Whether you’re a horror movie buff or just looking to inject a little fright into the party this year, you can never go wrong donning the look of one of the most iconic horror movie villains of all time, Jason Voorhees!


Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! Make every day Friday the 13th with officially licensed Jason Voorhees Costumes that'll instantly turn you into your favorite horror movie icon.



Becoming your favorite slasher has never been easier! With Jason Voorhees accessories like his iconic hockey mask and bloody machete, you'll be ready to take on Halloween night!


Toys & Decorations

Can't get enough of your favorite horror movie monster? Collect and decorate with must-have toys and decorations perfect for every Friday The 13th fan!


Crystal Lake won’t ever be the same when you walk into the campground sporting one of our Jason hockey masks with his classic bloody machete. Your pup can even join in on the slasher action with our matching Friday the 13th pet costume featuring a black and red Jason shirt with a dog-sized Jason mask. After all, terrorizing the town is always better when you have your furry best friend at your side!

All good on the costume front, and just looking for some haunting decor items for the house? We’ve got just what you need. From Jason groundbreaker props to Jason wall decals to Jason pillows, your home is sure to be a real scream whether you’re decorating for Halloween or just adding an eerie ambiance to your horror buff collection room.

From Halloween to horror movie conventions to stalking around your haunt of choice, our collection of Friday the 13th costumes, accessories, and decor will have your neighbors wondering if they wandered onto the set of a slasher film!