Adult Easter Costumes

Church events and egg hunts alike are all great moments for an Easter costume, since everyone is happy to see Lent end! Whether you need an Easter Bunny suit or a Biblical costume, our selection for Easter has what you need to celebrate the rising of Jesus. They're especially great for kids, since your children and younger relatives are going to go nuts when they see a real Easter Bunny going out to hide the eggs this year.
Adult Funky Chicken Costume
It's time for everyone to stop what they're doing and get down with the funky chicken with our Adult Funky Chicken Costume. This funky colorful costume will catch eyes and turn necks as it comes complete with a yellow jumpsuit, chicken headpiece, chicken feet shoe covers, and stockings. The costume in the following available in sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The outfit is versatile as it can be worn for any costume party or Halloween. This costume is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. In addition, you can accessorize with our large assortment of accessories such as a rubber chicken, white gloves, or Family Costume Makeup Kit.
Adult Unisex Carrot Costume
The simple yet versatile Unisex Carrot Costume has a wide variety of uses. This Halloween costume is a one-piece jumpsuit that you can wear with your own clothes underneath (pants are not included). It is standard size that both men and women can wear, and fits up to a men's size medium and women's size large. The Unisex Carrot Costume is a great way to contribute to several different kinds of group costumes. For example, you could wear it with friends dressed as other fruits and vegetables, an Easter bunny costume so you can be his favorite treat, or the Unisex Peas in a Pod costume to go as peas and carrots. It is also a warm, comfortable way to stay kid friendly at your next Halloween party.
Adult Spartan Warrior Costume
The Adult Spartan Warrior Costume is one outfit only fit exclusively for a guy with the heart and spirit of a true warrior. The total costume ensemble consists of a cape, shoulder harness, arm and leg guards, and shortsand loin cover. The costume comes in a wide assortment of sizes including: small, medium, large, and extra large. The outfit is versatile as it can be worn for any costume party, history project, or Halloween. This costume is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Shoes are not included but our pair of Brown Roman Short Sandals will work great with the outfit. In addition, you can accessorize with our large assortment of accessories such as a Roman Short Sword, Shield Costume Accessory, and Long Roman Sword Costume Accessory.
Adult Plush Bunny Mascot Costume
Whether you want to wear it on Halloween or Easter, for birthday parties, or for some promotional activities, this Plush Easter Bunny Mascot Costume is a winner. It's sweet looking mascot bunny head and full body jumpsuit (with hand and feet covers) will help attract the little ones and yet also get adults smiling too. And yet for a mascot type Halloween costume, this ensemble is very affordable. If you are open to additional accessories, you may also want to consider the 21 Inch Foam Filled Carrot for extra effect. Comprised of a high quality design and materials, this Halloween Costume is just what you are seeking if you are looking for something durable and with great market appeal. Earn some extra income with this fabulous costume or get this ensemble to wear throughout the year for your own kids. Regardless this is a sensational bargain for this upcoming Halloween season.
Adult Easter Bunny Vest and Bow Tie Kit Costume
If you're hiding eggs for the kids this year, then you're definitely going to want to pick up our Easter Bunny Costume Kit so you can look just like the Easter Bunny while searching for the best hiding places. With this amazing holiday set, you will receive a colorful eggs print vest with a matching bowtie. Perfect for bringing smiles to all the kids' faces, you're going to absolutely love sporting this unique Easter Bunny set of attire this year.
Adult Deluxe Plus Bunny Mascot Costume
Hop into this Deluxe Plus Bunny Mascot costume and you'll be the most dashing Easter Bunny anyone has ever seen! This professional quality suit is fashioned to look like a jolly white rabbit, and it includes a fur jumpsuit with a vest and bow tie, gloves, shoe covers, a character headpiece with ears, and a hood with ears to open up your options. The plush white suit is sold in one X-Large size that should comfortably accommodate most adults. The dapper yellow vest and bow tie feature a festive multicolored Easter egg print. If you want to add extra spirit to your Easter celebration, this mascot suit is an excellent choice. It's also great for professional appearances in malls and at community events. Everyone will be bouncing with joy when they see you dressed in this Deluxe Plus Bunny Mascot!
Adult Premium Rabbit White Costume
We are certain that The Deluxe White Easter Bunny Costume is by far the best bunny costume you have ever seen in your life. The white polyester plush with center pink patch in the front and on the bunny ears replicate the look of a real bunny. The light weight foam mascot head is easy to walk around in providing and easy comfortable fit. The hand covers and oversized shoe covers give the outfit the perfect finishing touches covering your entire being with 100% bunny. The outfit is only available in a standard size, one size fit all. This multipurpose costume will work great for Halloween or any other costume party. Shoes are not included with the outfit but any pair of comfortable sneakers to wear underneath the shoe covers will work perfectly with the costume. This costume is a must have for any fan of bunnies or anyone that needs a cool costume to wear.
Adult XXL Bunny Mascot Costume
Need a costume that will fit you comfortable and be perfect for nearly every occasion? The Bunny Rabbit XL Mascot Costume is a larger version of the original in order to allow maximum comfort. This larger than life costume is perfect for when you need to cheer on your favorite team, entertain at a party, or even be Easter's best Mascot. Order now!
Adult Plus Size Funky Chicken Costume
The Men's Plus Size Funky Chicken is one must have costume for any chicken lover or any person who wants a cool outfit to wear for Halloween, special costume party, or someone who wants to have a few laughs with friends and family. The total ensemble includes a yellow microfiber soft polyester jumpsuit, matching chicken headpiece, orange/white striped stockings, and chicken feet shoe covers. The outfit comes in two unique sizes including: 1X and 3X to warrant a comfortable fit. The jumpsuit costume is versatile as it can work for Halloween or any other costume party. Shoes are not included but any pair of orange sneakers will work great with the costume. This costume is one of our most coolest in stock and at such a low-cost price it's sure to be a great acquisition this Halloween.
Adult Roman Soldier Costume
You'll be all ready for battle this year when you're all decked out in our Roman Soldier Adult Costume. With this fierce set, you will receive everything you need to become a powerful warrior of the Roman Empire. Featuring a white tunic, a set of brown armor with an attached crimson red cape, and a matching set of brown leg guards, you definitely don't want to miss out on this skilled soldier look this year.
Adult White Easter Bunny Mascot With Yellow Vest Costume
The White Easter Bunny Mascot with Yellow Vest Adult Costume is a great find for the father who wants to take his children Easter Egg Hunting on Easter or trick or treating on Halloween. It also is a lovely Halloween costume to use in parades, school productions, at store promotions or at certain types of tradeshows. Wherever attention is needed, this White Bunny Costume could play an integral part in getting it. Should you like this ensemble but want a few more accessories, then think about these: the Set of 10 Inserts for Costume, the Kold Kollar with 2 Inserts for Costume, the Piece Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs (which you can fill with treats) and the 21 Inch Foam Filled Carrot. Please note that as a mascot costume it is incredibly important to consider getting a Kold Kollar which is meant to keep the wearer cool while wearing this costume for extended periods of time.
Adult White Bunny Mascot Costume
You won't need to go on an Easter egg hunt to find the best Easter bunny costume; the Easter Bunny Adult Mascot Costume is it! The outfit comes with a white jumpsuit with long sleeves and long pants. Attached to the appendages are mitts and boot covers. The costume also includes a headpiece, which covers the entire head and face. It is white to match the suit and features a bunny face with white fur covering the bottom half. Small pink bunny ears sit on top of the head. This is the perfect outfit if you're looking to dress as the Easter bunny for the kids at your Easter get together. The photo opportunities are endless when you wear this ensemble! Purchase some Easter eggs separately from our site to fill with candy or other goodies for the little ones at the party.
Adult Julius Caesar Costume
Leading the Roman Empire will be a breeze for you this year when you're wearing our Adult Julius Caesar Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to strategize war plans, rally your troops, and get the whole nation geared up for battle. Featuring a stylish black, gold, and red robe with attached armor, a crimson red velvety shoulder drape, a pair of golden gauntlets, and a matching headpiece, you won't want to miss out on this great historical look.
Adult Toga Costume
Your child will be ready to kick it back to the ancient days of Greece this year when they're wearing our Teen Toga Robe. With this fun historical set, you will receive everything your kid needs to look and feel just like a Greek philosopher who knows a thing or two about art, wine, and discovering the meaning of life. Featuring a white toga robe with an attached shoulder drape, you definitely can't go wrong with this great ancient look this year.
Adult Easter Bunny Costume
You'll be hop hop hoppin' around this year when you put on our Adult Easter Bunny Costume. With this fun set, you will receive everything you need to become the most hoppin' animal at the party. Featuring a white shirt with an attached purple vest with red, green, and yellow accents, a pair of white pants, mitts, and shoe covers, a yellow bowtie, and a large furry white rabbit headpiece, you're going to love this magical Easter look this year.
Adult Standard Bunny Mascot Costume
Get the party hopping and the give Easters biggest mascot a makeover with the Bunny Rabbit Mascot Costume! Whether cheering on your favorite team or dressing up for a party, this costume is ready for action. Everything you wished for in a mascot is here, hop into this costume and turn up the part! Order now!
Adult Black Tunic Plus Costume
Men and Women didn't wear many clothes back in ancient Rome and Greece, just enough to be clothed and comfortable. That's exactly how you'll feel when you wear the Plus Size Black Tunic Costume for Men. This tunic is all black and is knee length. It comes with a gold rope belt that wraps and ties around your waist. Plain tunics are great for different kinds of costumes such as a Roman senator or a Greek philosopher. If you add accessories to it then it can be worn as part of a viking or warrior costume. The simplicity of the tunic is also one of its strongest features because it allows it to be so versatile. You can find a a number of accessories to add to this costume right here on our site.
Adult Toga Plus Costume
Whether you're dressing up as a Greek warrior or a Greek philosopher this year, you'll be more than ready to play the part when you're wearing our Plus Toga Robe. With this set, you will receive just the robe you need to feel like you belong in a history textbook. Featuring a pure white toga robe with an attached long shoulder drape, you're going to have the time of your life sporting this ancient look at the party this year.
Adult Xlarge Bunny Mascot Costume
Feeling a little out of your comfort zone lately, and wanting to show off your mad mascot skills in a big way? The Bunny Rabbit XL Mascot Costume is a fun and kid friendly way to make everyone's favorite Easter mascot come to life. This authentic looking costume might even fool some adults with its fury appearance. Order now for your next party or event!
Adult Roman Soldier Set Gold Costume
You'll be all ready to slay your enemies this year when you're sporting our Gold Roman Soldier Adult Costume. With this powerful set of attire, you will receive everything you need to become one of Julius Caesar's most entrusted soldiers. Featuring a golden chest piece and back piece, a set of matching shin guards, a shield, a golden helmet with a red plume, and a vinyl skirt, you won't want to miss out on this elite soldier look this year.
Adult Parade Bunny Costume
Looking for a truly unique bunny costume for the party this year? Then look no further than our Adult Parade Bunny Costume. With this one of a kind look, you will receive everything you need to hop around town in style. Featuring a white shirt with a long colorful vest front, a pair of white fleece pants, as well as a large oversized rabbit headpiece, you can't go wrong with this incredible animal attire this year.
Adult Spartan Legions Cross Shoulder Cost Costume
Step into the gladiator ring wearing this Spartan Legions Cross Shoulder Costume for Adults and you'll intimidate even the most ferocious lion! This warrior ensemble shows off your god-like strength and statuesque muscles with a cross shoulder chest harness attached to a dramatic floor length cape. The chest piece is adorned with an ornate gold medallion. This outfit also includes a black pleated loin cover with a pair of matching shorts to be worn underneath, as well as wrist gauntlets and shin guards. The sword and sandals pictured here are not included. Browse our selection of accessories to find the perfect shield and sword to arm yourself for battle, as well as a pair of sandals or boots to complete your look. This Spartan warrior ensemble is a fantastic choice for a gladiator or a member of an ancient Greek or Roman army. You'll slay all the competition at your next costume party when you show off your might in this spectacular Spartan warrior costume.
Adult Easter Bunny Jumpsuit with Vest Costume
Celebrate Easter in a fun and kid friendly way and become the mscott everyone loves! The Fancy Adult Easter Rabbit Suit is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next Easter party or event! Come dressed to impress with a fury white suit and stylish vest that are too cool for any other time of year. Make this easter a year to remember and order this crowd pleasing costume now!
Adult Chocolate Bunny Costume
Everybody is going to want to take a bite out of you this year when you head to the party wearing our Chocolate Bunny Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most delicious piece of chocolate to ever come alive in the Spring. Featuring a brown cozy jumpsuit with shoe covers, mitts, and a matching bunny headpiece with long ears, you're going to love this fun and festive set.
Adult Black Tunic Costume
While everyone wears white at the next toga party you'll look like the bad boy in the back in black when you wear this Black Tunic Costume for Men. This costume features a tunic and rope belt. The short sleeved, black tunic is a darker take on the traditional look. The gold rope stands out against the black tunic and ties around the waist. You can wear this tunic by itself or use it as a great jumping off point for a viking, warrior, emperor or philosopher costume. The tunic is offered in one standard size so it should fit most men comfortably. We offer plenty of Greek and Roman inspired accessories that you can add to this tunic which will turn it into an awesome looking ensemble on Halloween.
Adult Gladiator Costume
Enter the ring and take on all kinds of foes this year when you're wearing our Gladiator Adult Costume. Whether you're taking on tigers, humans, or ogres, you'll be more than prepared for battle when you're wearing this powerful set of attire. Featuring a red shirt, a brown and gold armored tunic, a pair of black pants, and a brown set of boot tops, you're going to love sporting this awesome gladiator attire this year.
Adult Simply A Bunny Costume
Nothing say cool like the old school, and this Easter you can show off your holiday joy with a costume that is so exciting that you don't need anything else! The Adult Classic Easter Rabbit Costume bring everything you love about Easter to the table. Both stylish and original, this classic character celebrates nothing short of a great time. Bring the fun and joy to your next Easter event or gathering and order now!
Adult Deluxe Bunny Mascot Costume
You'll be the messenger of joy and rebirth this year when you get all dressed up in our Easter Bunny Deluxe Costume. With this amazing set, you will receive everything you need to hop, skip, and jump and spread happiness and laughter to all the kids. Featuring a white jumpsuit with attached shoe covers, a pair of matching mitts, a colorful spotted vest, a matching bowtie, and a bunny mask, you're going to love this one.
Adult Mighty Caesar Costume
When it comes ruling nations, you'll be the best to ever do it when you're wearing our Mighty Caesar Mens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a fierce Roman leader who knows a thing or two about strategizing for war. Featuring a white and crimson red Emperor tunic, a matching belt, and a royal headpiece, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this special look.
Adult Deluxe Plush Funny Bunny Costume
Give the kids an Easter Bunny experience they'll never forget. The Funny Bunny Mascot Costume will put smiles on all the children's faces, and it'll be comfortable for you to wear for extensive periods of time, to boot! You'll have plenty of flexibility to mime all kinds of expressions and motions to make them giggle, hand out candy, and strike funny poses while they get their pictures taken beside you. What's more, this isn't just a plain old bunny costume - it also comes with a blue vest attached, covered in dots of various sizes and colors, adding an extra dash of magic to your look! The white jumpsuit comes with mitts that have several hidden openings, so you can ensure that they fit around your hands securely yet comfortably, as well as the removable head and foot covers. The black parts of the eyes on the removable head are see-through mesh, so you'll have plenty of visibility during any interactions. Bring joy and entertainment to the little ones this Easter season!