Spiders & Webs Decor

Your neighbors are going to be wondering if you need an exterminator when they see your house covered in spiderwebs this Halloween! Your haunted house will certainly ensnare anyone who sees it with the freak factor of these creepy spiderwebs. The spiders who live in those webs can range from silly to downright scary, so choose wisely who you want lurking on your roof and your front porch. Greet the trick or treaters with a whole swarm of these pals and they'll get a spidery scare they'll never forget!
Giant Wickedly White Super Spiderweb with 4 Spiders - 60 Grams
What is the ultimate way to spookify an area? Add some spiderwebs of course! With this White Spider Webbing, you can make anywhere into an instant haunted house. This package includes white webbing that stretches over 13 feet and 4 plastic spiders. Beware! There will be screams when people encounter this sea of spiderwebs!
Drop Down Spider
Oh you're gonna get all your friends and guests good this year when you decorate your home with our Dropping Spider Prop! With this spooky spider item, you will receive just the prop you need to bring a spider on the prowl right into your very own home. Featuring a gold spider with long black legs that drops down unexpectedly with light up eyes and scary audio, you're not going to want to miss out on this one.
12 Foot White Fabric Spider Web Yard Decor
This Halloween, you'll have the spookiest house on the block, guaranteed! Our 12 Foot Spider Web Fabric Prop will make it look like a giant arachnid has taken up residence at your place. This decoration includes a large 12' gray fabric spider web prop that you can put up anywhere in your yard or porch - perfect for drawing the attention of trick-or-treaters (and maybe even some real spiders!). Make your home the talk of the town this Halloween and grab this awesome decoration now!
20 Inch Shaking Spider Girl Light Up Animated Prop
Prepare for a bone-chilling Halloween experience with our 20 Inch Animated Light-up Shaking Spider Girl Prop. This terrifying prop will have your guests and trick-or-treaters fleeing from your porch in sheer terror. Picture a demonic doll face with piercing red eyes and fiery orange hair perched upon the body of a menacing black spider. To intensify the scare factor, we've added shaking functionality that will send shivers down anyone's spine. This nightmarish creature decoration is a must-have for those who seek spine-tingling thrills and screams this Halloween. Make your home the epicenter of fear with this hair-raising prop.
36 Inch Floating Spider Animated Prop
A classic creepy crawly is a great way to add more to your night of Halloween fun. The 36 Animated Floating Spider has the right number of legs, but it's far, far bigger than any other spider you've ever seen. Unless you know something we don't. You can pose the spider's legs just how you want, and you can also place it anywhere that will create the best look. Hanging from the ceiling, on a table, or anywhere else.
Giant Spider Web Decoration
One of the biggest fear in the worlds is of spiders, so why not tap into that fear with your spooky house decorations this year with our Big Spider Web Decoration? With this one, you will receive just the spiderweb prop you need to make it look like a gigantic spider has made your house into its home. Featuring a giant spider web decoration that will attached to your lawn and your roof, you don't want to miss out.
Giant Green Glow Super Spiderweb with 4 Spiders - 60 Grams
The only thing creepier than spider webs are spider webs that glow with an eerie green glow. The Green Glow Spider Webbing does just that. It's enough webbing to cover a room and when the lights are out it glows in the dark.
16 Foot White Customizable Elastic Spider Web Yard Decor
Get ready to have all the trick or treaters thinking they've just stepped into a real-life spider's nest when you decorate your lawn with our 16 Foot Long Customizable Elastic Fabric Web! This one-of-a-kind prop will transform your yard into the most spooky scene you've ever seen. Our white elastic 16' web stretches across trees, bushes, and anywhere else you can think of to create a creepy spider's home. It's perfect for Halloween decor and you're going to love it! Make your home the scariest on the block with this awesome spiderweb decoration!
8.5 Foot Gigantic Poseable Spider Prop
Get ready to creep out your guests this year with the 8.5 Foot Wide Gigantic Black Spider Prop. This oversized spider prop will make a perfect addition to your Halloween decorations and is sure to give everyone a fright. Featuring a giant black and gray spider with red eyes, this 8.5' wide prop will be the talk of the town. Place it out on the lawn or by the bushes and watch as everyone takes a step back! Get your spooky spider prop today and make this Halloween one to remember.
15 Piece Spider and Web Pack
If you're looking to add a little spider silk to the home this year, then you can't go wrong with our Spider Web Set - 15 Pieces. With this set, you will receive a whole arrangement of spider webs to decorate both the indoors and outdoors, as well as 15 black spiders to really spook your guests. Nothing is worse than running into a spiderweb, so be sure to tap into that fear with your decorations this year with this great set!
12 Foot White Light Up LED Spider Web Yard Decor
Get ready to make all your trick or treaters shriek in fear this year with our 12 Foot Spider Web Light-up LED Yard Prop! This spine-chilling piece of decor is sure to make everyone believe there's a giant spider lurking somewhere on the property. The package includes a 12' rope web with 99 LED bulbs, a remote, a gutter hook, 5 ground stakes, and 1 cord so it's easy to set up and you'll be ready to start haunting in no time!
40-inch Spider Skeleton Prop
Considered one of the most frightening creatures of the animal kingdom, the spider has long been a nightmarish menace. Check out this 40" Skeleton Spider for a lesson in the horrific aspect of the spider. Put one of these guys on your porch or a nightstand and watch how others freak out! This eight-legged skeletal spider will surely be one ghoulish delight this Halloween. Order one online today!
Giant Black Widow Super Spiderweb with 4 Spiders - 60 Grams
There's no easier way to decorate for Halloween than with Giant Super Webs. This Spider Web with 4 Faux Spiders has everything you need to create a freakishly scary haunted house! This kit includes a white spider web that stretches 13 feet and and 4 plastic spiders to intricately scatter throughout the webbing. Trick or treaters will be leery to approach your house when you decorate with this Spider Web with Faux Spiders Decoration Kit!
Spider Web Rope
Pick up this 25" Spider Web Rope, and spookify your house in no time! Hang it inside in your living room, out on your porch, or on the tree on your lawn. This spider web prop looks great anywhere! Add some spiders and bugs to the web for some extra scares and spooks, or even buy a few of these webs and tie them all together for a truly haunting decoration. Pick up your Spider Web Rope today, and make your house the most haunting one on the block.
Giant Wickedly White Super Spiderweb with 12 Spiders - 240 Grams
Looking for a simple way to add spooky spirit to your home this Halloween? The Giant White Spiderweb with 12 Spiders is a creepy-crawly delight! This stretchy white webbing comes with 12 black plastic spiders and is the perfect decoration for a Halloween party. Inspire arachnophobia when you decorate with this huge spiderweb!
5 Yards Green Tulle Spider Web Decoration
Nothing finishes up a scary entrance to your Halloween party like this 5 Yards Green Tulle Spider Web Decoration. Its green tulle material blends in perfectly in the darkness, so it won't be missed by your unsuspecting guests. Drape it around doorways, windows, furniture, and more for an easy and spooky Halloween addition. With its spider web accent design, this tulle fabric adds the perfect amount of spookiness to any room or space. Pick up yours today, and then scan our site for more great Halloween decorations and props to pair with!
8 Foot Black Camouflage Net Decoration
Spice up any space with this 8 Foot Black Camouflage Net Decoration. Let your imagination run wild with this versatile piece of decor. Hang it in your living room for epic family movie nights, add it to your bedroom for a comfy secret hideaway, or use it as a stage set for your next play or skit. Let the camouflage of this net blend in and take your event to the next level. Whether you're decorating for Halloween or just looking to create a cool camo or hunter theme for your child's b-day party, this one is sure to please.
4 Foot Friendly Spider Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decor
Get ready for Halloween and make your lawn stand out with this awesome 4 Foot Light-up Friendly Halloween Spider Inflatable! Even spider-phobes won't be able to resist this friendly-looking black and orange spider with a purple hat and an adorable smile. It's easy to set up too - just use the heavy duty fan, ropes, and yard stakes included. And the best part? It's equipped with a light so you can enjoy the sweet spookiness at night. Don't miss out on this one!
Giant Purple Glow Super Spiderweb with 4 Spiders - 60 Grams
Create a show-stopping Halloween display this year featuring spiders as the main star. The Giant Purple Glow Super Spiderweb with 4 Spiders - 60 Grams will make an unforgettable impression. Impress your fellow costumed-goers with four spiders that light up in a brilliant purple glow. The 60-gram web will give off a realistic and spooky effect that will stay in your guests' memories forever. Perfect for stringing together all your Halloween decorations and adding that extra spooky spider touch, you can't go wrong with this one of a kind fearsome decoration. After all, who isn't afraid of spiders!
Giant Wickedly White Super Spiderweb with 4 Spiders - 138 Grams
Most of the world is afraid of spiders, which is why the Giant Wickedly White Super Spiderweb with 4 Spiders - 138 Grams is a homerun Halloween decoration for spooking all your guests and neighbors! With this scary item, you will receive just the giant spiderweb you need to get the front lawn looking haunted as ever, or for even sprucing up the living room or dining area with some extra horror. Complete with 138 grams of white webbing as well as 4 spiders for some added fear factor, you can't go wrong with this creepy decoration. Pick up yours today, and go make this Halloween a frightful night your guests will never forget!
Black Hairy Spider Poseable Prop
Everybody is afraid of spiders, which is why adding the Black Hairy Spider Poseable Prop to your home this year will make the perfect addition to your Halloween or spooky decor. With this fun item, you will receive just the bendable black hairy spider you need to scare all your guests and trick or treaters in a flash. Whether you dangle this spider on the front door, in the living room, or in the kitchen while everyone is sitting down for a meal, you bet you'll be hearing a couple screams this year with this one. Pick up yours today, and then check our site for more spooky props!
5 Foot Black Rope Spider Web Yard Decor
Transform your home into a spooky spider's nest this Halloween season with our 5 Foot Black Widow Spider Web Rope Prop. If you're searching for a decoration to really scare the trick-or-treaters, this one's a must-have! After all, who isn't afraid of spiders?! This black 5-foot web is pre-knotted and ready to hang - you can get creative and hang it from your lawn, a tree, or even on your porch. Get ready to make a statement this Halloween and buy your prop decoration today!
10 Inch Long Dropping Spider
Hang the 10 Dropping Spider Prop on your front porch or in the doorway to your Halloween party to give guests and trick-or-treaters a jump scare! While this black spider isn't frightening or gory in and of itself, the fact that it suddenly drops down from the ceiling to say hello makes it as good for scaring as any other horror prop. It's covered in an all-black fabric and has four straight legs on either side of its body. Two white ovals act as eyes on this black arachnid.
20.5 Inch Spider Skeleton Prop
Spiders are creepy enough as it is, but when you see a spider made of bones? Well, that just takes it to a whole other level. Your house will be looking super spooky this Halloween when you decorate with our Skeletal Spider Prop - 20.5". Perfect for the porch, the living room, or anywhere else you want to add a little extra scare value, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your skeleton spider prop today, and go make this Halloween a real haunted night to remember!
8 Foot Green Spider Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decor
Spiders are one of the classic fear items, which means they're one of the classic additions to your Halloween decorations. Anybody who's ever been creeped out by a spider will have something to fear from the 8 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Green Spider. No one will miss this long, wide spider that includes an LED light to make its body glow green and its eyes glow red. Watch out for the web while trick-or-treating it's going to be a big one.
Giant Wickedly White Super Spiderweb with 2 Spiders - 42.5 Grams
Make your house feel like a spider's playground this year when you decorate with our White Spider Webs - 1.5 oz. With this set, you will receive all of the silky webs you need to really make your home feel like a haunted tomb. Featuring a set of white webs which are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorating, as well as 2 included spiders for that extra scary touch, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one.
3.5 Ft Posable Spider
This is one creepy crawly that you'll definitely have fun playing with. The fearsome Posable 5ft Spider is an arachnid themed prop that will help you really create some spooky atmosphere for your Halloween party. It's posable so have fun putting it into all sorts of attack stances. Your guests will be shrieking all night long since there's just no telling just where this scary spider prop will show up next.