Adult Witch Costumes

Whatever mischievous magic you're planning on brewing up for your night out as a sorceress, we've got the toil and trouble to help you make it happen. Our witch costumes range from the sweetest good witches to the most wicked looks you can imagine. Give Sabrina and Elphaba a run for their money as you put together the iconic witch costume of your dreams. Then you and your familiar will be ready to fly off to a party and enchant everyone you meet.
Women's Cloaked Wicked Witch Costume
Head to the party wearing the Wicked Witch of the West Womens Costume and let the whole world know that you are the true ruler and queen of Oz. With this set, you will receive everything you need to send your evil winged monkey henchmen out on missions to capture your foes. Featuring a black stunning dress, a matching vest, a cape, a black bag, and a pointy witch hat, you're going to love this spooky look this year.
Adult The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings Gandalf Costume
You shall not pass! Wait...wrong timeline. Regardless, this costume allows you to transform into the iconic wizard who is well known by all fans of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies! Gather up the dwarves and Bilbo, and set on a quest this Halloween season! Create a one of a kind and memorable adventure with your group! The costume set includes a robe, hat and a belt. All what's left is to grow that beard...or find a fake one. Whether it's Halloween, a cosplay event, or anything else, fans will love your costume!
Adult Wizard Of Oz Glinda Costume
Head to the party wearing the Glinda Womens Costume and you'll be casting spells all night long for all of your friends. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the gorgeous and benevolent witch who occupies Oz. Featuring a dazzling pink dress with silver butterfly accents and sparkly designs, as well as a light up pink and silver tiara, you're not going to want to miss out on this special look.
Adult Polka Dot Witch Costume
For the most part witches have plain black dresses with no decorations. How incredibly boring and uninteresting right? Well that doesn't have to be the case this year! Introducing the Polka Dot Witch Costume for Women. Give your witch costume some sass and flavor as you put it on and find out that it's fitted with polka dots. No reason to put on that clich black dress and think that you're good to go. With its design others are have a higher chance of noticing you and complimenting your wonderful look. And of course being a witch costume it's perfect for any and every Halloween party! Arrive on your broomstick and join in on the fun as a polka dotted witch. Join others on the dance floor or the food table and tell how you are no ordinary witch. You certainly look the part so chances are you'll have a one-of-a-kind story to tell others.
Witch Of Darkness Adult Costume
Simple and spooky, this Witch of Darkness Adult Costume is a classic and timeless can't miss fashion item that you will love revisiting again and again! Including a witch dress costume, as well as a matching hat and belt, you have a lovely modernized retelling of a classic scary witch costume that is perfect for costume parties, haunted houses or just handing out trick or treat candy! Remember to check out all of our costume accessories to find your witch's perfect broom!
Adult Golden Web Witch Costume
Bats may be a vampire's furry companion but spiders are particularly fond of witches! This Halloween show your love for the creepy crawlers with the Women's Gold Web Witch Costume! There's nothing creepy or spooky about this witch costume with its gold accents and metallic spider web details. The Women's Gold Web Witch Costume comes with everything you need to make Halloween truly spellbinding. It includes a golden witch dress with intricate spider webbing and a classic pointed witch hat. Shoes jewelry and broom are not included but can be purchased separately for a truly stunning witch disguise. Don't settle for any witch costume when this dress will have you feeling elegant and magical in no time. The Women's Gold Web Witch Costume is available in women's sizes small medium and large and is 100% polyester so you know it'll be comfy for when you go trick or treating with the family or out to a costume party!
Adult Oh Mr. Wizard Costume
Dumbledore, Gandalf, Merlin... these are certainly some of the greatest wizards known to man in the storyworld. Join the great wizards yourself when you put on the Men's Oh Mr. Wizard Costume. This black velvety celestial robe is long and draping, and comes with a matching cone wizard hat. If you want to sport a wise and old look, be sure to pick up a white wizard beard from our site, to really show off your wisdom and magical expertise. A wand and a broomstick may also be some cool accessories for this costume. Pick up your Men's Wizard Costume today, and you'll make this the most magical Halloween you've had yet!
Adult Classic Witch Costume
The Classic Witch Adult Costume offers up a very traditional witch ensemble but with a very attractive, fashion-forward style. You needn't be a traditional ugly-looking witch for Halloween. This particular ensemble includes the following items: a long black skirt with matching fitted top, cap, scarf and hat. The outfit however does not include the broom nor the shoes. These may be available for separate purchase. We do offer a number of accessories to personalize this Witch's Costume. They include: the Black Feather Broom, the Cheri Black Wig for Adult, the Black Nail Polish, and the Black Fishnet Pantyhose with Back Seam. Available in One Size this Halloween Costume will fit most average-sized women. If you are looking for a traditional outfit which will take you through multiple Halloween occasions then this one could be it -- it's stylish, conservative and will certainly be recognized for what it is -- one heck of a Witch's Costume.
Adult Curvy Midnight Witch Costume
If you're looking for a witch costume that is both powerful and magical all at once, then look no further than our Midnight Witch Plus Size Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to absorb your cosmic powers from the galaxies above. Channel the moon, planets, and stars above all while donning this stunning black and purple dress adorned with miniature star designs. Coming with the matching pointy witch hat as well, you'll really be looking out of this world this year wearing this one.
Adult Wizard Of Oz Glinda Costume
If you wish hard enough you may find yourself in our Regency Glinda Costume Adult this Halloween. This fairytale outfit includes a pink ball gown with hoop skirt and a tall crown. The dress features puffed arm sleeves and a tiered pink skirt that give your look plenty of poof. Glinda is the Good Witch of the north from the Wizard of Oz. She helps Dorothy find her way home and commands an array of special magic powers. You can adorn your ensemble with all the storybook accessories you need for a sweet look. Add items like a magic wand, body glitter, jewelry, and a blonde wig to look just like the good witch from The Wizard of Oz. Make all your dress-up wishes come true with our women's Wizard of Oz Glinda costume.
Adult Black Magic Witch Costume
You'll be the queen of all sorcery this year when you're wearing our Magical Dark Witch Costume. Fly into the party donning this special sorceress suit and you'll have everybody on their heels waiting your next move. With this set, you will receive everything you need to brew potions and fly broomsticks like a pro. Featuring a black jagged edge dress with a matching black belt, you're going to love dressing up as this powerful magic figure this year.
Adult Head Witch In Charge Costume
You'll be leading a coven of witches this year when you put on our Head Witch in Charge Womens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to establish yourself as the head honcho in charge of all things magical. Featuring a black jagged edge witch shirt with a yellow broomstick print and the words "Head Witch In Charge" on the front, as well as a pair of purple and black striped leggings and a cute witch hat headband, you're going to love this fun spellcaster look this year.
Adult Plus Size Grand Wizard Costume
The Men's Plus Size Grand Wizard Costume will have everyone showing you are special and one of a kind. This wizard costume will show everyone you are powerful and can make all your problems disappear. Theo outfit includes a tunic with attached robe and hat. Walk into any room and everyone will show respect to the the grand wizard. This outfit is perfect for a family or friends event or cosplay.
Adult Plus Size Classic Witch Costume
If someone doesn't like this costume, there's surely a spell in your book to change their mind. The Women's Plus Size Classic Witch Costume features a black top, skirt, cape and hat with attached scarf. The top is embellished with round black buttons, a high collar and crushed velvet, puffy long sleeves. The full length skirt and flowing cape will look great riding a broom in the night sky. No witch is complete without her hat, and this costume comes with a pointed black one. The sleek black ensemble is perfect to flatter every shape and size. This costume is available in one standard plus size that's designed to fit most women between the sizes of 18 and 22 comfortably. You won't need to pull any tricks out of your sleeves in this Women's Plus Size Classic Witch Costume because you'll have everyone spell bound.
Adult Basic Witch Costume
You'll be the master of all things magic this year when you are wearing our Basic Witch Womens Costume. Fly into the party on your broomstick donning this gorgeous sorceress costume and you'll have everybody asking you what your secret is. With this set, you will receive a beautiful black spell caster dress with jagged edge draping sleeves and bottom, a matching black ribbon belt, and a pointy witch hat to top it all off.
Adult Wizard Costume
You are a magician, a wizard with unspeakable powers! Transform into the wizard of make believe in this sensational Men's Wizard Costume! Your rich, velvet-like tunic with attached robe gives you the air of legends and sorcery! The pointy wizard hat solidifies your stance as a true wizard! Be wise and wear this Men's Wizard Costume for your upcoming Halloween event!
Adult Wicked Wizard Costume
You'll be sending the world into ruin this year when you put on our Wicked Wizard Costume. Wizards are some of the most powerful beings on Earth, so when they turn to the dark side, only bad things follow suit. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a sinister sorcerer who has mastered all of the dark arts of magic. Featuring a black and gray robe, a hooded cape, and a matching belt, you're not going to want to miss out on this magical look.
Adult Plus Size Wizard Costume
Cast a spell on anyone who deserves it in the Men's Plus Size Wizard Costume. This outfit will attract many people and will show everyone who is boss! The costume includes a 100 percent polyester tunic attached to a robe and a matching hat. This is the perfect outfit to wear on those chilly nights. If you want to show everyone a magical night full of wonders, get the Wizard costume!
Enchanted Glamour Witch Adult Costume
Unleash your inner enchantress with our Enchanted Glamour Witch Women's Costume. As you enter the party, you'll cast spells, brew potions, and captivate everyone with your dark and elegant presence. This set features a gorgeous black and orange spiderweb-themed dress, exuding an air of mystique. To complete the enchanting transformation, a matching pointed black witch hat with orange accents is included. Don't miss out on the opportunity to embrace the allure of witchcraft and mesmerize the crowd with this enchanting attire.
Adult Fantasy Sorceress Costume
With a vibrant new take on a classic staple of Halloween costuming this Fantasy Sorceress Costume for Adults is the snappy witch outfit that you have been looking for! Including witch dress hat and belt you have a complete top-to-bottom sorceress outfit and the purple panels really add some pop and contrast to a look that can tend to come off flat. All made of high-quality and comfortable materials for a costume that you will love to wear again and again! Add a broom or cauldron to this striking ensemble to develop a more classic and standard character. Find more great ideas in our full selection of Halloween costume 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories! Perfect for any Halloween function or just handing out trick or treat candy! Choose and eye-catching and attention-getting costume that will have everyone talking! Don't wait until the week before to secure your costume! Get a great price and fast shipping when you order your Fantasy Sorceress Costume for Adults online today!
Adult Mystic Sorcerer Costume
Poof into the party donning the Mystic Sorcerer Mens Costume and you'll have everybody mystified by your enigmatic presence. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a dark arts wizard who knows how to cast all kinds of wicked spells. Featuring a powerful black and silver robe with a hooded collar as well as a matching silver belt, you're going to feel mysterious as ever donning this celestial wizard robe this year.
Adult Madame Missterious Plus Costume
Everybody's eyes will be on you the entire night when you walk into the party wearing the Madame Miss-Terious Womens Plus Costume. If you're looking to really mystify the crowds and make a presence from the moment you enter the room, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this enigmatic and alluring get-up. Featuring a black and purple hooded dress, as well as a black cord belt, you're going to love this mesmerizing attire this year.
Adult Pin Up Witch Costume
You have most likely seen a few pin up girls or posters during your life. They date way back to the time period around the second World War where gorgeous girls graced posters posing and while wearing clothes (or half naked in some cases) usually army uniforms or anything like that. Not only did they become a popular symbol of pop culture but their fame has been carried over to today! Introducing the Pin Up Witch Costume for Women. Grace yourself as you become a popular pin up girl with a witch theme which is ideal for Halloween. With your looks combined with the witch costume some might think that you are an actual pin up girl model! Strike a pose or a stance that was very well known during the timer period. If anyone knows anything about pin up girls they will definitely and without any doubt recognize and appreciate your striking new look!