Adult Dinosaur & Reptiles Costumes

If you're all about Jurassic Park, or you just want to walk a day in your pet lizard's shoes (metaphorically speaking), you'll find what you're looking for in this scaly selection. Our reptile costumes are a lot more comfortable than a real set of scales, so you can rest assured you'll feel as comfy in your choice of costume as you do in your own skin. You'll also stay warm in our reptile costumes, so if you're a little cold-blooded there's no need to worry about wearing these out on a chilly night!
Inflatable T-Rex Teen Costume
If your child wants to dress up as their favorite dinosaur this year, then don't miss out on our Teen Inflatable T-Rex Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your kid into the biggest and baddest dino on the block. Featuring a brown inflatable full body jumpsuit with attached arms and claws, a tail, and a large oversized T-Rex head with teeth, as well as a battery operated fan, they're going to love this one.
Men's T-Rex Inflatable Adult
Few moments in cinema history were as thrilling as the Tyrannosaurus rex reveal in the first film. It was a huge step away from the clunky claymation bodies from countless films before it, and it was the first time people had the chance to see what this massive, frightening animal might have REALLY looked like. Get ready to bring the most well-known dinosaur of all time to life with this T-Rex Inflatable Men's Costume! It's an inflatable getup that's both comfortable and eye-catching, and it even comes with a battery operated fan to help you stay cool while you stomp around at the Halloween party. Your friends and family will be impressed by the quality of your getup, and the kids will be amazed that they finally get to hang out with a T-Rex!
Adult Velociraptor Inflatable Costume
Rawr! You will be the center of attention with the Adult Velociraptor Inflatable Costume. The outfit will make you tall and stick out from everyone else. Imagine a prehistoric item walking around the streets, it is going to be a sight to see! The costume includes a full body dinosaur costume with gloves that have a battery-operated fan. With this costume on, you can teach your kids about dinosaurs or just show them you still have a heart of a kid!
Adult Inflatable T-Rex with Sound Costume
This Halloween, release a giant roar when you put on the Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound. This fully inflatable costume features an open mouth T-Rex face bearing teeth, piercing yellow eyes, a few battlescars, and a long tail. You'll also receive a pair of T-Rex hand gloves which have within them the sound component to control the giant roar sounds you'll be delivering to all your friends and prey. Included also, is a battery operated fan to inflate your costume. When you enter the party as T-Rex, everyone is going to run in terror from you. You're the King of the Prehistoric Era. Pick up your Adult T-Rex Costume today, and this Halloween, have fun being on the top of the food chain!
Adult Crocodile Plush Costume
This costume is all about have a good time, but also posing as a mild threat! Lurk around corners, and jump out at friends for a scare! Also, have you ever seen a crocodile break it down on the dance floor? Well, that could be you doing the electric slide in crocodile costume! This costume includes headpiece and jumpsuit with attached hands and shoe covers.
Adult Inflatable Ride-A-Dinosaur Costume
Kick it back to the prehistoric ages this year when you put on our Inflatable Dinosaur Rider Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to jump atop the back of a giant dinosaur and ride your way to the party this year. Featuring a large green dino inflatable jumpsuit with attached brown rider legs, an electric fan, and a battery holder, you're not going to want to miss out on this fun get-up.
Velociraptor Adult Inflatable Costume With Sound
Head to the party wearing the Adult Velociraptor Inflatable Costume and you'll have everybody on red alert all night long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the scariest dinosaur in all the valley. Featuring a large green full body inflatable jumpsuit with attached legs, arms, a tail, and a head, as well as a battery operated fan and a roaring sound box, your kid is going to be stomping and roaring all day long with this one.
Adult Rugrats Reptar Inflatable Costume
Oh no, it's Reptar! Smash this Halloween with an awesome piece of nostalgia, right out of everyone's favorite animated series, Rugrats! The Adult Inflatabale Reptar will let you show off your love for this classic cartoon while also having a blast stomping around like a prehistoric monster. You'll feel like you've come right out of an old episode with this full bodysuit, which includes a battery operated fan built-in. The outfit itself is made from Polyester. Don't miss out on the chance to put a smile on the face of Rugrats fans, old and new.