Mermaid Costumes & Accessories

Kids Pink Mermaid Costume
Hear the ocean's call and embrace the sea breeze in this costume. Let your inner Ariel out with the help of this mermaid costume and attend your next party in a stylish, fun, and colorful fashion. With your new graceful look, any sea or ocean is lucky to have you as its rightful ruler! Swim to your next beach party, or even Halloween in this costume and dazzle everyone else with your elegance. The costume is made from polyester and includes a dress. Add a seastar as a headpiece, or a shell necklace for a more realistic look!
Kids Magical Mermaid Costume
Swim across the ocean as the most enchanting princess of the sea. The Magical Mermaid Child Costume is an alluring outfit that your daughter will love wearing. It features a blue dress with sea themed detailing and translucent sleeves. Add a tiara to the ensemble for an even more majestic appeal. She'll be queen of the sea in this fantastic wardrobe. Mermaids are whimsical figures, many tales have been told about their bewitching appearances. They are a coveted legend of the ocean. Your girl will be the prettiest mermaid of the them all dressed in the Magical Mermaid Costume. Her ravishing looks will have all the seamen sailing the rough seas just to get a glimpse of her beauty. Dive into some fun with this phenomenal disguise.
Kids Deluxe Kids Mermaid Costume
Take a dive into a fun and imaginative underwater world with this Girl's Deluxe Mermaid Princess Costume. Your little one may dream of becoming a mermaid and this outfit is a great way for her to make a splash! It comes as a lovely dress in a mix of light blue and purple. The skirted portion is made to look like a tail while the rest is covered in shell, pearl, and scale decorations. She will look like royalty on land or at sea in this Mermaid Princess costume.
Adult Queen of Dark Seas Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Queen of the Dark Seas Costume and you'll be telling everyone fun tales from the deepest and darkest part of the ocean. With this aquatic set, you will receive everything you need to become the most gorgeous royal queen to ever rule the deep blue sea. Featuring a stunning purple and teal top and skirt adorned in scales, as well as a matching headpiece and scepter, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Mermaid Makeup Kit
Give your mermaid costume some underwater pizzazz with this awesome Mermaid Makeup Kit! Including a convenient makeup tray, applicator, glitter and stencil paper, this fun makeup set is a terrific way to develop your mermaid costume, but can also be used to enhance other iconic looks like a princess or fairy. The possibilities are endless when you have enough imagination! Made of high-quality materials, for a costume makeup set that's a great addition to anyone's collection!
Adult Sexy Green Mermaid Skirt Costume
Ditch the city life and embrace the sound of the ocean by becoming a mermaid and living underwater. Bond with the whales fish octopi and many more delightful creatures in this costume. Imagine what it would be like to have a new home completely underwater. In this costume you truly are a mermaid!
Makeup Kit for Mermaid
There are so many fish in the sea. What will you do to stand out this Halloween? Order the Mermaid Kit Makeup and create a look that will get you noticed. Included in the set are four colors of glitter gel makeup pencil makeup tray with four colors of makeup and applicators. It even has a fish scale stencil.
Baby/Toddler Magical Mermaid Costume
Your little one will be cruising through the sea this year when you dress them up in our Toddler Magic Mermaid Costume. With this aquatic set, you will receive everything you need to turn your daughter into a beautiful sea princess who knows a thing or two about living at the bottom of the ocean. Featuring a gorgeous blue dress adorned with sea shells, kelp, and sea flowers, your daughter is going to love this one.
Kids Mermaid Costume
Have you ever wanted to be under the sea? Pretend you're an ocean-dweller in the Mermaid Costume for Girls! You'll feel right at home with dolphins fish lobsters and sea turtles when you wear this beautiful blue and pink ensemble. The costume comes in extra small small and medium and it includes a dress and a headpiece that will easily take you from ordinary girl to mystical mermaid. The dress features an iridescent pink bodice and a blue velveteen skirt covered in glitter. The bodice and the velveteen skirt are each adorned with a hot pink starfish and the tail end of the skirt is made of sparkly blue tulle. The pale pink headband is decorated with blue tulle and a hot pink starfish for the ultimate in underwater style. This magnificent mermaid costume is a hit on land or under the sea and you'll have oceans of fun when you wear it!
Baby/Toddler Pretty Mermaid Costume
The underwater beauty of the sea we all know the story of mermaids. As kids we would watch movies about them read books about them and even want to become one of them. This year for Halloween youcan give your baby their wish and make their dream come true with the Pretty Underwater Mermaid Baby Costume. Even mermaids had to have been babies at some point and when your baby looks this adorable mermaids from near and far will be willing to accept them as their own. Featuring a stunning mermaid themed dress with matching diaper cover and headband your baby will be ready to sing and swim all Halloween long. Give your baby the gift of an underwater song and order them a costume that will not only make them look good but will make them feel magical and mystical whenever and wherever they wear it.
Mermaid Headpiece Accessory
You'll be feeling like the queen of the ocean this year when you get all dressed up with our Mermaid Headpiece Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the aquatic headpiece you need to breathe underwater, swim gracefully, and talk to all the fishes. Featuring a gorgeous aqua blue headband adorned with flowers, shells, starfish, and ivy, with a large glittery mermaid fin at the top, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this one.
Women's Blonde Mermaid Waves Wig
Dive into enchantment with the Women's Blonde Mermaid Waves Wig. Embrace your inner mermaid and steal the spotlight with this long, soft, wavy wig. The shimmering and oceanic locks flow with every movement you make. In seconds, this wig will transform you into the star of any occasion. Effortlessly elevate your style with this luxurious hairpiece. With its timeless charm and aesthetic appeal, you'll captivate hearts and turn heads no matter where you are on Halloween. You’ll make waves when you wear this blonde mermaid wig. Elevate your look and channel the sea with this showstopping ocean-inspired wig.
Adult King Neptune Costume
Head to the party wearing the King Neptune Mens Costume and you'll be ruling the seas and the night in no time. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the true King of the Ocean and the master of all things aquatic. Featuring a teal and purple scaled tunic, a matching purple cape, golden cuffs, and a golden crown, you're going to love wearing this fierce and powerful look this year.
Kids Mermaid Costume
Your daughter will be feeling like aquatic royalty this year when you dress her up with our Pretty Mermaid Girls Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into one of the rarest creatures of the sea. Featuring a stunning pale blue dress with shimmering scales and golden trim, as well as a blue headband with a golden accent, you are going to love this beautiful look this year.
Adult Sexy Blue Mermaid Skirt Costume
Any sailor or sea captain will be lucky enough to catch you! But what if they do? Strike a deal with them in this charming costume. If they let you go grant them a wish and if they don't? Well...drag them into the ocean since mermaids are actually pretty evil if you know your folklore.
Adult Ride-A-Mermaid Costume
Have you always wanted to be part of the deep blue sea and imagine a world so beautiful? If so we can have you living the dream for a day with the Ride a Mermaid Adult Costume! This one of a kind outfit will get some good laughs out of your family and friends but others will adore your new look. Can you imagine riding on the back of a pretty mermaid all day long to any event that will make people smile? The outfit comes with elastic pants that are comfy to wear and the pants feature all the mermaid you need. The realistic look will have everyone wondering where you found this piece from and some kids may even think you came straight from the movie The Little Mermaid. Have some fun in this enjoyable outfit that will be sure to bring you lots of attention this Halloween!