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Adult Rock Stars Elvis Costume
You don't always have to wear a crown to get treated like a King - especially with this Grand Heritage Elvis Halloween costume for adults. This officially licensed costume features Presley's iconic white full body jumpsuit, available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. The jumpsuit showcases faux gemstones and golden studs to reflect bright lights, be they on the stage or in your friend's living room. The look wouldn't be complete without flared bell bottoms legs with red detailing, and tie it all together with a vibrant red scarf and a wide golden belt just as flashy as any Vegas concert. Want to turn up the volume even more? Head over to our Accessories pages for finishing touches like shoes, sunglasses, microphones, and of course the King's unforgettable hair do. This Grand Heritage Adult Elvis Costume will change any old Hound Dog into a Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love! Don't be cruel to your fans or yourself - snatch up yours today!
Men's Knight In Shining Armor Costume
The damsels will put themselves in distress this Halloween just to be saved by you. The Men's Knight in Shining Armor Costume features pants, a shirt, shoulder and chest armor, arm and leg armor and helmet. The gray shirt and pants provide the perfect backdrop to highlight this authentic looking armor. The ferocious lion crested on the chest will let everyone know you're here to save the day. This full suit of armor is available in one standard size that's designed to fit most men up to a chest size of 42 comfortably. Save the night this Halloween or suit up for the ultimate Renaissance fair experience. Grab yourself a Royal Sword for Knights, available separately on this website, and you'll be prepared to battle for the best costume award. Women love a man in uniform and this Men's Knight in Shining Armor Costume is perfect to put a classic twist to the saying.
Adult Medieval Warrior Plus Costume
You'll be ready to enter the arena and take on all your gladiator competitors this year when you get all decked out in our Medieval Warrior Mens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a fierce Renaissance swordsman who knows a thing or two about wielding weapons. Featuring a brown and blue furry tunic, a pair of dark brown pants, a matching vest, a belt and sash, as well as a pair of fur boot covers, you're going to love this set.
Adult Regency Collection British Redcoat Costume
Command your troops to take over the colonies! Wear the Men's Revolutionary Reenactment British General Costume and lead the fight against those pesky minutemen. The British Empire shall not fall especially when are in charge. However history cannot be you can keep trying your best. This particular outfit comes as a standard military uniform from its time. It comes as a red gabardine coat with blue accent coloring along the lapel and collar. Brass buttons decorate along front. A white vest and pair of matching trousers are included. Wear the British General costume during historic portrayals theatrical performances and as your choice for Halloween. There are a number of uses for this redcoat ensemble so you will definitely get your quid and pounds worth. Browse through our listing of 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories such as wigs hats stockings and more to make it complete. You can still have fun even if you're on the losing side.
Adult Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Become the legendary King of Rock and Roll with this bedazzled Collector Adult Elvis Costume! This costume captures the Vegas era Elvis with his dazzling white jumpsuit that has a huge collar, open chest, red scarf, flared cuffs, oversized belt, and flared bootlegs with red trim. Covered top to bottom with an intricate pattern of gemstones and studs, this costume will have you all shook up! This is a professional quality collectors item for the ultimate Elvis fan or impersonator!
Adult Regency Collection Buff And Blue So Costume
Take up arms to protect your home in this Men's Revolutionary Reenactment Colonist Costume. American colonists did not have complete control over the United States while Great Britain was still in charge. This caused many skirmishes ultimately leading to the Revolutionary War in which minute men fought back against the massive empire and became victorious! This particular outfit is modeled to be an exact replica of the uniforms from the era. The regalia includes a blue gabardine jacket with brown lapels and cuffs. Brass buttons decorate various sections of the item. A brown pair of trousers is included. Head out to the frontlines in this Revolutionary Reenactment costume to play the part of an American soldier under command of General George Washington. Throw some tea into the harbor and follow the founding father to defeat the British! Browse around our website to find additional costume pieces such as hats stockings footwear and props.
Adult Regency Collection Deluxe Union Gen Costume
Lead the fight against brethren in our Men's Civil War Reenactment Union General Costume. The Civil War had the highest losses of any battles that took place in the United States. It was fought between the north and south over slavery and human rights issues. Take charge and defeat the Confederacy to free the oppressed! This particular outfit is modeled after historic representations of actual military uniforms. You receive a long dark blue gabardine coat. There are buttons along front for decoration and stripes around the cuffs. A pair of matching pants are included. Finish off the look with a burgundy waist sash featuring gold fringe. Order the Union General costume to wear during reenactments theater performances or filming productions. Look through our entire catalog of 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories such as hats beards toy swords prop weapons and other items to include. Emerge victorious throughout each conflict and ultimately the entire war!
Adult Regency Collection Red Double breas Costume
Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up and see the dramatic Regency Red Double-breasted Tailsuit costume for men. This classy costume features a dark red double-breasted jacket made of gabardine. It has long tails and black velvet collar, cuffs, and buttons. It also comes with a black velvet vest and black gabardine pants. Pick up a parade cane, white gloves and bow tie, and a top hat, all available separately. Add your own shirt and shoes to round out the look. You can go to a Halloween or period party and look like you are ready to be the MC, a circus ringmaster, or even a sideshow crier. You'll be at the head of the parade in this dapper Regency Red Double-breasted Tailsuit costume.
Adult Grand Heritage Musketeer Costume
It's all for fun, and fun for all when you're in this Grand Heritage Musketeer men's Halloween costume. Inspired by the 17th century French military figures, this costume showcases a navy blue ensemble: tunic, pants, a red lined waist-length cape, boot tops, and Cavalier style hat. As any swordsman will tell you, it's the little touches that win a battle, and this outfit doesn't disappoint: the tunic, boot tops, cape, and hat all feature beautiful silver trim. Elegant white lace cuffs show from the sleeves of the tunic, and the whole look is topped off with a classic feather in the cap. Take your outfit to heroic new heights at our Accessories page by picking up some additional items such as swords, boots, wigs, and more for your exciting escapades. Vive la France!