Are you yourself strange and unusual? Our lineup of Beetlejuice costumes and accessories is perfect for any weirdo looking to transform into characters from the beloved Tim Burton comedy/horror film.

Become the ghost with the most by donning his black-and-white striped suit and crazy white hair. Your friends and family won't have to say "Beetlejuice" three times to feel like they're being visited by the iconic undead movie character.

Feeling the love? You can also become Beetlejuice's bleak bride-to-be, Lydia Deetz (of sound mind), with our costume featuring her red tulle dress and veil.

If a ghost and his not-so-willing bride aren't your ideal couple's costume, you and your better half might like our Adam and Barbara masks. They're perfect for scaring off new, unwanted roommates... if they can see you, that is. So don your bedsheets and grab your Handbooks for the Recently Deceased - it's... SHOWTIME!

From Halloween to cosplay events to séances in your haunted house, our lineup of Beetlejuice Costumes for kids and adults will have you jumping to the front of the line in costume parties in the afterlife.