SAW Costumes & Accessories


Nobody will want to play a game with you this year when you walk through the door sporting one of our classic Saw costumes, masks, or accessories from our Saw collection. Devise masterful torture devices and show everyone your wicked sense of morality while donning one of these killer looks. Featuring spooky Jigsaw and Pig Face masks and costumes that look like they came straight out of the film. Be sure to check out’s Horror Movie costume collection to find more of your favorite horror movie costumes!

Adult Saw Billy Costume
Be careful about what you tell people when you are dressed in the Billy the Puppet Saw Costume Adult; Billy has been known to give people some pretty scary advice. A jacket, dickie, mask and pants are all included in this set. The creepiest part of this set is the white mask which covers the entire face. It has a red mouth with indentations on either side like a ventriloquist's dummy. It has bright red eyes and a 3-D red swirl on each cheek. In the Saw movies, Billy is the figure that gives the Jigsaw killers victims their instructions after they are captured. He has also been known to say a few things to the police as well and has even been exploded in an attempt to kill an FBI agent. We hope that you are kinder to people than Billy and Jigsaw were in the movies.
Adult Saw Pig Face Overhead Latex Mask
Collect victims for all your torturous games this year when you put on our Pig Face Saw Adult Mask. With this look, you will receive just the horrific mask you need to spook all your friends from the moment you walk into the party. Featuring a creepy pale pig mask with a large snout, big ears, black long hair, and bloody flesh along the neckline, you are going to have the time of your life sporting this iconic Saw inspired mask.
Adult Saw Billy Jigsaw Mask - Deluxe
Would you like to play a game? Put on this Saw Adult Billy Mask for a violently fun time. This mask is modeled after the puppet character seen in the Saw series of films. It shows off a pale complexion, dark red eyes, and swirly cheek patterns. There is attached black hair along the back as well. Choose this Billy mask in time for Halloween pranks, scares, and more.
Adult Saw Billy Jigsaw Mask - Economy
Creepy puppets are nothing new but few puppets can inspire fear like Billy. Deliver terror in the Saw 8 Adult Billy 2018 Halloween Masks with Hair! This white 2018 Halloween Masks features red spirals on the cheeks red lips red and black eyes and realistic messy black hair. Ride into the Halloween party on a tricycle and you'll give everyone a scare.
7 Foot Saw Billy Jigsaw Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decoration
Ask all your guests and trick or treaters if they want to play a game this year when you decorate your lawn with our 7 Foot Saw Billy Jigsaw Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decoration. With this one, you will receive just the towering Jigsaw prop you need to bring your favorite Saw movie series to life. From torturous devices to painful obstacle courses to sinister puzzles, you'll have the spookiest house on the block when this iconic mastermind is sitting proudly on your lawn. Pick up yours today, and watch in delight as you strike fear into all your guests, one by one!
Billy Wig
Dressing up as Jigsaw this year? Then don't miss out on our Billy Saw Adult Wig! With this look, you will receive just the set of hair you need to set up wicked torture devices for all of your victims to break free from. Featuring a set of long black hair that will pair perfectly with some face makeup from our site, you're not going to want to miss out on this one. Walk into the party sporting this look, and you'll be asking everyone to play a game.