With artificial intelligence taking the world by storm, it’s the perfect time to show your support for advanced AI with all of the futuristic M3gan doll looks in our M3gan collection!

M3gan is a life-like, artificially intelligent doll who knows a thing or two about protecting her child companion and becoming their best friend and guardian. This year, you’ll be showing the world just how advanced AI has become with any one of our screen-accurate M3gan looks.

All of our M3gan costumes feature her beige dress outfit and striped long-sleeve shirt with the big blue, red, and white accented bow from the film. With both kid costumes and adult costumes available, as well as matching M3gan wigs and masks to take the look to the next level, you’ll be more than ready to put your artificial intelligence programming to the test this year.

From Halloween to scary movie marathons to impromptu dance parties, our collection of M3gan costumes will make sure you hit the ground running at your next costume party.