Kids DC Comics Costumes

Your child can join the Justice League, or escape from Askham Asylum, with a DC Comics costume that makes them feel like they've stepped into a superhero movie. Whatever their superpowers, they can find the suit and accessories to beat the bad guys--or take over the world--looking just as good as they would in a real DC feature. They can fight with Wonder Woman and Batman whenever they want when they have a DC costume in their closet!
Shazam! Fury of the Gods Kids Costume
Gear up your kid to fight villains and enemies with our Shazam! Fury of the Gods Boy's Costume. This set equips your child with everything they need to become the mighty Captain Marvel, ensuring the world remains safe. The red muscle-padded jumpsuit features a prominent yellow lightning bolt on the chest, symbolizing the power within. Complete with a matching golden cape for flight, your kid will have a heroic blast while donning this powerful attire, ready to punch and kick their way through any challenge.
Kids' The Flash Batman Utility Belt
Looking for the coolest utility belt around to complete your kid's Batman costume this year? Then look no further than our The Flash Batman Kids Utility Belt Accessory. If your child loves all things Batman and dreams of being the Dark Knight crusader of Gotham, then they're going to love this killer belt. Everybody knows Batman is just a regular human with some killer fighting skills and weapons. And that's why his utility belt is so important! Without his belt, Batman would be missing all his awesome Batarangs, weapons, and gadgets that make him so great, so it's no wonder your kid wants to have a utility belt as part of his look this year. With this wicked belt, you will receive just the item you need to bring your child's look to the next level. Featuring a stained metallic aesthetic vinyl molded belt complete with vials and compartments and a powerful buckle design, your kid is going to love this one. Whether they're fighting the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Penguin, or Poison Ivy, they'll surely have the upper hand with this one of a kind belt around their waist. Perfect for slaying enemies all while being comfortable to wear and easy to put on, you can't go wrong with this one. Whether your kid is going trick or treating with their friends or attending a cool comic convention, this belt will certainly serve them well. Make it a truly unforgettable time for your child by coordinating a DC Comics superhero costume theme with their friends. Just imagine how much fun your kid will have with the Flash, Thor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and all the other great heroes at their side. If you're still looking for the rest of your child's Batman costume gear, be sure to check our site for Batarangs, masks, and other great attire and accessory items. Pick up your Batman utility belt today!
Kids' DC Comics The Flash Light Up Ring
ur kid will be the quickest one out of all their friends this year when you get them our The Flash Kids Light Up Ring Accessory! The Flash's ring serves one major purpose, to release the Flash's superhero suit so he can quickly transform from just a regular civilian to a totally wicked fast superhero who knows a thing or two about taking down bad guys. When your child has this stylish Flash ring on as part of their Flash costume, they'll be looking and feeling powerful as ever! After all, there's nobody in the world who is quicker than the Flash. With this great accessory, you will receive just the Flash ring your child needs to zoom around the entire Earth in less than a few seconds. Just imagine how many chores your tyke will be able to get done when they're as quick as the Flash! Featuring a golden yellow bulky ring with a lightning bolt emblem on the front, with the whole ring lighting up in activation, it doesn't get any better than this heroic piece of jewelry. Perfect with a whole variety of different Flash costumes, you bet your child is going to fall in love with this one. Whether your tyke is headed to a Halloween party, going trick or treating, or dressing up as superheroes with their friends, this ring is sure to be a hit. To really make it a special night your child never forgets, consider making it a DC Comics superheroes theme with all their friends. Thor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Green Arrow, and all the other great DC Comics good guys would make great companions when your child is dressed as the Flash. If you're looking for other awesome Flash gear and accessories, be sure to check our site for more options. Pick up your Flash ring today!
Boys' Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Black Manta Costume - Deluxe

If your child has dreams of wreaking havoc at the bottom of the sea, then they're going to have an oceanic blast while wearing our Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Deluxe Black Manta Kids Costume. There's no villain more feared in the ocean than the one and only Black Manta. With expert level swordsmanship, the ability to breathe underwater, and genius level intellect, it's no wonder that Aquaman sees Black Manta as his biggest arch nemesis. While sporting this killer look, you bet your kid will be looking and feeling just like this evil king of the ocean.

With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your kid into their favorite aquatic DC Comics villain. Featuring a black muscle padded polyester jumpsuit with faux silver metallic accents on the arms and around the neck, your kid will be a truly unstoppable force in the water this year. With the additional silver faux metallic 1/2 mask with bright red big eyes, you know for a fact your tyke will be haunting Aquaman and Mera's dreams for a long time while wearing this one. Perfect for all kinds of aquatic battles, they will certainly be ready for war while wearing this one.

Whether your child is dressing up for Halloween, a birthday party, or a comic convention, they'll be looking the part in spades with this wicked Black Manta costume. Be sure to accessorize with villainous weapons and gadgets from our site to really complete the look. To make this costume stand out even further, get the whole DC Comics gang together and dress up as a team. Heading to the party as Black Manta alongside Aquaman, Mera, Bane, Joker, Batman, and all the other great DC heroes and villains is sure to make this a night your kid never forgets.

Kids' DC Comics Blue Beetle Half Mask
Get ready for some serious superhero action with our Blue Beetle Child 1/2 Mask! Your little one will feel unstoppable as they don the mask and transform into their favorite blue armored hero. When they're all equipped with high-powered cannons, swords, grappling hooks, claws and more, they'll be ready to take on any villain that comes their way. This Blue Beetle mask is the perfect accessory to complete their heroic insect look, and your tyke will love showing it off this year. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to bring their imagination to life - order your Blue Beetle Child 1/2 Mask today!
Girls' Sequin DC Comics Batgirl Costume - Deluxe
When you fight crime in a city as riddled with lawbreaking as Gotham, you need to keep your identity a secret. We can help. Order the Girls' Sequin DC Comics Batgirl Costume - Deluxe and your child will be ready to protect the city from the Lady Moth, Killer Shiva, Huntress, Clayface, Scarecrow and many others. This costumes features a black sequin bodice with the gold Bat Girl emblem and a black glitter tiered skirt with metallic gold and black bats. Put on the sleek metallic black cape, gold gauntlets, black and gold boot tops, and black mask, and get ready to be a superhero!
Kids' DC Comics Blue Beetle Gloves
Let your child become the ultimate superhero with our Blue Beetle Child Gloves. These gloves are perfect to pair with the rest of your child's Blue Beetle costume attire and will certainly serve your kid well no matter what battles and dangerous situations they find themselves in. If your child plans on taking down Victoria Kord and other evil villains this Halloween, then they're certainly going to need a powerful pair of gloves to help them in battle. These gloves will give your child the weaponry they need to bring down even the worst of foes and make them feel like a true superhero.
Boys' Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Aquaman Costume - Deluxe
Make your little one the ultimate ocean ruler in this Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Deluxe Aquaman Kids Costume! Watch as your child dives into imaginative adventures, swimming alongside magnificent sea creatures in unparalleled style. Equipped with this deluxe set, your child will embody the legendary Aquaman, possessing the ability to breathe underwater, summon colossal waves with a mere gesture, and defeat wicked aquatic foes like the infamous Black Manta. With its remarkable design, the costume features a padded muscle jumpsuit that mirrors Aquaman's powerful physique. The accompanying attached boot covers perfectly complement the ensemble, completing the authentic Aquaman look. Embrace the opportunity to acquire this exclusive DC Comics attire that will ignite your child's imagination and unleash their inner hero. Prepare them for thrilling adventures as they safeguard the depths of the ocean. Don't miss out on this exceptional Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Deluxe Aquaman Kids Costume, tailored to ignite your child's bravery and creativity.
Blue Beetle Kids Costume
If your child dreams of wielding high-powered cannons, swords, and shields, they'll have a blast with our Blue Beetle Boy's Costume. This set has everything they need to channel their inner hero and take on Victoria Kord and other formidable foes. The blue armored jumpsuit with attached boot tops exudes strength and power, while the Blue Beetle 1/2 mask adds an authentic touch to their superhero transformation. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to showcase their heroic spirit. Get their Blue Beetle costume today and let them unleash the true power of insects upon the world.
The Flash Supergirl Kids Costume
Get ready for your child to unleash their inner superhero with our Supergirl Kids Costume from The Flash movie! Made with high-quality materials, the blue jumpsuit is both comfortable and durable, so your kid can play and be the hero all day long. The jumpsuit is features the iconic S-shield logo and the red cape completes this heroic costume, so they can fly around just like Supergirl! This officially licensed DC Comics costume is perfect for Halloween, costume parties or anytime your little one is feeling invincible. So get ready for some super fun, and watch your young superhero in training show off their skills in style with this awesome Supergirl Kids Costume. Looking for group or family costume ideas? Supergirl and the rest of the Justice League are always on the top of costume lists. Be sure to check out the rest of our officially licensed Batman and Flash costumes from The Flash movie and find a costume for the whole family!
Boys' The Flash Batman Half Mask
The Flash Batman Kids Costume
The Flash Deluxe Kids Costume
Transform your child into the legendary speedster superhero, The Flash, with this deluxe kids costume that is designed to make them look and feel like the real deal! The costume features an impressive padded muscle chest that will instantly give your hero-in-waiting the appearance of a superhero ready to take on any challenge. This officially licensed DC costume is designed to fit comfortably on your child and the red jumpsuit with gold lightning detailing makes it look straight out of the movie! The deluxe costume is complete with matching boot tops and a detailed half mask ensuring they will be the flashiest kid on the street. Whether your kid is attending a superhero-themed party, going trick or treating or just wants to play dress-up at home, this deluxe costume will be the envy of all their friends. So don't wait any longer and let your kid experience the thrill of being The Flash with this amazing costume!
Kids' DC Comics The Flash Gloves
If you're looking to make your child's Flash costume complete, look no further than The Flash Kids Gloves! These gloves are the perfect accessory for any young fan of the iconic DC Comics character, The Flash. Designed to match the red color scheme of his iconic supersuit from The Flash movie, these officially licensed gloves will add an extra touch of authenticity to your kid's superhero costume. Made from high-quality materials, these gloves are both durable and comfortable, ensuring that your child can wear them for hours on end without any discomfort. The gloves are designed to fit most children. Whether your child is dressing up for Halloween, a birthday party, or just for fun, The Flash Kids Gloves are the perfect accessory to complete their look and make them the fastest man alive!
Boys' DC Comics The Flash Half Mask
Your kid is about to be faster than a speeding bullet when they wear The Flash Kids 1/2 Mask! This costume accessory is your ticket to completing your kid's superhero look, with a sleek red mask with gold details straight out of The Flash movie. With its secure fit there is no need to worry about the mask sliding or falling off so mission accomplished! The Flash Kids 1/2 Mask is crafted to be strong and durable, perfect for those kids who want to be superheroes for a day. Balanced for comfort and fit, you'll have peace of mind when completing your child's costume.
The Flash Kids Costume
Go from zero to hero in a flash with The Flash Kids Costume! This kids superhero costume will make any mini-Flash look like they have stepped straight off the set of The Flash movie. The costume features a red jumpsuit, matching boot tops, and half mask, and makes it easy and comfortable to be a superhero. The gold lightning bolt detailing on the jumpsuit adds an extra touch of authenticity to this officially licensed DC costume. This kids superhero costume is designed for ultimate comfort and durability, making it perfect for playtime, trick-or-treating, or any other occasion. Give your child the chance to experience the thrill of being a superhero with The Flash Kids Costume and they will take on the world!
Girls' Sequin DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume - Deluxe

Make your little girl stronger even the greatest superheroes with this awesome Girls' Sequin DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume - Deluxe! She'll look amazing in the red sequin top and blue tulle skirt with stars, plus the coordinating cape and boot tops. With this costume, she'll be ready to save the day!

Elevate your little girl's imagination to new heights with the extraordinary Girls' Sequin DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume - Deluxe! Designed to instill confidence and empower her just like the mightiest superheroes, this captivating ensemble is bound to leave her in awe.

This costume features a red sequin top that shimmers and catches the light, while the vibrant blue tulle skirt adorned with sparkling stars adds an element of enchantment to her transformation.

To complete the ensemble a coordinating cape is included that billows behind her with an air of regality, symbolizing her readiness to leap into action. The boot tops complement the ensemble perfectly, creating a seamless and heroic appearance from head to toe.

From imaginative playdates to thrilling Halloween costume parties, your little one will embody strength, courage, and determination each time she dons this remarkable outfit. As she slips into the role of Wonder Woman, she'll be transported to a world of endless possibilities where she can conquer challenges and make a difference, all while looking undeniably fabulous!

Batman Child Costume
Your child will become the most notorious vigilante and be able to defend Gotham City when they put on our Batman Child Costume. The Riddler and Penguin don't stand a chance against this padded jumpsuit with attached utility belt, boot tops, mask, cape, and gloves. Catch them off guard when your little one throws the included batarang at them. Put this on today and throw the Joker in Arkham Asylum once and for all!
Superman Toddler Costume
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Superman, here to save the day! In this padded jumpsuit costume complete with attached belt, boot tops and a cape, your little one will look just like the man of steel! Your little one will be able to protect the city from Lex Luthor as they fly around and use their superhuman strength, x-ray vision, and super-speed to outwit him. As long as kryptonite doesn't enter the chat, your little one will be unstoppable in this costume!
Batman Toddler Costume
Your little one will be able to defend you from any threat when you put them in our Batman Toddler Costume. The padded jumpsuit will instantly transform your little one into Gottham City's notorious vigilante complete with boot tops, mask, gloves, and a batarang tto detfetnd against enemies. Throw up the bat signal and watch as your little one springs into action!
Boys' DC Comics Black Adam Costume - Deluxe
Fun action and adventure are your destiny when your child puts on this Black Adam Kids Deluxe Costume! Including padded jumpsuit with foam backed boot tops and attached gauntlets and cape, you have one of the hottest new looks to come out of the DC movies! And with high-quality construction and comfortable materials, you will find this suit is also perfect for everyday play time, comic book conventions or any place else your tyke wants to show your Black Adam fandom!
DC League of Super Pets Flash Toddler Costume
Your little one will be moving at the speed of light this year when they're all decked out in our DC League of Super Pets Flash Toddler Costume. The Scarlet Speedster has never looked cooler than in this comfortable padded jumpsuit, padded boot tops and foam headpiece. Perfect for fun costumed events or League of Super Pets watch parties. Celebrate your family's love of DC Comics and don't forget Flash's best bud, Merton the turtle!
DC League of Super Pets Batman Toddler Costume
Get your little one ready to defend Gotham City alongside Ace the bat hound when you give them this DC League of Super Pets Batman Toddler Costume! The caped crusader is back with this pint-sized replica of his classic Batsuit as it is seen in DC League of Super Pets. Comfortable, complete and irresistibly cute, this costume includes a padded jumpusit, padded boot tops, a detachable cape and foam headpiece. Perfect for heroic adventures or movie watching!
DC League of Super Pets Aquaman Toddler Costume
Hit the high seas with some action-packed fun this year when your baby is wearing this DC League of Super Pets Aquaman Toddler Costume! The king of Atlantis is ready for whatever the world throws at them with this comfortable and cuddly version of the Aquaman suit that includes a padded jumpsuit and attached boot tops. This costume is perfect for all kinds of costume events, movie watch parties or just everyday play time!
Batman Kids Adaptive Costume
The Joker doesn't stand a chance when your kid is wearing this Batman Kids Adaptive Costume! This amazing combo includes a costume top with an accessibility flap, cape, seatless pants and foam mask to duplicate the legendary crime-fighting look of the caped crusader! Perfect for any comic book fan or those who just can't get enough of Bruce Wayne and his crime fighting activities! Comfortable and durable for a fit that feels as incredible as it looks, you can't go wrong with this one.
Girls' DC Comics Wonder Woman Adaptive Costume
Buckle up for some fast-paced fun and excitement with this Wonder Woman Adaptive Kids Costume! This comfortable costume with wheelchair accessibility is a terrific way to show off your child's love of Wonder Woman and everything DC Comics this year. They can protect Thamiskera and save the Day with this dress with accessibility flap, cape, boot covers, gauntlets and tiara. Made with high-quality and durable materials, this look is great for comic cons and any cosplay convention throughout the years!
DC League of Super Pets Green Lantern Toddler Costume
Send your family's costume celebration into the stratosphere when your kid is wearing this DC League of Super Pets Green Lantern Toddler Costume! With his loyal pet squirrel, Chip, at his side, Hal Jordan is ready to protect the world with this tiny representation of his classic suit. Made with comfortable materials, this costume includes a jumpsuit that comes with padded boot tops and a foam eye mask. DC League of Super Pets is the perfect family theme!
DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume
Your little one is ready to join the Justice League and save the planet with this DC League of Super Pets Superman Toddler Costume! Immediately recognizable and absolutely iconic, your child has one of the most beloved superhero costumes of all time. This comfortable padded jumpsuit includes a detachable cape and padded boot tops. When your kid is on one of their super adventures, don't let them forget their trusty dog, Krypto, so they can save the day together!
Superman Kids Adaptive Costume
Get ready for a night full of super-heroics and excitement with this Superman Kids Adaptive Costume! Including a costume top with an accessibility flap, seatless pants and cape, your child is ready to take on the world in a replica of Superman's classic suit! Comfortable, durable and made of high-quality materials, this instantly recognizable suit is always a crowd pleaser and a permanent symbol of truth and justice! Make this a family theme when everyone dresses as a different Justice League member!
Baby/Toddler Justice League Wonder Woman Costume
Make your little girl feel like an Amazonian princess this Halloween. They'll look just like a baby Diana when they're wearing the DC Wonder Woman Infant Romper Costumer. This adorable outfit features the iconic Wonder Woman logo over the chest as well as snug leggings and a soft cape for an outfit that they can feel comfortable in all night long.