Put up your animatronic decorations and let them do the rest! There's nothing like kicking back knowing that your house is the spookiest place on the block without you having to lift a finger. The kids are going to crowd around your animated decorations trying to figure out if they're real, since the animations on our props are so smooth they really look like hands reaching out of the ground, or witches flying by on their broomsticks!
3 Foot Slashing Bat Light Up Animated Prop
Is your goal to scare your trick-or-treaters, or perhaps to scare the guests as they walk into your party this Halloween? Then this Creepy Hanging Bat Animated Prop is perfect for you! Hang this bat and watch as its eyes flash red, and it causes a jump from each person who dares to walk by. Use this in combination with many of our other props, and you could give anyone who ventures by your house a fright to remember this Halloween!
12 Foot Ghostly Reaper Light Up Animated Prop
October and Halloween to be precise is the time of spooky apparitions and otherworldly visitors. Use the 12 Ft. Light Up Ghostly Reaper to add a huge, scary character to your next time of costume fun. This immense ghoul will draw everybody's attention, even if they think they aren't easily scared. It even lights up, so it's the perfect addition to the outdoor decorations among haunted graves, creaky old trees, and zombies clawing up out of the ground.
6 Foot Hanging Mummy Light Up Animated Prop
Get ready to turn your house into a graveyard this Halloween with our 6 Foot Animated Light-up Hanging Mummy Prop! It'll be the perfect frightful touch to your decorations, and you can count on it to make all your trick-or-treaters scream with fright! This undead corpse is covered in brown tattered robes with light up features and red glowing eyes. It's so spooky you'll be amazed. Hang it from a tree or porch and get ready to have a truly haunted Halloween this year!
20 Inch Shaking Spider Girl Light Up Animated Prop
Prepare for a bone-chilling Halloween experience with our 20 Inch Animated Light-up Shaking Spider Girl Prop. This terrifying prop will have your guests and trick-or-treaters fleeing from your porch in sheer terror. Picture a demonic doll face with piercing red eyes and fiery orange hair perched upon the body of a menacing black spider. To intensify the scare factor, we've added shaking functionality that will send shivers down anyone's spine. This nightmarish creature decoration is a must-have for those who seek spine-tingling thrills and screams this Halloween. Make your home the epicenter of fear with this hair-raising prop.
3 Foot Hanging Witch Light Up Animated Prop
Hang this witch anywhere and watch how intruders are scared away! She measures 36 inches long and 30 inches wide. She's sure to have a presence. Batteries are not included, but are required to unleash her terror. Add this light up witch to any Halloween Decor and see what kind of fright she brews.
4 Foot Flying Dragon Light Up Animated Prop
Whether you are going for a Deanery's vibe or just a Knights of the Round Table theme, you are going to get everyone feeling like they are in a fairy tale when you put up this Animated 47" Flying Dragon Decoration for your Halloween display. This dragon is going to move and breathe fire like all your favorite Harry Potter monsters, so get ready for the trick or treaters to be playing around with this all night long!
Animated Tall Slim Man
Have everybody think twice before they come to your door this year when you decorate your home with our Tall Animated Slender Man Prop. With this terrifying decoration, you will receive just the prop you need to become one of the world's most haunting figures to life out on your very own porch or lawn. Featuring a tall Slender Man prop with a light up head and a body that moves side to side with accompanying audio, you're going to love this freaky look.
36 Inch Floating Spider Animated Prop
A classic creepy crawly is a great way to add more to your night of Halloween fun. The 36 Animated Floating Spider has the right number of legs, but it's far, far bigger than any other spider you've ever seen. Unless you know something we don't. You can pose the spider's legs just how you want, and you can also place it anywhere that will create the best look. Hanging from the ceiling, on a table, or anywhere else.
9-inch Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl
What is a classic trick that never gets old? The moving hand in the candy bowl. Kids want the treat so badly, they're willing to take their chances with the roulette-style game of this animated feature. Not only will the hand move to "grab" the offender, it also makes eerie sounds. You just can't wait to take this little treasure out of the cabinet every year to offer up delights to those brave enough to ring your doorbell. And, every year, the kids swear to themselves they won't be surprised by it, but guess what? It gets them every time! That's what I call a good trick.
Drop Down Cleaver
Looking for a prop that will scare all the trick or treaters in a flash? Then look no further than our Dropping Cleaver Prop. With this one, you will receive just the prop needed to really send shivers up everyone's spines. Featuring a bloody arm gripping to a silver cleaver, when the animation begins the cleaver drops unexpectedly making sure everyone in vicinity runs away and screams! Perfect for scaring trick or treaters, you're going to love this one.
4 Foot Skeleton Mummy Groundbreaker Light Up Animated Prop
Get ready for a night of the undead this Halloween when you decorate your lawn with our 46 Inch Lifesize Mummy Groundbreaker Prop! This spooky prop will make it look like the cemetery has come alive on your own turf - it's an incredible one-of-a-kind decoration. It features a 46" mummy prop with tattered fringe fabric and a creepy face with glowing purple eyes and a sinister smile. Don't miss out on this unique mummy prop this year. You won't regret it!
7.5 Inch Crawling Monster Hand Animated Prop
Looking for a unique way to give your guests the creeps this Halloween? Look no further than our 7 Inch Animated Crawling Monster Hand Prop! This creepy prop looks just like Frankenstein's severed hand has taken up residence in your home. It features a green fabric covered hand with blood and stitch accents, as well as a spooky crawling animation that will have your friends and family jumping out of their skin. With this prop, you're sure to have a frightfully good time!
3 Foot Flying Reaper Animated Prop
Don't fear the reaper? Yeah right! When it's as spooky as this Animated Flying Reaper, you have all the reason in the world to turn tail and run! The three-foot tall reaper wears a black, tattered robe that exposes his skeletal chest, bony hands, and grinning skull face! His black wings are four feet wide and have shredded edges, making it look like he's been through a few plagues. He looks creepy enough hanging from your porch; let someone make a loud noise by him, though, and he'll start going after them! His wings will flap as he turns his head to find his next victim with his flashing yellow eyes. Pop him up in a tree or slip him in the corner of your room for a cute touch.
2 Foot Hanging Zombie Man Light Up Animated Prop
Yes, it's true the time of creeps and scares is here again. Don't be outdone when your guests are on their way. Get the 2 Foot Hanging Zombie Man to add a prop that will have everybody looking over their shoulder, even if they're dressed up as the strongest heroes out there. This prop is animated, which means it will move around to keep people on their toes. Outside or inside, he's going to be the thing they look out for.
6 Foot Hanging Cocoon Corpse Animated Prop
This mummy monster is shaking violently to try and break out of its cocoon! The 72 Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop is a great prop to hang from a roof or porch as an external decoration. The 72 Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop shows a skeleton monster hanging upside down and wrapped in a sheer fabric cloth like a mummy. The shaking motion effects make this prop come alive! Terrify trick or treaters and have your home reflect your Halloween spirit with spooky props like this. The 72 Shaking Cocoon Hanging Prop will make your house the scariest on the whole block!
7 Foot Ghostly Gentleman Animated Decoration
Be amazed by this 7 Foot Ghostly Gentleman Animated Decoration! At seven feet tall, this haunting figure will be unmissable from a distance. Show your neighbors who has the most ghastly house on the block. Every detail is incredibly realistic, from the fabric clothing to the colorful lights to the creepy way this ghoulish guy moves and talks. With its towering presence and animations, this spirit in a top hat is sure to leave a lasting impression on each one of your guests. Get ready for some spooktacular fun and go pick up yours today!
5Ft Animated Faceless Nurse
Looking for a truly terrifying prop to scare your guests with this year? Then look no further than our Faceless Nurse Animated Prop - 5'. With this haunting hospital prop, you will receive just the figure you need to let everyone know that if they need help, they should run the other way. Featuring a scary face nurse with a blood stained hospital get-up holding a knife, her eyes light up and the body moves side to side when the animation begins making for an extremely creepy vibe.
15-inch Spooky Cat Skeleton Decoration
Your house will be looking truly purrfect this year when you decorate with our 15-inch Spooky Cat Skeleton Decoration. If you're a cat lover and a fan of the dark and macabre side of life, then this spooky prop is sure to please. Featuring a dark black skeletal curled up cat with bright red glowing eyes, this little feline looks like it emerged from the underworld. Whether you decide this is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat is entirely up to you. Either way, it's sure to scare your guests! Pick up yours today, and then check our site for more of your ghoulish decor needs.
4.5 Foot Welcome Witch Banner Light Up Animated Prop
Get ready to welcome all your trick or treaters this year with our 53 Inch Animated Light-up Door Hanger Witch w/ Welcome Banner! Whether you're looking to add a spooky vibe to your home or just want to make sure your guests know right away that your house is loaded with candy, this light up animated witch prop is sure to do the trick. With a bright orange banner saying "Welcome" in spooky font, held by an evil, green-skinned witch with glowing red eyes and a big black pointy hat, your house will be the most haunted one on the block this year!
20 Inch Kicking Scarecrow on Swing Light Up Animated Prop
This Kicking Scarecrow on Swing is just the right touch for your Halloween lawn decor. This sound activated prop features light up eyes, kicking legs and laughing sounds. Measures 44"L x 15"W. Requires (3) AA batteries (not included).
2.5 Foot Creepy Clown Light Up Animated Prop
What do you get when you combine clowns and dolls? An absolute horror show, that's what! This Halloween, when you pick up our Light Up Animated Creepy Clown Prop w/ Doll - 3', you will receive just the spooky prop you need to really send the trick or treaters running this year. Featuring a black and white dressed evil clown with glowing red eyes holding a doll in hand, it doesn't get much creepier than this. Buy yours today!
10 Inch Long Dropping Spider
Hang the 10 Dropping Spider Prop on your front porch or in the doorway to your Halloween party to give guests and trick-or-treaters a jump scare! While this black spider isn't frightening or gory in and of itself, the fact that it suddenly drops down from the ceiling to say hello makes it as good for scaring as any other horror prop. It's covered in an all-black fabric and has four straight legs on either side of its body. Two white ovals act as eyes on this black arachnid.
3.5 Foot Mummy Groundbreaker Light Up Animated Prop
Halloween has always been the one day of the year when the dead get a second chance on earth. This Animated Groundbreaker Mummy is taking advantage of that. We think it is looking for some company in the afterlife, so be wary. Order today and add this mummy to your Halloween collection.
17 Inch Severed Arm Animated Prop
Need a hand? The 17 Severed Shaking Arm will make sure you have all the help you need when creating a Halloween party that has plenty of perfect scares. Leave this arm lying around or use it to recreate one of the classic gags when guests shake your hand, they'll be able to pull it right out. It will leave them shocked, of course, but it's all right. It's just a prop, one that you'll lose to use over and over.
5 Foot Standing Fortune Teller Animated Prop
We see a fun Halloween in your future! Start with the 5-foot Animated Lights & Sound Standing Fortune Telling Witch. It's got motion, light and sounds and it is a life-size 5 foot tall witch. Amaze and frighten all your party guests with the eerie creature.
4 Foot Skeleton Groundbreaker Light Up Animated Prop
This Animated Groundbreaker with Chains is the perfect scary touch for your front lawn. This sound activated prop features sound and the head turns 180 degrees. Measures 16"L x 40"W. Requires (3) AA batteries (not included).
20 Inch Flying Crow Light Up Animated Prop
No witch's lair or haunted house is complete without an Animated Flying Crow, so get this familiar for your porch ASAP! After all, who's going to bring you messages from your witchy friends around the neighborhood, or help you find ingredients for your potions, if not this cute but spooky little crow? With this guy flapping around your house, you're going to have everything you need to scare the living daylights out of the trick or treaters.
6 Foot Lifesize Flying Witch Light Up Animated Prop
Get a solid jump scare out of anyone with this motion activated Animated Lifesize Flying Witch! Passers-by are greeted to a cackling witch with light up eyes turning her head back and forth and saying things like "Beware! I wouldn't go in there!" Made of high-quality and durable materials this animated model is a great focal piece for your family's haunted Halloween decorations! Includes three AA batteries! Shop our entire selection of frighteningly fun Halloween decorations for the home! Beat the Halloween Rush when you order your Animated Lifesize Flying Witch online today!
4.5 Foot Zombie Groundbreaker Light Up Animated Prop
Why is everyone screaming? The guy just needed some fresh air! Set up an Animated Groundbreaker Zombie with Lights and Sound to make it look like you've got one heck of a pest problem. Each moving prop is modeled after the upper torso of a fully grown man. He's wearing the shreds of a business suit and is covered in stains (we hear that dry cleaners are hard to come by in the Underworld). He has pale, thin skin and a distorted face twisted to the side, his mouth open in an angry snarl. Let someone walk past him and he'll begin turning his head to look for them! His eyes light up to help in the search. Perfect for Halloween graveyards.
Red Demon Animated Prop
Your house is going to look like the underworld this year when you decorate with our Animated Red Demon Prop. With this one, you will receive just the freaky decoration you need to really let your guests know that danger lurks everywhere and to beware. Featuring a tall black demonic figure with a red glowing skull and rib cage, an animated circular torso movement, and accompanying spooky audio, you're going to love this scary prop.