Shop by Color - Purple Costumes & Accessories

While some call it the queen's color, others see it as the best color for an alien mask! A purple mask can get you ready for a masked ball, giving you a regal way to hide your identity with sparkles and feathers to dazzle! You might also notice the purple hues of our Black Panther masks, or you could even go for a bodysuit with a matching purple mask that hides all your features under this gorgeous color!
Beaded Purple Necklaces
Time to bring out your creative side with these stylish purple glossy beaded necklaces! With 50 necklaces included you can go crazy designing an over the top costume or simply add that finishing touch to a great outfit. Plenty of beads here for friends and family to dip into or to decorate the walls for a vibrant party!
Adult Purple Classic Top Hat
There’s a certain allure about Halloween that makes everything feel magical, imaginative, and mystical. It’s the perfect opportunity to lean into your mysterious side and dress up in a mask for the night. If that sounds like your ideal costume, then run — don’t walk — to and order the Adult Purple Classic Top Hat right away. The color is a vibrant mix of plum and eggplant tied together with a shimmery ribbon. Pair this hat with an eye mask featuring sequins and glitter to look like you’re attending a masquerade ball. It’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.
Women's Purple Bob Wig
Stand out from the crowd with the Purple Bob Wig from this Halloween. As a dramatic and breathtaking wig, this Halloween accessory will help you exude confidence in style. Whether you're channeling your inner witch, dressing up like a fairy, or embracing your dreams of becoming a pop star someday, this purple wig can bring your costume vision to life. With a sassy bounce that falls just above the shoulders, this wig ensures you'll be radiating youthful energy and a creative flair. Thanks to its feminine allure and well-designed fit, this comfortable wig will have you feeling good.
Adult Purple Skinsuit Costume
Blend into the night with our richly colored Adult Purple Skinsuit perfect for showing off your fun side this Halloween! This beautiful purple skinsuit is the perfect way to dance the night away tend to the kids while they trick-or-treat or become the mystery character at your next big Halloween party as you slip in unidentifiable but definitely not unnoticed! This easily customizable skinsuit is the perfect canvas for custom work and adding any number of props for the most flexible foundation you've ever had! This is an exceptional choice for the Halloween lover in your house and has years of utility for all your party needs! Keep it simple this Halloween with our spectacular offering that gives you all the utility you could want in a costume foundation while still offering the choice to wear it as is for an unusual experience amongst all the ghosts and monsters this year; it's okay to be different after all! So slip into this Adult Purple Skinsuit and get ready for a season that's
Face Paint Pot - Purple
If it's your favorite sport team's game day--purple face paint has you covered! If it's a wild birthday party--purple face paint has you covered! If the color purple is your thing--purple face paint has you covered! This easily applicable face paint is great for any occasion. Purchase a few for your friends and family or mix and match with other colors.
Purple Metallic Womens Shorts
Whether you're dressing up as an alien princess or a sassy witch, you'll be looking gorgeous as ever this year when you're sporting our Purple Metallic Womens Shorts. With this set, you will receive just the pair of shorts you need to really steal the show. Featuring a bright purple pair of metallic shorts that are both tight and sleek, you're going to absolutely love donning this special pair with the rest of your costume this year.
Long Wig - Purple
No matter what you're dressing up as this Halloween this Long Purple Wig will have you looking beautiful as ever. Featuring straight and long purple hair with pretty bangs included this dazzling wig will stun the crowd in an instant. Buy yours today and then go check out our site for the rest of your costume needs!
Adult Purple Afro Wig
Looking for some fun? Look no further! Jazz up your look this Halloween with this Adult Purple Afro Wig, the perfect accessory to unleash your inner clown. With electric purple curls and a light-weight fit that will stay in place all night, this zany wig is guaranteed to make you feel wild and free. Perfect for a costume party, photoshoot, or night out on the town, this high-quality wig is sure to make you stand out in any crowd. No need for expensive perms or box dyes - pair the Adult Purple Afro Wig with the clown costume of your choice and beyond, and start living your life in technicolor.
Purple Tutu
Be prepared to prance and dance around the party when you're in our Purple Tulle Adult Tutu. It's a beautiful frilly dress that will accentuate your great costume and bring a lot of fun to the party. Dance your heart out in our tutu!
Adult Purple Inflatable Costume
Here comes the purple haze! Show off your new silly fashion with the Purple Inflatable Adult Jumpsuit and get ready for a night of hijinks with your friends and family this Halloween. Everyone will want a bounce when they see this round purple head-to-toe ensemble. It features a face concealing hood as well as gloves and socks to help make costume prep a snap.
Purple PomPom Megaphone Set
Your little lady's school colors are a big deal to her so be sure to coordinate her uniforms with this lovely Cheerleading Kit Purple which comes with an all purple set of pom poms and megaphone to help her cheer her heart out.
Purple Whistle Accessory
Purple is such a mischievous color and this purple noise maker is no exception to that notion. Attached to a beaded necklace this stylish whistle is easily carried and ready for use at all your events big and small! Get ready to make a statement because with this whistle there's no hiding quietly in the crowd.
Adult Purple Bandana
At times, you just want that one accessory that will make you stand out and look really cool as well, but you won't have to look much further because we have this Paisley Purple Cotton Bandana.
Purple Cowboy Hat
Cowboys wearing purple sounds like a completely preposterous idea if there ever was one, but for the modern ranch hand purple is the new black and this Purple Deluxe Cowboy Hat is on trend and cowpokes everywhere are joining in.
Women's Neon Purple Bob Wig
Time to get pretty in purple. You'll be looking gorgeous as ever this year when you get all dressed up with our Women's Neon Purple Bob Wig! With a fun burst of color in a vivid purple hue, this wig is sure to make a statement no matter the occasion. Perfect for costume parties or cosplay events, this bold accessory will have all eyes on you all day and night. And they say blondes have more fun!
Fuchsia Metallic Womens Shorts
Become a beautiful sassy diva this year when you get all dressed up with our Fuchsia Metallic Womens Shorts. With this one, you will receive just the pair of shorts you need to look and feel just like a Barbie. Featuring a stunning pair of hot pink shorts with a sleek and tight design and a metallic aesthetic, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this special pair with the rest of your costume this year.
Purple Boa Accessory
Spice up your look with some extra color this year when you get all dressed up with our Purple Boa Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the boa you need to really feel like a star. Featuring an all purple feathered boa that is equal parts stylish and comfortable, you're going to love having this great accessory around your neck. Pair with any number of costumes from our site and you'll have the night of your life!
Girls' Purple Tutu
Turn your daughter's costume into a true hit this year when you buy her the Purple Tutu for Child! This gorgeous purple tutu pairs wonderfully with a princess costume a dancer costume and a whole variety of others. Buy yours today and then scan our site for the rest of your costume needs!
Purple Makeup
Few things come in the color purple, but there's always a chance that you might need some of our Purple Makeup Tube to do up a cool dinosaur look or just add some splashes of color to a costume.
Purple Domino Mask
Your presence at the masquerade ball will be one that will likely get you tons of compliments when you match your gown with the Domino Mask Purple. This royal color will look impressive on you and give you a bit of mystery to play with.