a testament to the power of iconic characters and the happiness they bring.