Adult DC Comics Costumes

The Justice League is missing a member, but you can fix that in a DC Comics costume. There's nothing you and Batman can't accomplish once you choose your super suit, and there's no need to think small--the whole DC universe is here at your fingertips! Whatever superpowers you want to try on for the night, you can have them without even getting bitten by a radioactive spider. You can also be the villain for a day, and remind everyone that we live in a society!
Women's Justice League Wonder Woman Costume
Go for the gold blue and red this Halloween with one of our Woman's Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Costume! Get a few girlfriends together and take over any Halloween party as the battle hardened Amazonian force. We guarantee only the most worthy subjects will even dare to speak to you.
Adult Batman Returns Penguin Latex Mask
Become the infamous Penguin from Batman Returns with our Batman Returns The Penguin Adult Latex Mask! Featuring a wicked Penguin mask with his iconic bird-like nose, this mask will transform you into one of the most sinister villains in all of Gotham. Perfect for Halloween or any occasion, this mask is a must-have for any fan of the Batman franchise. Don't miss out on this villainous look - pick up your mask today and team up with Joker, Harley Quinn, and other DC Comics villains!
Men's The Flash Batman Half Mask
Not a villain in the world will be able to stop you this year when you're all decked out with our The Flash Batman Adult 1/2 Mask. If you dream of kicking the Joker and Harley Quinn out of Gotham, then this mask is certainly for you. Whether you're patrolling the streets of Gotham and cleaning the town of criminals, or partnering up with Robin and taking down big foes like the Penguin and the Riddler, you'll be more than ready for battle when you have this powerful mask on. Perfect with any Batman costume, this mask is sure to please. With this fun Batman cowl mask, you'll be ready for whatever Gotham throws your way. Featuring a black Batman-shaped cowl mask complete with pointed ears, furled eyebrows, and an overall chiseled look, it doesn't get any better than this. A mask that is both snug and stylish, you'll have a blast all dressed up as your favorite shadowy superhero with this one. Whether you're tossing Batarangs or zooming around in your Batmobile, when you have this killer mask, nobody will be able to take you down. Whether you're headed to the comic convention or the Halloween party, when you're donning the look of the Dark Knight you'll instantly be the life of the party. If you're still looking for the rest of your Batman costume and gear, be sure to check our site. With Batarangs and utility belts and other great accessories and costume garments to choose from, you'll be ready to take over Gotham in no time. Team up with Robin, Catwoman, the Joker, and the rest of the DC Comics Gotham gang to really make this a special night to remember. Pick up your Batman mask today, and go become the Dark Knight hero you've always dreamed of becoming!
Adult DC Comics The Flash Light Up Ring
You'll be all ready to zoom around the world and take down villains this year when you're all decked out in our The Flash Adult Light Up Ring Accessory. If you're a huge fan of this super speedy superhero, then you're definitely going to want the Flash's classic ring to help complete your look. Besides just looking really cool, the Flash's ring doubles as a superhero suit storage unit. Whenever the Flash wants to transform from his civilian identity into his Flash superhero identity, all he has to do is thumb his ring and release the suit for him to change into at hyperspeed! With this flashy accessory, you'll be all ready to hop into your supersuit and bring down all kinds of criminals and foes. Featuring a golden ring with a lightning bolt symbol on the front that lights up, this great piece of jewelry will pair perfectly with the rest of your Flash costume this year. Whether you're fighting off Captain Cold, Zoom, the Pied Piper, or Savitar, you'll be more than prepared for lightning speed battle when you have this one of a kind ring propped on your finger. Whether you're heading to a comic convention, a Halloween party, or just looking for an awesome accessory to always have a piece of your favorite superhero with you at all times, you definitely can't go wrong with this killer ring. Perfect with a wide variety of Flash costume looks, this ring is sure to be a hit. Take your Flash fun to the next level by making it a DC Comics costume theme with all of your friends! Just imagine how powerful you'll feel when you have Batman, Aquaman, Thor, Wonder Woman, and all the rest of the greats standing right alongside you in battle. Pick up your Flash ring today, and go make this your most heroic night yet!
Adult The Flash Batman Utility Belt
If you're dressing up as the Dark Knight this year, then you definitely don't want to go to battle without The Flash Batman Adult Utility Belt Accessory around your waist. Batman is powerful even without all his gadgets and equipment, but he's even more powerful when he has his Batarangs and other weapons at his side. Now with the utility belt around your waist, not a single weapon, gadget, or tool will be out of reach. Perfect for taking down the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Penguin, and all those other baddies, you're not going to want to miss out on this one. With this hardcore Batman utility belt, you'll be leaping from the shadows in style to beat up foes and criminals. Featuring a sleek metallic aesthetic vinyl molded utility belt with vials and compartments and a cool buckle, this belt is the real deal. Easy to put on and pairs perfectly with a wide variety of different kinds of Batman looks, there's not a single soul in all of Gotham that will try to mess with you when you're donning this daunting utility belt. Whether you're headed to a Halloween party, a comic convention, or a DC Comics get-together, you'll of course be a welcome guest when you are rocking this one of a kind utility belt. After all, who doesn't love the Dark Knight? If you're still on the hunt for the rest of your Batman look, be sure to check our site for the rest of your costume, gear, and accessory needs. Whether you need a Batman mask or a pair of Batarangs, we certainly have you covered. To really make this a special night, be sure to pair up with Robin and hit the town as a duo. Nothing's more fun than dressing up with your best bud! Pick up your Batman utility belt today, and go make this a night of villain butt-kicking you'll never forget!
Adult Justice League Superman Deluxe Costume
If you are going to be a superhero for Halloween, why not be the most powerful one on the planet? Put on the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Deluxe Superman Cape Costume Adult and you can foil bank robbers, thieves and powerful alien beings. The deluxe red cape is lined and features an officially licensed Superman logo on the back. In the Dawn of Justice film, Bruce Wayne is upset with Superman because of the battle with Zod that destroyed parts of Gotham City. As his alter ego Batman, he battles with the Man of Steel until he realizes they both have more in common than not. By the end of the movie, they are both battling the same supervillain. Not sure if you prefer Batman or Superman? We have a Batman cape available le too, so order both. Costume is not included.
Adult DC Comics Blue Beetle Half Mask
If you want to become a master of shapeshifting and turning yourself into high-powered weaponry like Blue Beetle, then you need our Blue Beetle Adult 1/2 Mask. This mask is perfect for anyone who is a huge fan of Blue Beetle and his blue armored heroic ways. You will receive just the mask you need to take down villains and become a true superhero. This powerful mask is the perfect accessory to complete your Blue Beetle costume. Pair it with the rest of your Blue Beetle attire and you'll have a heroic night you'll never forget! Don't let Victoria Kord stand a chance against you this year, get your Blue Beetle Adult 1/2 Mask now!
Blue Beetle Adult Costume
Prepare to clear the room and instill fear in the hearts of villains with our Blue Beetle Mens Costume! This powerful ensemble is all you need to transform into the most formidable blue-armored superhero, mastering multiple forms of weaponry. The set includes a striking blue armored jumpsuit with attached boot tops that exudes strength and resilience. Top off your look with the included matching Blue Beetle mask, and you'll be ready to take on any challenge. Victoria Kord won't stand a chance against you when you're sporting this impressive superhero attire. Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase the true strength of an insect. Get your Blue Beetle costume today and show the world the might that lies within you.
The Flash Supergirl Adult Costume
Get ready to feel super powerful and look amazing in this Supergirl Adult Costume from The Flash movie. This costume is perfect for Halloween, comic cons, costume parties, and especially Justice League group costumes! The blue jumpsuit is made of high-quality materials that are both comfortable and durable and the red cape adds an extra layer of heroicness to the costume. This officially licensed DC Comics costume looks truly authentic with the S-shield logo and is sure to impress any superhero fan. Supergirl is in the spotlight in The Flash movie and you will be as well when you don her super suit! This costume is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to be a hero and is an excellent addition to any collection of superhero costumes. So get ready for some super fun, and show off your superhero powers in style with this Supergirl Adult Costume!
The Flash Deluxe Batman Adult Costume
Head to the party wearing The Flash Deluxe Batman Adult Costume and you'll have everyone asking to take a ride in your Batmobile before the night is through. It's not easy being a billionaire orphan with a passion for vanquishing evil criminal masterminds, but somebody has to do it. Armed with spiked bracers, Batarangs, a Grapple Gun, and more nifty weapons and accessories, Batman is the true master of hand to hand combat and kicking bad guys to the curb. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become your favorite DC Comics superhero and wear the garb of the Dark Knight yourself. Featuring an all black get-up with the classic yellow Bat logo on the chest, a long flowing cape, a powerful set of bracers, and Batman's iconic black cowl mask that can be recognized from a mile away, you'll be looking and feeling like a mysterious master of the shadows while sporting this mighty look. Whether you're on the hunt for the Joker, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, or the Penguin, there's nothing that will be able to stop you this year when you're all decked out with this one of a kind costume. To really enhance the Gotham fun, dress up with your other DC Comics heroes and sidekicks and fight crime as a squad. With Robin, Catwoman, and Batgirl on your side, there's no telling how much evil you can quell together. Perfect for Halloween outings, comic conventions, or for dressing up with the kids, this Batman attire will certainly serve you well. Accessorize further with Batarangs, safety lights, and more cool accessories from our site to really enhance your crime fighting prowess. Pick up your Batman costume today, and go have a blast as the one and only Caped Crusader!
Men's DC Comics The Flash Latex Mask
Transform yourself into the fastest man alive with an epic Flash costume complete with The Flash Adult Latex Mask! With its bold red color and lightning bolt detailing, this mask is designed to match the iconic Flash supersuit from The Flash movie. This officially licensed costume accessory is the perfect addition to any fan of the iconic DC Comics character, The Flash, and is highly detailed ensuring your costume will be accurate and authentic to The Flash franchise. Crafted from high-quality latex material, this mask is both durable and comfortable, ensuring that you can wear it for hours on end without any discomfort. The mask is designed to fit most adults and completely covers your head and stays in place with the help of the chin strap. The mouth and nose are exposed just like Flash’s actual mask. Whether you are dressing up for a cosplay event, a themed party, or just for fun, The Flash Adult Latex Mask is the perfect accessory to complete your superhero costume and become the fastest man alive!
Men's DC Comics The Flash Half Mask
Make sure your costume has the Flashiest of finishes with this Adult 1/2 Mask! Covers your forehead in superhero style, this red mask is complete gold lightning strikes to show off your speed. Let your inner superhero dazzle with this vibrant and awesome accessory - you'll be the Flash of the party! This mask is made with quality materials, so you can be sure it'll stay securely fit on your forehead and stay in place, even during the most dynamic of adventures. Whether you're showing off your superhero flair at a costume party, comic con or just saving the day, this mask has you covered and is the perfect way to finish off your costume.
Adult DC Comics The Flash Gloves
Looking for the perfect accessory to complete your Flash costume? Look no further than The Flash Adult Gloves! These gloves are the ideal addition to your superhero costume and for any fan of the iconic DC Comics character, The Flash. With their bold red color scheme, these gloves are designed to match the iconic Flash supersuit from The Flash movie, adding an extra touch of authenticity to your costume. Crafted from high-quality materials, these gloves are designed to fit most adults and are both durable and comfortable, ensuring that you can wear them for hours on end without any discomfort. This officially licensed costume accessory was created with attention to detail ensuring that your costume will be accurate and authentic to The Flash franchise. Whether you're dressing up for a cosplay event, a themed party, or just for fun, The Flash Adult Gloves are the perfect accessory to complete your look and become the fastest man alive!
The Flash Deluxe Adult Costume
You will be the fastest man alive, Barry Gordon aka The Flash, when you wear The Flash Deluxe Adult Costume! This heroic outfit includes a red padded jumpsuit with gold lightning bolts, plus a detailed half mask with chin strap and cool red and gold boot tops. Look extra buff in this deluxe costume since it's padded to give you some extra last minute muscles. Embrace your inner superhero and gain unimaginable speed in this costume perfect for comic cons and justice-saving costume parties. Get your jumpsuit on, it's time to save the day! Whether you're attending an event or just trick-or-treating, you'll be sure to show off your superpowers in this officially licensed DC Comics product.
The Flash Adult Costume
Step into your heroic shoes with this awesome The Flash Adult Costume! Transform into the Flash himself with this quick and easy costume top and mask that is sure to make you zoom, zoom, zoom! This red long sleeve top will make you look buff with faux muscle details and looks just like the superhero's suit from The Flash movie. The red half mask has gold lightning details and will sit securely on your face no matter your speed. This costume is perfect when you need something quick, easy and comfortable. Going to a last minute costume party? You can throw this on in a flash! Become the hero of the night!
Adult DC Comics Blue Beetle Gloves
Get ready to take down bad guys and villains in style with our Blue Beetle Adult Gloves! These gloves are the perfect accessory to complete your Blue Beetle superhero costume. You will receive a pair of gloves that will make your punches more swift and powerful, allowing you to fight like a true hero. The gloves feature a blue armored design that will make you look like the real deal. But why stop at just the gloves? Check out our site for the rest of your Blue Beetle superhero gear! With the complete Blue Beetle attire, you'll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. So, whether you're going to a comic book convention or a Halloween party, make sure you have these gloves to complete your costume.
Adult DC Comics Robin Plus Size Costume
Batman step aside! Youll be the hero while wearing this costume! This Adult Plus Size Robin Costume will have you looking fine as your fight crime! The costume features Robins classic look with a figure-flattering short sleeved dress in metallic red and green with thigh high slit and yellow utility belt. Also included is a pair of green glovelettes, a yellow cape, and Robins classic eye mask. In this Robin Costume, youll be one hot sidekick!
Adult Wonder Woman 1984 Wonder Woman Costume
You'll be sending supervillains through the walls this year when you're wearing our Wonder Woman 2 Armored Costume for Adult. If you're looking for an alternative Wonder Woman costume that is beyond powerful, then look no further than this one. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a version of Wonder Woman that is just absolutely unstoppable. Whether you're taking on the Cheetah or just fighting regular bad guys, you'll be more than ready for the task with this look.
Men's DC Comics Black Adam Costume - Deluxe
DC Comic's new antihero is ready to make his cinematic debut, and in this Black Adam Adult Deluxe Costume you are right there with him! This costume includes a padded jumpsuit with foam backed boot tops, attached arm gauntlets and a cape. When donning this comfortable deluxe costume, you will make a powerful entrance to any costume party or comic con you find yourself at. Black Adam is guaranteed to be one of the most popular new superhero looks!
Men's DC Comics Black Adam Top with Cape
Before the new movie comes out, make sure you are ready with this Black Adam Adult Costume! Including costume top and cape, you have what is going to be one of the most popular DC comics looks to premiere this year! Comfortable and durable for a costume that is perfect for walking around a comic book convention or just watching DC comics movies at home, when you're wearing this one you will certainly be taking your love of DC Comics to the next level!
Peacemaker Adult Costume
You are doing whatever it takes to fight for justice when you put on this Peacemaker Adult Costume! This complete and clever two-piece costume includes a padded jumpsuit with a 3D belt pouch attachment and a plastic helmet. Peacemaker tries to achieve peace at any costeven force so he may not be everyone's favorite superhero but he does have a pretty cool outfit! Perfect for costume parties, watch parties, and comic book conventions, you're going to have a blast with this one.
Adult DC Comics Peacemaker Helmet
Dive headfirst into the thrilling, high-octane universe of DC Comics with the Adult DC Comics Peacemaker Helmet! Crafted to perfection, this glossy and resilient headgear captures the essence of the iconic Peacemaker from his acclaimed series. As a cutting-edge addition to the world of costuming, this helmet is an absolute must-have for showcasing your unwavering devotion to Peacemaker and the entire Suicide Squad. Designed with both style and durability in mind, this helmet is a striking replica of the one sported by Peacemaker in his new show. Its sleek and shiny finish pays homage to the character's distinct look, making it a standout piece in any collection. Whether you're gearing up for cosplay conventions or comic book expos, this helmet is your ticket to embodying the essence of the character and garnering admiration from fellow fans. Step into the shoes of Peacemaker and let this helmet transport you into the heart-pounding world of action, intrigue, and heroism. Showcase your passion for DC Comics with this remarkable piece that seamlessly merges entertainment and style. Elevate your cosplay game and immerse yourself in the excitement of the DC Universe. With its meticulous design and attention to detail, the Peacemaker Adult Helmet is a striking testament to your commitment to the character and the universe he inhabits. Join the ranks of fans who proudly display their love for Peacemaker and the Suicide Squad. Get ready to don the helmet, channel the character's essence, and embark on an electrifying adventure. Order now to become a part of the action!
Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Costume
Barbara Gordon is ready to suit up and do her part to protect Gotham City in this Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Costume! This costume top, cape and foam mask combo is all you need to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers this year! Party the night away in a complete and comfortable costume that puts you deep into all the DC comics action you love! Great for comic cons and cosplay, you're going to have a blast representing a female superhero that has been entertaining audiences for decades!
Gotham Knights Robin Adult Deluxe Costume
The city of Gotham is in the best hands when you are wearing this awesome Gotham Knights Robin Adult Deluxe Costume! This unmistakable and iconic battle suit includes a red hooded tunic, pants, boot tops and foam mask to have you feeling like you could spend the whole night fighting crime. Gotham's worst doesn't stand a chance against you when you are dressed in this comfortable and intimidating costume. Absolutely perfect for cosplay events and costume parties!
Gotham Knights Robin Adult Costume
Show everyone how the Boy Wonder defends Gotham when you are wearing this Gotham Knights Robin Adult Costume. Without Batman by your side, it is up to you in this hooded costume top and foam mask to bring some DC costume heroics to your celebration! This costume is comfortable and makes defeating Gotham's supervillains easy. As one of Batman's former proteges, you can help bring justice back to Gotham with the others in the Gotham Knights!
Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Deluxe Costume
Jump into all the action this year when you put on this Gotham Knights Batgirl Adult Deluxe Costume! This blue and yellow jumpsuit, yellow cape and foam mask gives you an amazing replica of the battle suit worn by Barbara Gordon as she defends Gotham City alongside Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood! Criminals will be running away screaming when you show up in this crowd-pleasing and durable costume! Just the thing you need to stand out at cosplay events!
Adult Dark Knight Joker Plus Size Costume
Walk into the party donning the Joker Plus Size Costume and you'll send everybody into a panicked frenzy. Nobody knows how to silence a room quite like the Joker. With this set, you will receive a bright purple suit jacket with a green vest and tie printed shirt, as well as the matching evil Joker mask. Team up with Bane, Kingpin, Harley Quinn, and some of your other Gotham villain buds this year and go turn your night into a true villainous celebration.
Adult Justice League Batman Costume
The Dark Knight is in for the fight of his life when you are wearing this Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Deluxe Costume for Adults! This complete costume puts you in the middle of the fight of the century as you sport a replica of the Caped Crusader's famed armor used to fight Superman! Take your costume to the max when you check out our entire selection of officially licensed DC Comics 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories! Order yours now!
Adult Justice League Superman Plus Size Costume
He has appeared in countless comic books had his own movies and video games and has action figures that are worth more than you can possible imagine. Superman is *the* superhero when it comes to superheroes and is recognized by millions all across the world. Introducing the Superman Costume for Adults (Plus Size). Don his cape and try to replicate the iconic curl on his forehead as you leave the Fortress of Solitude to save Metropolis from its fair share of bad guys goons and villains. With so many powers and abilities at your disposal it'll be impossible for any of them to stop you (unless they happen to have Kryptonite...)! Swoop in from the skies and make a grand entrance at the Halloween party or at the Comic Con convention! Others will definitely notice your awesome Superman look because come's Superman. Make your own adventure and step up to the threat as the one and only in this iconic costume!
Adult Justice League Superman Deluxe Costume
Save the day this Halloween, in our Adult Justice League Movie Superman Costume Deluxe! This costume is a single, easy to put on piece?even the boots and cape are attached! There are also foam muscles built into it, to give you Superman's physique to go with his outfit! Any fan of the Justice League will appreciate this costume's accuracy, and all the ladies will appreciate your washboard abs! Join the Justice League this Halloween, in our Adult Justice League Movie Superman Costume Deluxe!