Candy Bowls

Orange Pumpkin Pail
Looking for a classic pail for storing candy this year? Then look no further than our Pumpkin Orange Pail. With this one, you will receive a bright orange pail with a black jack o lantern face printed on the front with a black handle. Perfect for leaving candy out on the porch for the trick or treaters or for your kids while they're trick or treating themselves, you don't want to miss out on this one.
8 Inch The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Candy Bowl
Show the Trick-or-Treaters something this year that will really put the fright into them with the Jack Skellington Candy Bowl. Coming in at 8?, this bowl is inspired by the classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Featuring the terrifying grinning face of the film's lead, this product will show everyone just why the Pumpkin King runs things in the town of Halloween. The bowl is a bony and distinctive shade of white, and is composed of Polypropylene. This'll scary the living daylights out of them!
8-inch Black Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket
Looking for the perfect candy holder to leave out for the trick or treaters this year? Then look no further than our Candy Cauldron Bucket. With this item, you will receive a large black witch cauldron prop which will pair perfectly with the rest of your outdoor Halloween decor. All you have to do is place your candy, chocolates, and sweets in this cauldron and leave it on the porch, and voila! You have a bunch of happy trick or treaters this year.
14-inch Black Witches Cauldron
It looks like a witch was cooking up some spells and magic in this spooky cauldron prop! The 14 Black Cauldron is a great Halloween decoration and is solid black with a standard cauldron design. Pair this prop with a fog machine, sold separately on our site, to create an eerie effect!
8-inch Skull Candy Bowl
This skull candy bowl can be spooky and fun. It's a great addition to your Halloween decor, but it's also good for giving out candy. It looks like a human skull. At 8 inches, it can hold a fair amount of treats. Careful though, it's watching how many you take.
9-inch Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl
What is a classic trick that never gets old? The moving hand in the candy bowl. Kids want the treat so badly, they're willing to take their chances with the roulette-style game of this animated feature. Not only will the hand move to "grab" the offender, it also makes eerie sounds. You just can't wait to take this little treasure out of the cabinet every year to offer up delights to those brave enough to ring your doorbell. And, every year, the kids swear to themselves they won't be surprised by it, but guess what? It gets them every time! That's what I call a good trick.
14.5-inch Superman Candy Bowl
When Superman is offering you candy, there's no way you can decline. With our Candy Bowl - Superman, you'll have even the most fit human in the world telling you candy should be eaten and enjoyed! Featuring a cute Superman figure with fists extended and a plastic bowl resting on his feet, you're going to have a blast gifting candy to the trick or treaters with this bowl. Or, alternatively, just leave this out on your dining room table and eat all the candy yourself! Don't worry, Superman approves.
Bugs Bunny Candy Bowl Holder
Eh, Whats up Doc? Seems like everyones favorite Looney Tune likes something sweeter than carrots! Let Bugs share your candy with your guests or trick-or-treaters with this Bugs Bunny Candy Bowl Holder. This candy bowl is over a foot in height and features Bugs Bunny holding a generously sized serving bowl while sitting atop a garden of carrots. This candy bowl is great for handing out Halloween candy and is sure to bring a smile to everyones face!
9-inch Black Pumpkin Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket
All the trick or treaters will have the haul of their lives this year when they come up to your door and see the 9-inch Black Pumpkin Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket filled to the brim with candies, treats, and sweets. With this one, you will receive just the black candy cauldron you need to really set a spooky scene for the little ones. Featuring a candy bucket in the shape of a cauldron with orange pumpkins and jack o lanterns printed all around, this magical little candy bowl is a real treasure on Halloween.
16-inch Black Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket
Get ready for some devilishly fun candy-gathering! This 16-inch Black Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket is perfect for Halloween. Its big size means you won't run out of treats, and its two sturdy handle straps make it comfortable and easy to carry no matter where you're placing it. Whether you're leaving a candy bowl on the kitchen table for your friends and family, or out on the porch for all your trick or treater guests, there's nothing more fun and exciting than grabbing a handful of sweets from a massive witch's cauldron. Pick up yours today!
12-inch Black Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket
Whether you're going trick or treating with the kids or leaving out a bowl for all your trick or treating guests, the 12-inch Black Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket is sure to please. This large 12" bucket is perfect for storing candies, treats, and sweets, all while looking enchanted as ever. A cauldron is a witch's favorite magical item, allowing them to brew potions out of herbs, newt eyes, bones, and more. Place a bunch of candies into this great big cauldron and see how many magic potions you can concoct for all the kids this year!
Marvel Spider-Man Mini Candy Bowl
You might get caught in a web of sweetness the next time you get a sugar craving! Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man wants to share some of his treats with you and your guests with this amazing Mini Spider-Man Candy Bowl Holder. With this candy bowl, you’ll get a mini replica of Spider-Man holding a 1/2 bowl for you to fill up with your favorite candies. Spider-Man has his web shooter ready if anyone dares to take the last piece of candy!
18-inch Friday the 13th Jason Candy Bowl
Put the killer of Camp Crystal Lake to work for a change with the Jason Candy Bowl. This item is for horror buffs and fans of the Friday the 13th films looking to showcase their fan appreciation for this long running series. The Jason figure is 18? tall and includes one candy bowl. Jason himself is wearing his trademark hockey mask and has a murderous expression on, which is too bad since he can't do much about his current predicament! You'll love having a horror icon like Jason decorating your home this Halloween.
14.5-inch Batman Candy Bowl
Bring the Dark Knight into your very own home this year when you pick up our Candy Bowl - Batman. With this item, you will receive just the Gotham themed candy bowl prop you need to get all the trick or treaters rooting for their favorite superhero. Featuring a black Batman figure holding a plastic bowl for all your chocolates, sweets, and treats, you're going to love placing this bowl out on your porch or on your dining room table.