Adult Funny Costumes

When people remember the best costumes they've seen all year, they're going to think of the funny ones first! There's nothing like giving people a good laugh at an event to make the day memorable, so take a look at our funny costumes to see what your shtick is going to be this time. In one of our clown costumes, or a silly inflatable ride-on, there's no way you won't make your friends laugh!
Adult Bob Ross Painted Top
You'll be ready to film a how to video in seconds when you put on our Bob Ross Costume Top for a Halloween party! When you take out your paint set in this costume top, you'll feel like a master. Paint a bush in this costume top and all your costume party guests are going to be wowed. Plus, you won't have to worry about an uncomfortable costume when you have on this simple shirt!
Adult Sublimation Hot Dog Costume
Head to the party wearing the Hot Dog Adult Costume and you'll have everybody talking about frankfurters, wieners, and hotdogs all night long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become one of the most classic baseball game meals in town. Featuring a large and life-like hotdog tunic complete with a bun and a smothering of mustard, you're not going to want to miss out on this delicious hotdog look this year.
Adult Ride a Pig Costume
Wait...How many people are part of this costume? At first, people might think that there are two people, and that is for a good reason. But in reality, it's just you! How is that possible then? You enter the pig costume through the back, and give the illusion that you are riding on top of someone else. Interesting, right? Make a one of a kind entrance during your next festival, costume party, or even Halloween party with this unique costume! The costume has a 34'' pull up waist.
Adult Bacon Strip Costume
If you're a huge fan of breakfast, then you're going to absolutely love wearing our Adult Bacon Strip Costume to the party this year. With this fantastic set, you will receive everything you need to show the world just how much you love bacon. Featuring a life-like bacon print tunic that will have everybody drooling and hungry for bacon and eggs from the moment they catch sight of you, you're going to love sporting this one.
Adult Presidential Piggy Back Costume
You can have everyone hooting and hollering at this great costume. The Presidential Piggy Back Costume is a look that will have all eyes on you. The costume includes an inflatable jumpsuit with battery operated fan. Your president has your back on this one. Pick up the Presidential Piggy Back Costume for an original look that will turn heads.
Adult Sexy School Girl Red Costume
Enroll in the new high school and become the most gorgeous and popular transfer student it has ever seen or dealt with! Introducing the Sexy School Girl Red Plaid Costume. Getting an A" or better yet an "A+" in every single one of your classes without having to ever do any work and breeze through the semester since every single class has never been easier. In a costume such as this you might as well become the teacher's pet and they will gladly allow you to come in late and pull out your phone in the middle of lecture! You might as well become an honor roll student while you're at it and valedictorian of your graduating class! Make an everlasting impression at the Halloween party and charm others with your looks and this costume. And don't every worry about going to detention since no teacher or principal will be foolish enough to give you one."
Adult Queen Of Hearts Playing Card Costume and Crown
You'll be the strongest card in the deck this year when you put on our Adult Queen of Hearts Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a true Poker Queen who knows a thing or two about going all in on a hand. Featuring a foam printed Queen of Hearts tunic, as well as a golden crown with faux jewels, you are not going to want to miss out on this amazing royal look this year.
Adult Sublimation Muscle Shirt Costume
Skip the gym and get the tan and chiseled physique youve always wanted with this Adult Sublimation Muscle Shirt! Printed with a detailed muscular torso, this T-shirt shows off your bulging chest, rock hard abs, and boulder shoulders! This T-shirt is the perfect starting point for all sorts of different costume themes and ideas!
Adult Clown Costume
Head to the party wearing our Clown Adult Costume and you'll spread laughter and happiness all night long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the true life of the party wherever you go. Featuring a red, yellow, and blue jumpsuit with blue pom poms, a matching blue neck ruffle, and a red and yellow cone hat with a blue pom pom at the top, you are not going to want to miss out on this stylish and funky clown get-up this year.
Adult Spots The Clown Costume
Whether you're planning to entertain the kids at a birthday event or you just want a light ensemble for Halloween this year instead of the typical scary looks, you'll love the Spots the Clown Costume Adult for your upcoming get together. The exciting jumpsuit is a single garment that features colorful stripes on one side and similar polka dots on the other. A classic ruffled collar is attached to the top of the apparel. Purchase some magic tricks and other gags separately if you're going to be the main attraction at the birthday bash, or just buy an oversized pair of shoes and white gloves to wear to the Halloween get together. Take your kids trick or treating in this ensemble to get extra candy for putting on a good performance!
Adult Baby Blue Costume
You'll be crawling and babbling all night long this year when you get dressed up in our Blue Adult Baby Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a helpless little baby who needs to be picked up and taken care of. Featuring a blue and white polka dot bonnet, a matching bib, a white diaper and pin, as well as a big blue pacifier, you're going to love this adorable and hilarious look this year.
South Park Kenny Adult Costume
Make the costume party extra epic with this South Park Kenny Adult Costume! Fresh off the TV screen and into your festivities, this unmistakable character says few words but never fails to make a powerful impression with his many deaths! Including costume top and foam mask, this simple and versatile costume is perfect for South Park watch parties and costume parties alike! Show your love of those foul mouthed 4th graders with this incredible crowd-pleasing costume!
Adult Pizza Costume
If your Halloween celebration is a dinner party, they you should wear the Pizza Costume Adult. The one-piece outfit features a triangular tunic with an image of a slice, complete with crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. This yummy food was first made in the 1880s in Italy. Tomatoes had been brought to Italy from the Americas about 200 years prior, but it wasn't until someone thought to put it on flatbread that it began to become popular. The oldest known pizza recipe was called the marinara and it featured garlic, olive oil and tomatoes on top of flatbread. The Margherita recipe came a little later on and that included cheese, basil and tomato sauce and is similar to what we consider to be pizza today. Pepperoni toppings were an American addition.
Adult Ride In Camel Costume
Whether you're traveling across the blazing desert or just looking for a ride to the party, you're going to absolutely love wearing our Adult Camel Rider Costume this year. With this fun set, you will receive everything you need to hitch a ride on a camel and traverse your path in style. Featuring a large brown pull on pants stuffed camel costume with attached rider legs with sandals on the feet, you're going to love this desert themed get-up this year.
Adult Ride In Beer Buddy Costume
You'll be all ready for the party this year when you show up wearing our Adult Ride a Beer Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to hitch a ride to the party to get started on a night of pure fun and festivities. Featuring a pull on pants bearded beer man costume with an attached pair of blue rider legs with black shoes, you're going to have the night of your life wearing this one.
Adult Ride an Ostrich Costume
Go on a costumed journey to find the world's most beautiful animals! Purchase the Ride an Ostrich Adult Costume today and have fun! This incredible neutral toned one-piece jumpsuit comes with an attached ostrich. Wear boots or sneakers to complete the look. Also accessorize with gloves and a hat. All accessories are sold separately.
Adult Ride on Shark Costume
People are friends, not food, and we guess that is why this shark is giving you a lift. The Men's Ride on Shark Costume is an all-in-one pants outfit features a gray shark with a pair of legs on its shoulder. On back is a tail fin and a dorsal fin. Sharks have gotten a bad rap as man-eating predators, but sharks who attack usually do it in error and stop once they realize how bad people taste. These sea creatures live all over the globe. Some live in coastal regions, other in the ocean sea and in deep waters. There is even one species, the bull shark, that will swim in brackish and fresh waters. Costume is easy-to-wear, lightweight and fit most people who wear up to a 34-inch waist
South Park Cartman Adult Costume
South Park's resident troublemaker is at it again with this South Park Cartman Adult Costume! You will feel like a real beefcake in this foam mask and costume top combo! Celebrate everything about this Comedy Central classic with an instantly recognizable costume that will quickly become the life of the party! For over 20 years, the kids of South Park have been delighting TV viewers, and now it's time to bring that magic into the world of real life celebration!
Adult Zoolander Mugatu Costume
Transform into the ultimate fashion villain from the 2001 smash comedy with the Zoolander Mugatu Costume for Men. The costume includes a shirt, wig and goatee. The shirt features a high black collar and black cuffs and gray shirt with MUGATU printed across the front. The blonde wig and matching goatee make this costume perfect for any Zoolander fan! Jacobim Mugatu has been selected to perform the dastardly task of finding a model to brainwash and assassinate the new progressive-learning Prime Minister of Malaysia, which would allowed them to retain cheap child labor in the country. Of course, the actor Will Ferrell make the character extra memorable and super hilarious! Bring the LOLs and enjoyment to the party in this fun costume.
Adult Ring Master Costume
Become the best showman to ever do it this year when you put on our Ringmaster Costume. With this stylish set, you will receive everything you need to jump atop an elephant and get the whole crowd jumping on their feet. Featuring a red and black tailcoat with an attached white shirt front vest, a black bow tie, a cummerbund, and a pair of black pants, you're not going to want to miss out on this one.
Adult Joe Biden Mask
You'll be telling everyone what it's like to be the President of the United States this year when you walk into the party wearing the Joe Biden Mask. Divulge all the secrets of the White House and extraterrestrial UFO's all while wearing this fun political mask. Featuring a life-like Joe Biden mask with all of Joe's classic features and beaming smile, you're going to love this one with the rest of your presidential attire this year.
Adult Convict Costume
This Halloween, escape from prison and head straight to the party. No need to change when you're in the Adult Male Prisoner Costume. This high quality costume is classic prison garb: a black and white striped shirt, pants, and hat. You'll look like you just tunneled under the walls or hid in a laundry truck. Pick up cuffs, a ball & chain, or chain gang links each sold separately on our site. Shuffle around like you were just captured. Have a friend dress like a police officer for a great duo. Or pick up one of our sexy female prisoner costumes and go cuffed together as the hottest pair of inmates. Pick up some makeup from us and you can black out a few teeth and create some bruises on your face for a rougher prison look.
Adult Inflatable Banana Costume
Get everybody talking about their favorite fruits this year when you walk into the party wearing our Adult Inflatable Banana Costume, With this tasty set, you will receive everything you need to become a ripe and delicious banana who just wants to party. Featuring a bright yellow banana inflatable jumpsuit with brown tips on the top and bottom, you're going to have the night of your life all dressed up as a monkey's favorite fruit.
Adult Unisex Flat fried Egg Costume
If you want an original, hilarious costume for Halloween, look no further than the Flat-Fried Egg Adult Costume Unisex. This costume includes a realistic one-piece costume that looks like a fried egg complete with a yolk and browned edges. Fried eggs are popular breakfast food in English-speaking countries, but can be eaten at any time of day. There are a variety of fried egg cooking methods like ?sunny side up,? which means cooked only on one side, ?over easy,? which means cooked on both sides, and ?over well,? which means cooked on both sides until the yolk is solid. This costume is based on ?sunny side up? eggs. You can wear the costume with any dark colored outfit (not included). Also be sure to check out our selection of black heels, sold separately on our website. Go to your next Halloween party alone or with friends dressed in any of our other food themed costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website.
Adult Pumpkin Suit & Tie Large Costume
Head to the party wearing the Pumpkin Suit and Tie Costume and you'll be the most dapper guy in attendance. With this stylish set, you will receive just the Halloween themed tuxedo set you need to charm everyone you meet. Featuring a black suit jacket with orange jack o' lanterns printed all over, as well as a matching pair of pants and a neck tie, you're not going to want to miss out on this handsome look.
Adult South Park Cartman Costume
You'll be telling everyone you're "going home" this year when you pick up our Inflatable Cartman South Park. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become your favorite crude character from your favorite Comedy Central television show. Featuring an inflatable full body and face Cartman cartoon costume with a battery operated fan, you won't want to miss out on this hysterical look this year. Team up with Kyle, Stan, Timmy and the rest of the gang for your best night yet!
Adult Ride a Horse Pull-On Pants Costume
Ride the night away this Halloween with a costume that'll really net you some laughs. The Ride a Horse Pull-on Pants Adult Costume is a great wacky outfit, perfect for jokesters and those who just love not taking things too seriously. This product is made from Polyester materials. You can match the Ride a Horse costume with any number of tops, but particularly Wild West themed ones. The faux legs are a great addition, making it look like you're actually riding the horse while freeing your real legs up.
South Park Kyle Adult Costume
Go on down to South Park in style with this South Park Kyle Adult Costume! This costume top and foam mask combo puts you right into the mix with America's favorite foul mouth 4th graders! Perfect for any costume party or South Park watch party with friends, you can't go wrong with this comfortable classic look when you represent this long time crowd favorite Comedy Central cartoon! Make this a group theme when everyone dresses as their favorite South Park kid!
Adult Strawberry Costume
You'll be the ripest of the bunch this Halloween in this Adult Strawberry Unisex Costume that features a round, red bodysuit and strawberry stem hood. The bodysuit is printed with seeds and features a leaf-lined collar. This sweet treat will make everyone think of something other than candy this Halloween. And on this fall holiday, you'll have everyone remember the sweetness of summer in this bright and juicy fruit. For a humorous twist, pair this costume with our Giant Cartoon Hand Costume Accessory, sold separately on this website to finish off the giant strawberry look! You'll be the pick of the patch this Halloween in this Adult Strawberry Unisex Costume that is great for family friendly events and costume parties this year.
Adult Unisex Peas In A Pod Costume
The Unisex Adult Peas in a Pod Costume is a creative yet versatile Halloween costume for singles, couples, men and women alike. This costume includes a face piece that looks like a pea, and an attached vest front that looks like a line of peas. The hooded pod tunic makes up the pod. If you're looking for a great couples costume, pick up another one and go as two peas in a pod. Or tell your friends to dress as other veggies and go to the party as a vegetable garden. This costume works for many different events, from family-friendly Halloween parties to school plays. It is unisex and fits up to a men's size large. You can wear this soft, comfortable costume with your own clothes underneath.