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In the world of scary movie dolls, none take the cake quite like the one and only Annabelle. If you're on the hunt for some haunted Raggedy Ann fun this year, then you'll have a blast scanning our collection of Annabelle doll costumes, masks, and collectible figures. Find more of your favorite horror movie costumes and start spooking anyone who visits your home with these chilling horror items.

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NECA - The Conjuring Universe - 7 Scale Action Figure - Ultimate Annabelle (Annabelle 3)
NECA - The Conjuring Universe - 7" Scale Action Figure - Ultimate Annabelle (Annabelle 3)
NECA expands its horror collection with the second Ultimate figure in The Conjuring Universe line! The possessed doll Annabelle appears throughout The Conjuring Universe films and in her own spin-off movies. The fully posable figure stands approximately 6” inches tall (7” scale) and replicates the doll’s appearance in Annabelle Comes Home. It features a soft goods skirt and comes with interchangeable heads, her chair and museum doll case accessories. Display-friendly window box packaging with opening flap.
Women's Annabelle Costume - Deluxe
Women's Annabelle Costume - Deluxe
Show up to the party wearing the Deluxe Annabelle Doll Costume and you'll bring everybody's worst fear to life. There's not a soul on the planet who wouldn't freak out if one of their parent's old dolls came to life out of nowhere. With this creepy costume, you will receive everything you need to tap directly into that fear. Featuring a white gown dress with red accents, as well as an evil doll mask with a blonde wig, you're not going to want to miss out on this one.
NECA - The Conjuring Universe - 8 Clothed Action Figure - Annabelle
NECA - The Conjuring Universe - 8" Clothed Action Figure - Annabelle
Annabelle, the haunted conduit for demons to carry out their malevolent acts, is the newest release in the 8" Clothed action figure line. This possessed doll is fully poseable, donning a soft goods white dress and red rose belt. She comes with 2 interchangeable heads featuring a standard expression and a tattered, cracked portrait. Comes in window box packaging resembling her protective display case. Out of box collectors beware!
Adult Annabelle Annabelle Deluxe Costume
Adult Annabelle Annabelle Deluxe Costume
Walk into the party wearing the Deluxe Annabelle Doll Costume and take a count of how many people scream when they see you. It's going to be a lot! With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the world's creepiest demon-possessed doll. Featuring a white gown dress with red accents, an evil faux porcelain doll mask, and a matching blonde wig with pigtails, you're going to love wearing this sinister doll look this year.
Adult Annabelle 3: Annabelle Mask
Adult Annabelle 3: Annabelle Mask
Is there anything spookier than an evil doll that's been possessed by a dark and nefarious force? Of course not! This year, tap into this deep universal fear of dolls when you put on our Annabelle 3 Mask. Head to the party sporting this wicked mask and you bet everybody will be trembling in fear. Featuring a grayish skin doll mask with pink blush and wide open eyes, as well as a bright orange set of hair, you're going to have a ball with this evil doll mask this year.
Adult Annabelle Mask with Wig
Adult Annabelle Mask with Wig
Be a demonic doll in the Adult Annabelle: Creation Annabelle 2018 Halloween Masks with Wig! No one will want to play with you when you wear this creepy doll 2018 Halloween Masks and braided wig. Pair this 2018 Halloween Masks with a long white dress with red sash and you'll be dressed to kill. Conjure up a great Halloween when you wear the Annabelle 2018 Halloween Masks!