Hats & Headpieces

A costume party is the one place where it's not impolite to wear your hat inside, so make the most of it! Find the perfect hat to fit your costume, whether you need a crown, a formal top hat, or even a gangster's fedora. There's nothing like headwear to put you in the headspace of a time period or fantasy world, so don't skimp on the details with your hat! Top off your costume with the hat your look deserves.
Adult Black Tricorn Hat with Gold Trim
Make waves at your next costume party with this Adult Black Tricorn Hat with Gold Trim. With an adjustable drawstring for a secure fit, this comfortable hat will add an extra touch of class to any outfit. Whether you're attending a costume ball or taking a stroll around town, this light-weight hat with a sleek black finish and intricate gold trim will be the perfect timeless addition to your ensemble. From soldier to Minute Man, this versatile hat pairs well with a variety of costumes. It is made from premium, durable materials, so you'll always be ready to lead the way on your next adventure.
Adult White Old Time Night Stocking Cap
Don't let chilly weather take away from your costume or cosplay! The Adult White Old Time Night Stocking Cap will have you ready to roll into bed after a night of fun with friends, family, and guests. This white stocking cap for adults is constructed to fit snuggly on the head and finished with a white puff ball for additional style. Perfect for a night by the fire, a chilly walk, or even a holiday get-together, this hat will keep you snug and cozy. Slip on this soft, heavy wool sleeping cap for a timeless, classic look.
Black Spanish Inspired Cordobes Hat
You'll be ready for all kinds of adventure this year when you're sporting the Spanish Headpiece atop your head. With this one, you will receive just the hat you need to team up with all your best friends and crusade across the lands in search of treasure. Featuring an all black stylish hat with a black rope cord for ease of wear, you are going to have the time of your life when you are donning this great headpiece this year.
Adult Brown Patches and Straw Scarecrow Hat
Scare the heck out of some crows and channel some rustic charm with the Adult Brown Patches and Straw Scarecrow Hat. This hat will be your entry into a world of whimsical countryside appeal. With its pointy brown design, accented by green and yellow patches and dangling straw, you'll embody the spirit of harvest and whimsy. Whether you're celebrating autumn or simply aiming to add a touch of rural flair to your look, this scarecrow hat will give you an air of cozy charm, leaving you ready to capture hearts with your quaint allure.
Adult Brown Suede Cowboy Hat
Get ready to square dance with the Brown Adult Cowboy Hat. This stylish brown hat is made of man-made leather. The braided rope detail lends a true ranch hand feel. Complete your cowboy or cowgirl costume. Shop Halloween costumes and accessories online today.
Adult White Ship Captain Hat
You'll be going on all kinds of oceanic adventures and missions with your crew this year when you are wearing the Ship Captain Hat. Head to the party sporting this stylish hat and you'll be inviting everyone back to the boat before the night is through. Featuring a white and black captain hat with gold accents and detailing, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this fun and stylish look this year.
Adult Purple Tulle and Feather Decorated Witch Hat
Make a grand entrance this Halloween. Get the Purple Adult Hat with Feathers to match your larger-than-life persona! This purple cone hat comes with a blend of large purple feathers, all neatly tied to the band around the base of the hat. Cascading from the brim of the hat is some black tulle that'll make your looks even more spell-binding! Get it today with fast shipping!
Adult A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger EVA Molded Hat
Constructed from lightweight EVA foam and carefully molded to look just like Freddy Krueger's hat from the classic movie, Nightmare on Elm Street, this headpiece provides the perfect combination of comfort and durability. The Adult Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger EVA Molded Hat is a high-quality replica for those looking to get a scream out of friends, family, or party guests. A must-have addition to any Nightmare on Elm Street costume.
Autumn Scarecrow Hat Headband
If you're dressing up as a scarecrow this year, then you definitely don't want to miss out on our Autumn Scarecrow Hat Headband. With this one, you will receive just the headpiece you need to show all those pesky birds that they certainly don't belong out here in your crops! Featuring a black headband with an attached potato sack hat design with colorful patch accents, you are going to absolutely love sporting this one with the rest of your scarecrow attire this year.
Adult Yellow Fedora with Black Trim
Turn up the heat on your wardrobe with this Adult Yellow Fedora with Black Trim. From the office to the beach to the next Halloween party, this versatile hat is the perfect accessory to add a bit of class and style to any ensemble, for any occasion. This vibrant yellow hat is decorated with a satin black ribbon, just what you need to make a statement with a timeless look. Light-weight and comfortable, this hat is sure to stay put on your head through whatever adventures you have planned. Whether you're stepping into the shoes of a colorful gangster or your favorite jazz singer, choose a finishing touch that'll make your outfit pop.
Adult Black and White Stripe Mini Top Hat
Embrace character perfection with our Adult Black and White Stripe Mini Top Hat! Ideal for personas like the Joker, a circus ringmaster, or Beetlejuice, this accessory ensures you captivate all night. Flaunting a classic white and black striped design, it's accentuated with a bold red ribbon and a striking silver and black amulet decal. Not just a hat, it's an embodiment of flair and finesse. Place this unique piece atop your head and revel in the compliments that follow. Stand out and make a statement!
Adult Black Tricorn Pirate Hat
Looking for the perfect hat to pair with the rest of your buccaneer costume? Then don't miss out on our Adult Deluxe Pirate Hat this year. With this one, you will receive just the hat you need to become the pirate captain of the ship and lead your crew through the stormy seas. Featuring a black tricorn hat with silver button accents, you will be looking stylish as ever when you are sporting this great headpiece atop your head.
Pink Bunny Hood
You'll be feeling just like Louise from Bob's Burgers this year when you get all dressed up with our Pink Bunny Hood Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the headpiece you need to become a cute pink hoppin' bunny who just wants to have a good time with friends. Featuring a bright pink hooded headpiece with long pink bunny ears, you're going to be looking stylish as ever sporting this fun rabbit look this year.
Adult White Fedora with Black Trim
Show everyone who's boss with this Adult White Fedora with Black Trim. This timeless piece is a must-have accessory for any gangster or mob boss costume you're rocking this Halloween. This classic fedora is made from 100% wool and decorated with a silken black band of grosgrain ribbon, so you can look sharp and stay cool and comfortable through all your evil schemes. Add a touch of sophistication to your gangster look with this stylish hat, perfect for Halloween parties, themed events, and more! This sleek fedora is sure to bring out your inner Mafioso, so you can take on the night with power and confidence.
Adult Top Gun: Maverick Hat
Take your style to the skies this year! Nobody will be able to take you down when you're sporting our Adult Top Gun: Maverick Hat. With this look, you'll receive just the cap you need to do all kinds of tricks from behind the wheel of your fighter jet. Featuring a stylish black aviation cap complete with an embroidered patch, this costume will make you feel like a tried-and-true pilot! Pair with a matching Top Gun: Maverick costume from our site and your new look will be complete. From the braided brim to the adjustable tab, this must-have hat will fit you just right and keep you looking cool from takeoff to landing. You'll feel like a real ace in the cockpit!
Adult Green Alpine Inspired Tyrolean Hat
You'll be ready for all kinds of woodland adventures this year when you're wearing our Feathered Alpine Hat. With this one, you will receive just the hat you need to brave the wilderness and turn life into a natural fairytale. Whether you're dressing up as Peter Pan, Robin Hood, or any other forest explorer on a mission, you're going to absolutely love wearing this fun green hat with its red feathered accent along the side.
Black Sombrero Hat
You'll be blaring your trumpet and getting everyone on their feet at the fiesta this year when you show up wearing our Black Sombrero Hat. Perfect for a Mariachi band look or with any other Mexican inspired attire, you're going to have a blast sporting this stylish sombrero. Featuring an all black design with silver accents along the rim and the base, you can't go wrong when this perfect headpiece is atop your head this year.
Adult Black Wired Witch Hat
Take to the skies with your broomsticks this Halloween! Just don't forget to grab the most recognizable accessory in a witch's closet - this Wired Witch Hat Adult! The all black polyester hat has wires inside it to give it that curled and creepy look. It'll be an easy fit. Order it online today!
Adult Viking Inspired
Forget the 21st century and take a journey back in time with this Adult Viking Inspired Helmet. With this authentic-looking headpiece, you'll feel as fierce and bold as the fabled Norse warriors of the past. A symbol of strength and bravery, this show-stopping helmet will make you feel unstoppable. Whether you're attending a costume party or adding to your cosplay collection, this comfortable and secure helmet is the perfect accessory for any Viking costume to help you conquer the night in style. So gather your courage, get ready for battle, and make every day an adventure to remember with this legendary Viking helmet.
Adult Uncle Sam Stovepipe Hat
Celebrate in style with our Adult Uncle Sam Stovepipe Hat! The epitome of patriotism, this hat ensures you stand out, whether channeling Uncle Sam or simply showcasing your red, white, and blue pride. Boasting a tall silhouette adorned with red and white stripes and a blue band sprinkled with white stars, this hat is more than an accessory; it's a statement. Don this hat and become the embodiment of national spirit at any gathering. Don't miss out on this iconic piece!
Black and Multi-colored Sombrero
You'll have the most stylish hat at the party this year when you walk in wearing the Black and Multi-colored Sombrero. With this one, you will receive just the hat you need to spread a little magic and color and make everybody feel like they're at a fiesta. Featuring an all black sombrero with gold accents along the rim and base, as well as multi-colored designs for that extra flair, you're going to have the time of your life sporting this one.
Adult Light Up Santa Hat
Uh oh - Rudolph isn't gonna be happy about this. Now you can light up the night sky all on your own as you strut your stuff in our unique Adult Light Up Santa Hat! This bright red plushy Santa hat has a white faux fur trim adorned with embroidered Christmas lights that light up and a white pom at the hat's tip, making it the ultimate accessory to wear to the Christmas party. Pair it with a big white beard to become the jolliest old Saint Nick anyone has ever seen! Just be careful on your way down the chimney.
Adult Black Tulle Wizardly Witch Hat
Whether you're dressing up as an evil witch or a celestial wizard this year, unleash your magical aura with the Adult Black Tulle Wizardly Witch Hat. With its pointy design, adorned with a large black rose and an attached veil, you'll embody the essence of dark elegance and spellbinding charm. Whether you're brewing potions or simply aiming to add a touch of witchy allure to your look, this hat ensures you'll be the sorceress of style, ready to cast a captivating spell on all who cross your path.
White Satin Mini Sailor Hat
Complete any nautical look with the White Satin Mini Sailor Hat Adult. This accessory includes a small white sailor hat that attaches with a headband. You're sure to get noticed when you dock with this hat.
Adult Baby Shark Mommy Hat
Head to the party wearing the Adult Baby Shark Mommy Hat and you'll no doubt be every toddler's favorite person there. This pink and white shark face hat with an embedded sound chip that plays the original Baby Shark song is just the thing you need to get everybody singing and dancing to the beat of Baby Shark! Perfect for birthday parties, Halloween, or just some everyday fun, this hat will let you show off your exciting style and make some precious memories with your little ones this year.
Adult Tan Burlap Scarecrow Hat
You've got your heart, some courage, and (probably) a brain. Now how about the finishing touches for your scarecrow costume? This Adult Tan Burlap Scarecrow Hat will have you waltzing down the yellow-brick road in no time. Lightweight enough to keep you comfortable all night, but sturdy enough to stay in place, this burlap scarecrow hat will keep the pesky crows at bay while you enjoy your night on the town! Perfect for any costume, this hat is sure to give you the perfect scarecrow look! It's lightweight and soft to the touch, so you can keep your head cozy and comfortable all night long.
Adult White Sailor Gob Hat
Elevate your maritime style with the Adult White Sailor Gob Hat from Costumes.com. Crafted from 100% cotton, this classic hat is the ideal accessory for your nautical Halloween looks. Its wide brim offers sun protection, which is perfect if you live in an area that still has warm weather in October. Its breathable fabric ensures top-tier comfort on even the hottest days. Regardless of the weather, you can channel your inner sailor with this timeless design. The hat features a braided band and metallic buttons, allowing you to make a statement wherever your sea-faring journey takes you this Halloween.
Adult Day of the Dead Inspired Floral Headpiece and Veil
This intricate Adult Day of the Dead Inspired Floral Headpiece and Veil from Costumes.com adds vibrant colors and a traditional design to any costume. The cascading veil adds elegance. Embrace the festive spirit of the Day of the Dead with this joyful headpiece. It’s a symbol of remembrance and respect. Transform into a Day of the Dead Calavera Bride with this headpiece and veil set. You’ll also need a black dress with lace or ruffles and skeleton-printed gloves. Take a moment to paint an artistic sugar skull makeup design on your face, and prepare to turn heads all night.
Adult Thorned Crown
Whether you're dressing up for the costume party or the Church play, you will be looking holy as ever this year when you are wearing our Thorned Crown. With this one, you will receive just the crown you need to become the holy Son of God who died on the cross. Featuring a brown twig-like crown of thorns that will pair perfectly with the rest of your Jesus Christ attire, you definitely do not want to miss out on this religious accessory this year.
Adult Black Satin Classic Witch Hat
If you are looking for that one item that will have everyone wondering where you bought such a cool party supply from, then look no further. Wholesale Halloween Costumes allows you to transform into a creepy old witch with just a few clicks of your mouse. Ride on your broomstick all over the bash and cut to first in line at the spiked punch table. It's going to be wicked!