It's the details that make a costume stick in people's minds, so the jewelry you choose needs to be on the same level as the rest of your look! Find the proper pendant or earrings to make you feel like you're really stepping into the world of your costume. When you go out as Rose with a realistic looking Heart of the Ocean, you're going to be glad you paid attention to the little things.
Gold Bangles 50
No matter your costume this Halloween, this Pack of Gold Bangles will certainly take it to the next level. These gorgeous golden bangles are easy to put on and can turn any costume into a truly extraordinary one. Buy your pack today, and then check our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and attire needs!
Adult Gold Jumbo Link Chain Necklace
Add some bling to your look and elevate your glamour quotient with our Adult Gold Jumbo Link Chain Necklace. With its jumbo link design and gleaming gold finish, this necklace will have you feeling like a true rap god. Whether you're attending a red-carpet event or simply aiming to add a touch of lavish charm to your costume, this necklace ensures you'll be the embodiment of golden elegance, ready to make a statement that shines as bright as your personality.
Adult Pirate Earring and Eye Patch
Looking for the perfect set of accessories for your pirate look this year? Then look no further than our Pirate Earring and Patch. With this set, you will receive just the pieces of attire you need to really look and feel like the pirate you know you are inside. Featuring a classic black eye patch as well as a solid gold circular hoop earring, you definitely do not want to miss out on this special set this year.
Disco Medallion
Put your pinky finger to the moon with the Disco Medallion. This accessory is great if you want to be a disco diva this Halloween. Rule the dancefloor with this piece to prove your dancing shoes are seriously hard to tire out. If you've been practicing your two step, make sure everyone knows it. You'll be in the center of attention this Halloween when you have the Disco Medallion on your person with your awesome disco costume this year.
Adult Bling Gangsta Ring
Looking for a fancy ring to take your costume up a couple notches? Then don't miss out on our Gangsta Ring Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the ring you need to elevate your gangster or hip-hop look this year. Featuring a faux diamond studded ring that spells out the word "Gangsta" in all caps, you are going to love seeing this sparkling piece of jewelry on your hand as part of your costume's look.
Adult Gold 1970'S Disco Man Chain
Get ready to rock the dance floor with the Adult Gold 1970's Disco Man Chain. You can groove and party all night long with this dazzling gold chain - perfect for a man's 70s decade costume! It's long enough to wrap around for a more layered look, or simply add it as is for some additional length and flare. Make sure you bring the glitter and the glamor if you plan on taking it to the next level. Whether you're on the dancefloor or at the bar with your friends, you'll make sure everyone knows how fashionable and daring you can be with this gold chain accessory.
Adult 1980's Rapper Clock Necklace
Are you looking for an accessory that screams "about to drop the hottest rap album of 2023"? We've got you covered. The Adult 1980s Rapper Clock Necklace is just the thing you need to transform yourself into the coolest and old-schoolest rapper around. Featuring a large clock medallion with a matching chain, this accessory is guaranteed to have all eyes on you no matter the occasion. Now you can drop some bars and make some beats in style, just like the real OGs of yesteryear.
70s Disco Boogie Dancing Earrings
You'll give everybody disco fever this year when you hit the dance floor wearing our Boogie Dancing 70's Disco Earrings. With this one, you will receive just the set of earrings you need to really burn up the place and make the party come alive. Featuring two shimmering circular earrings that will make any disco costume pop, you're going to love these special earrings on your ear this year as part of your disco dancer costume.
Adult Gold Large Link Chain Necklace
This Halloween will be off the chain with this Adult Gold Large Link Chain Necklace. Add some bling to your old-school look with this larger-than-life accessory, the perfect finishing touch for any retro rapper costume and beyond! Whether you're busting a move at a costume party or a night out on the town, this jumbo faux gold necklace is sure to make your outfit pop. Complete with a lobster clasp closure, this bold chain will stay on no matter how wild your night gets. So get your best beats ready and finish off your look with this oversized chain for an edgy, show-stopping look no one will soon forget.
Adult Gold Chain Necklace
Whether you're dressing up as a pimp, a gangster, a disco dancer, or a monarch this year, you'll certainly be looking the part when you're wearing our Large Gold Chain. With this one, you will receive just the gold chain you need to accessorize in style. Featuring a long gold chain which you can wear around your neck, you are going to absolutely love sporting this piece of golden jewelry with your costume this year.
Kids' DC Comics The Flash Light Up Ring
ur kid will be the quickest one out of all their friends this year when you get them our The Flash Kids Light Up Ring Accessory! The Flash's ring serves one major purpose, to release the Flash's superhero suit so he can quickly transform from just a regular civilian to a totally wicked fast superhero who knows a thing or two about taking down bad guys. When your child has this stylish Flash ring on as part of their Flash costume, they'll be looking and feeling powerful as ever! After all, there's nobody in the world who is quicker than the Flash. With this great accessory, you will receive just the Flash ring your child needs to zoom around the entire Earth in less than a few seconds. Just imagine how many chores your tyke will be able to get done when they're as quick as the Flash! Featuring a golden yellow bulky ring with a lightning bolt emblem on the front, with the whole ring lighting up in activation, it doesn't get any better than this heroic piece of jewelry. Perfect with a whole variety of different Flash costumes, you bet your child is going to fall in love with this one. Whether your tyke is headed to a Halloween party, going trick or treating, or dressing up as superheroes with their friends, this ring is sure to be a hit. To really make it a special night your child never forgets, consider making it a DC Comics superheroes theme with all their friends. Thor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Green Arrow, and all the other great DC Comics good guys would make great companions when your child is dressed as the Flash. If you're looking for other awesome Flash gear and accessories, be sure to check our site for more options. Pick up your Flash ring today!
Adult Silver Clip-on Disco Ball Earrings
The 80s is calling - so pick up that landline and get disco-ready with the Adult Silver Clip-On Disco Ball Earrings! Featuring two big, shiny disco balls, these earrings are sure to make a statement when you hit the dance floor. No matter the occasion, you'll look like a disco queen (or king!) when you put on these sparkly spheres. Who knows what kind of moves you'll pull off?
Adult Adjustable Tie-on Jumbo Peace Necklace
Promoting peace and harmony is almost like a second job, but with these peace sign necklaces, you can get the message across with ease. It features a jumbo metal peace sign pendant with a rope necklace tie-on. This item is ideal for a hippie or go-go dancer costume.
Women's Black and Neon Earring and Necklace Set
Let your inner rock star come alive with this Women's Black and Neon Earring and Necklace Set. The perfect accessory to complete your bold 80's look, this eye-catching set is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. The chunky silhouette will add a touch of spunk to your costume, and the vibrant pink and green neon accents will make it pop. Made from durable, high-quality materials, this costume jewelry set will stay comfortable and secure for a whole night of rock and roll. Whether you're turning heads at the Halloween party or turning up the volume for a night out on the town, you can look like a million bucks without breaking your wallet.
Women's Black and Neon 1980's Bangle Bracelet Set
You'll be all ready for the 80's party this year when you get all dressed up with our Bangle Bracelet 80's Set. With this set, you will receive just the bracelets you need to really add a little life and color to your 80's look. Featuring a set of neon green, neon orange, neon pink, and black bangle bracelets that will pair great with the rest of your 80's attire, you won't want to miss out on these stylish accessories this year.
Faux Pearl Necklace
Dressing up as a 1920's flapper girl this year? Then don't forget to pick up our Faux Pearl Necklace. With this one, you will receive just the piece of jewelry you need to really make your outfit a giant hit at the costume party. Featuring a beautiful necklace arrangement of white faux pearls that will pair wonderfully with the rest of your Roaring 20's attire, you definitely don't want to miss out on this gorgeous necklace this year.
Beaded Purple Necklaces
Time to bring out your creative side with these stylish purple glossy beaded necklaces! With 50 necklaces included you can go crazy designing an over the top costume or simply add that finishing touch to a great outfit. Plenty of beads here for friends and family to dip into or to decorate the walls for a vibrant party!
Hoop Earrings
Looking for the perfect accessory for your Halloween costume? When you see the Hoop Earrings, you'll say, "Hoop, there it is!" Whether you're going as a pirate, gypsy, or disco diva, these gold clip-on earrings will add a touch of fun to your costume. You might even want to include them as part of your everyday wardrobe. Get the gold hoop earrings and your costume will be complete!
Adult Teeth and Skull Stone Age Necklace
Are you ready to get prehistoric and party like it's the Stone Age? We have just the accessory for you! The Adult Teeth and Skull Stone Age Necklace features rows of realistic-looking teeth with a detailed skull medallion, making it the perfect piece to complement your primitive look! Pair it with some matching caveman or cavewoman attire from our site for the coolest costume in all of (pre)history. Who knew that looking this cool would be so easy a caveman could do it?
70s Disco Ball Bracelet
You'll be the most stylish girl at the party this year when you put on our Disco Ball 70's Bracelet. With this accessory, you will receive just the disco bracelet you need to get everybody out there on the dance floor feeling the vibes. Featuring a fun bracelet with silver disco balls that shine and shimmer as you twist and shout and bust a move, you're going to love this fun and flashy accessory on your wrist.
Beaded Yellow Necklaces
Whether you're heading to Mardi Gras or just looking to dress up your Halloween costume you can't go wrong with the Multipack - Yellow Bead Necklaces! With your purchase you will receive 50 yellow beaded necklaces in a bucket. Buy yours today and then check our site for a variety of colored beaded necklaces!
Adult Gold Dollar Sign Necklace
Whether you're dressing up as a pimp or a gangster this year, you'll be exuding loads of style and confidence when you're wearing the Jumbo Dollar Sign Necklace around your neck. With this one, you will receive just the piece of jewelry you need to become the coolest guy or gal in any room. Featuring a plastic gold dollar sign medallion with a matching golden chain, you're going to love wearing this one around your neck.
Black Widow Necklace
Dressing up as a dark witch, sorceress, or vampiress this year? Then don't miss out on our Deluxe Black Widow Necklace. With this dazzling piece of jewelry, you will receive just the necklace you need to show the world that you know a thing or two about the dark arts. Featuring a black spider amulet adorned with dark crystals, you're going to absolutely love this special item with the rest of your costume this year.
Viking Necklace Accessory
Spruce up your Viking look in a big way this year when you get all dressed up with our Viking Necklace Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the necklace you need to head to battle while still looking stylish as ever. Featuring a silver amulet medallion with red faux jewels and intersecting war hammer designs, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this fierce Viking warrior look this year.
Beaded Blue Necklaces
Add some blue flare to your outfit! With 50 necklaces included you can go crazy designing an over the top costume or simply add that finishing touch to a great outfit. Plenty of beads here for friends and family to dip into or to decorate the walls for a vibrant party!
Women's Silver Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings
Channel your inner flower child with our Women's Silver Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings. This comfortable, light-weight set is just what you've been looking for to set your spirit free. Perfect for costume parties and festivals alike, this simple yet bold design will be your go-to accessory to finish off your hippie look or just spread your message of peace and love. You don't need to shout to be heard - let your jewelry do the talking! Stand up for what you believe in with this trendy, high-quality jewelry set that'll keep you feeling cool and confident wherever you go.
Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Choker and Bracelets
If you're going out as Harley Quinn on Halloween you'll need our Harley Quinn Choker and Bracelets Adult to finish up your costume! When you put on this sexy choker and bracelets combo your transformation into Gotham City's sexiest supervillain will be complete. Don't miss this essential Harley Quinn accessory!
Adult Gold Disco Fever 1970's Necklace
Going for a 70s-inspired look? We've got you covered. It'll be easy to get your groove on and boogie all night after sprucing up your costume with our Adult Gold Disco Fever 1970s Necklace! With its bold gold tone, this attention-grabbing accessory will instantly get you in the mood for a 70s-themed party or a night out at the disco. Definitely a must-have for those prone to boogying until they drop! Pair it with one of our 70s-style wigs or other retro accessories for a look that's worth grooving for.
Adult Black Studded Bracelet
Add a touch of edgy sophistication to your ensemble with this Adult Black Studded Bracelet from The textured black leather strap and gleaming silver-and-black studs create a bold yet versatile accessory. Whether you're aiming for a punk rock band member look or you’re dressing up as a motorcyclist for Halloween, this studded bracelet can make your costume look more edgy than before. Make a statement with its unique design and let your fashion sense shine. It’s comfortable, suitable for a wide array of costumes, and easy to take off when the night ends. What more could you want?!
Diamond Ring
Create a glamorous birthday celebration with this Faux Diamond RingIf your birthday girl wants to dress up and look extra pretty on her special day