Ghostbusters Costumes & Accessories


If there’s something strange in the neighborhood, then you can be the one they’re gonna call! Save your city from a supernatural shakedown with’s huge selection of Ghostbusters costumes for kids, adults, and pets. Zip into an authentic Ghostbusters jumpsuit or get spooky as Slimer or Stay Puft. Either way, you ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Check out selection of TV and movie costumes for more great character outfits!

Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume
If your being pestered by a precious poochie poltergeist, they need this Ghostbuster Slimer Pet Costume! Depicting the Ghostbusters most iconic troublesome spectre, this adorable little outfit includes plush jumpsuit with attached arms and Slimer-face hood that is begging to have its picture taken! For multi-puppy families, it's a perfect match with a doggy Ghostbusters costume with stuffed Proton Pack. We're who you're gonna call for every pet Halloween costume! Check out our entire selection and order your Ghostbusters Slimer Pet Costume today!
Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Jumpsuit and Headpiece for Toddlers
Based on the iconic movie villain, this Ghostbusters Stay Puft Toddler Costume is perfect for your little one. The costume comes with a bubble bodysuit, which mimics the look of Stay Puft's marshmallowy body from the movie. It even comes with a sailor-style bib on top and a red neckerchief. The head is shaped like the Marshmallow Man's head and features a generous opening in the front for your child's face. It even has a little hat attached to the top! Finally, the legs feature the same puffy style to give your child a complete look.
Ghostbusters Pet Costume
Include your dog in the Halloween festivities and dress him or her up in this adorable Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Costume for Dogs. Your friends or family members will get a real kick out of seeing your pup dressed up like the ghost fighting team from the popular Bill Murray film. The Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Costume for Dogs features a shirt and an inflatable backpack prop. The coat like top is long sleeved and snaps closed in the front. The yellow top features that familiar and famous Ghostbusters logo on the chest. The inflatable backpack is designed and decorated to look like the ghost vacuum the Ghostbusters used in the films to suck up and capture evil ghosts. The backpack is colored and styled to look like it has gadgets and gears all over. This is a hilarious and adorable costume you don't want to miss out on so order yours today!
Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Pet Costume
Your pet deserves a great Halloween costume too. Give them a fun outfit with this Ghostbusters Stay Puft pet costume. The outfit includes a shirt to wrap around your dog's body and a cute little hat that looks just like the Stay Puft man's iconic outfit. Dress your pet up this Halloween and wear your own Ghostbusters costume so you can hit the town together.
NECA - Ghostbusters - Head Knocker - Stay Puft
This addition to our popular Head Knocker brand brings you the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters! The monstrous mascot is cast in resin and then hand painted for incredible detail. This great rendition has Stay Puft standing with crushed police cars underneath his feet. Over 7″ tall with bobbling head – a great item for fans young and old! Comes in collectible matte finish packaging with spot gloss.
Ghostbusters Pet Costume
Something's strange in your neighborhood! Halloween is taken over by ghosts and ghouls and that means your dog needs the best ghost hunter costume! Our Ghostbusters Dog Costume is great for trick or treating or a Halloween costume contest. This Ghostbusters Halloween costume for pets includes a shirt and proton backpack to trap even the most powerful ghosts. Order a Ghostbusters Dog Costume online so your pet is ready for Halloween!
Ghostbusters Jumpsuit and Hat for Toddlers
Who ya gonna call?! This Ghostbusters Toddler Costume will make the classic movie Ghostbusters come alive for your little one! The jumpsuit zips up the front and has zippered pockets peppered throughout. The pant hems unzip to widen to make sure your kid can comfortably get their feet in and out. The Ghostbuster icon is attached to one sleeve while an interchangeable name tag attaches to the hook and loop strip on the chest.
Ghostbusters Adult PKE Meter
Every Adult needs a PKE from the Classic Ghostbusters to Hunt Ghosts and Ghouls this season. The Psycho-Kinetic Energy Meter Features bight lights, sounds and retractable antennae that fold in and out. When activated a Green glow moves across the screen indicating a paranormal presence is nearby. 2 Activation modes gives the choice of a constant on or short on cycle. The costume accessory runs on 3 AAA Batteries for long lasting fun that doesn't die fast. Quickly Amp-up your Ghostbusters Costume with a finishing touch that will set off sparks with friends and family!