Head on down to the Smurf Village and celebrate the color blue in style this year when you’re all decked out in one of our costumes based on the classic cartoon.

From Papa Smurf to Brainy Smurf to Smurfette, we have all of the fun aqua blue Smurf get-ups you need to show everyone why being a little blue humanoid has its perks. Chomp on Smurfberries and skip your way through town as you take in the marvelous mushroom architecture of Smurf Village. Perfect for dressing up with friends and family, the Smurfs are always stronger when they’re together as a tribe. And when you get your pet in on the action with our Smurfs pet costume, your dog will be grinning from blue ear to blue ear!

From Halloween to blue-themed birthday parties to classic cartoon watch parties, our collection of Smurf costumes has everything you need to prove why being blue is actually pretty cool.