Gotham Knights Costumes & Accessories


The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy won't stand a chance when you are wearing one of the Gotham hero costumes in our awesome Gotham Knights collection. Whether you want to sidekick Batman as the one and only Robin, take down crime like Batgirl, or storm the streets of Gotham in style as Nightwing, you'll be more than prepared for some heroic action when you're donning one of our killer DC superhero costumes. Perfect for costume parties and for just celebrating your favorite DC Comics superheroes and sidekicks, you can't go wrong with one of our classic Gotham Knights looks.

Gotham Knights Robin Adult Costume
Show everyone how the Boy Wonder defends Gotham when you are wearing this Gotham Knights Robin Adult Costume. Without Batman by your side, it is up to you in this hooded costume top and foam mask to bring some DC costume heroics to your celebration! This costume is comfortable and makes defeating Gotham's supervillains easy. As one of Batman's former proteges, you can help bring justice back to Gotham with the others in the Gotham Knights!
Gotham Knights Robin Adult Deluxe Costume
The city of Gotham is in the best hands when you are wearing this awesome Gotham Knights Robin Adult Deluxe Costume! This unmistakable and iconic battle suit includes a red hooded tunic, pants, boot tops and foam mask to have you feeling like you could spend the whole night fighting crime. Gotham's worst doesn't stand a chance against you when you are dressed in this comfortable and intimidating costume. Absolutely perfect for cosplay events and costume parties!
Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Deluxe Costume
Jump into all the action this year when you put on this Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Deluxe Costume! This blue and yellow jumpsuit, yellow cape and foam mask gives you an amazing replica of the battle suit worn by Barbara Gordon as she defends Gotham City alongside Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood! Criminals will be running away screaming when you show up in this crowd-pleasing and durable costume! Just the thing you need to stand out at cosplay events!
Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Costume
Barbara Gordon is ready to suit up and do her part to protect Gotham City in this Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Costume! This costume top, cape and foam mask combo is all you need to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers this year! Party the night away in a complete and comfortable costume that puts you deep into all the DC comics action you love! Great for comic cons and cosplay, you're going to have a blast representing a female superhero that has been entertaining audiences for decades!
Gotham Knights Nightwing Adult Costume
Batman isn't the only superhero protecting Gotham. In this Gotham Knights Nightwing Adult Costume, you are ready to do whatever it takes to fight for truth and justice alongside the rest of your bat allies! Including hooded costume top and foam mask, you have the classic blue and black battle suit worn by Dick Grayson after he outgrew the mantle of Robin. Comfortable enough to fight crime and durable enough to fight through party crowds, this eye catching outfit is perfect for any fan of the dynamic duo!
Gotham Knights Red Hood Adult Costume
Jason Todd is bringing his unique brand of vigilante justice to Gotham City in this Gotham Knights Red Hood Adult Costume! This hooded costume top and fabric mask combo gives you everything you need to match the newest and most hard-hitting vigilante in the city! From coast to coast, everyone will recognize the signature mask of Red Hood and understand immediately how deep your love of DC Comics goes! Choose a heroic costume that is rarely seen but always remembered!