Deadpool Costumes & Accessories


Did somebody say “chimichangas”? Morphing into the Merc with a Mouth has never been easier thanks to our Deadpool costumes and accessories for adults, kids, and pets. You’ll find everything you need to become the joke-spitting superhero, otherwise known as Wade Wilson, who loves getting under his enemies’ skin with his words and wisecracks. Break the fourth wall and become everyone’s favorite antihero today with officially licensed Marvel costumes from

Boys' Marvel Deadpool Accessory Set
Accessorize your Marvel comics costume with this 5 Pc Deadpool Toy Weapon Kit. If you're dressing up as this anti hero character who is best known for his humor, which stems from his mental instability due to being a former Weapon X test subject, you're definitely going to need the weapons he uses while fighting in his signature martial arts style. Included inside is 2 ninja swords, 2 knives, and a backpack which will give you the ability to quickly grab your blades should an enemy such as Taskmaster appear at the party you're attending.
Deadpool Teen Costume
Be everyone's favorite merc with a mouth in our Deadpool Partysuit! This unique Deadpool costume is made of breathable spandex that covers your entire body including hands, face and feet. Stretchy and comfortable, the Deadpool Partysuit is designed for easy breathing, drinking and visibility, with a double zipper for quick and convenient in and out.
Deadpool Walking Pet Costume
In the thrilling realm of Halloween mayhem and irreverent fun, the Deadpool Walking Pet Costume emerges as a spellbinding and one-of-a-kind invitation for your furry companion to embark on a wild and wicked adventure, inspired by one of Marvel's most iconic characters. This costume is not just attire; it's a bewitched ticket to channel the spirit of the Merc with a Grin himself during the spookiest season of the year. Visualize your four-legged partner dressed in this supernatural outfit, instantly transformed into the embodiment of Deadpool's zany and mischievous Halloween persona. Crafted with meticulous attention to eerie detail, this costume captures the essence of his iconic red and black ensemble, complete with a mask that mirrors Deadpool's snarky grin and a pair of katana swords at your pet's side, ready to ward off ghouls and ghosts. Designed for bewitched comfort and ease of movement, this costume ensures that your pet can prance around with confidence at Halloween costume contests, eerie cosplay conventions, or even while prowling the haunted neighborhood for mischievous Halloween shenanigans. It's an amusing and enchanting way to pay homage to the irreverent and bewitched spirit of the Deadpool franchise. As you and your pet roam the eerie streets together, you'll create bewitched moments that mirror the unpredictable and humorous adventures of Deadpool himself. Whether you're planning a supernatural-themed gathering filled with spectral delights, diving into the eerie world of comic book antiheroes, or simply seeking to infuse your everyday life with Deadpool's bewitched and irrepressible charm, the Deadpool Walking Pet Costume is the ideal choice for a bewitched Halloween. Allow your furry companion to channel the Merc with a Grin's audacious charisma and become the life of every haunted Halloween party. It’s a chance to revel in the chaotic and comical footsteps of a true Halloween antihero.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
The most self conscious and hilarious hero of them all, this guy is a crazy legend in the comic book world. The Deluxe Deadpool Muscle Chest Costume Adult includes a black and red costume with a muscle molded torso just like what Deadpool wears. The costume features an attached belt and intricately designed musculature that will show off your physique. The final piece included with the order is a mask with printed white eye slots. Your abilities it impossible for you to die, so go head to head against some of the most powerful heroes around. Deadpool is one of the most entertaining of all the heroes because he is self conscious of the fact that he's a comic book character. Such a lucid knowledge makes him one of the most compelling characters in the comic world.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Costume
Rebel against the loyalists in quite the hardcore fashion using this Women's Lady Deadpool Costume. She may not be the original merc with a mouth but she does plenty well in her own right. Her name is Wanda Wilson and she comes from an alternate Earth within the Marvel universe. This particular outfit comes as a single piece jumpsuit. It is completely black and red from top to bottom. There is even a bit of padding along the legs and exposed hands to easily wield any weapons. You also receive a foam belt with printed pouches and the Deadpool logo. Then, complete the look with a mask featuring large mesh screens for better vision and room in the back to have a ponytail freely shown. Wear this Lady Deadpool costume out to conventions or themed events. Take a look at some of our toy weapons to see what you can include in your arsenal.
Deadpool Hockey Jersey Adult Costume
Hang out and combine your favorite Winter sport with your favorite superhero in our Deadpool Hockey Jersey Costume. Complete this look with a Deadpool mask and weapon set and you'll be good to go to shoot pucks and enemies all at the same time!
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Costume
Show the world that verbal warfare is just as important as physical combat when it comes to defeating supervillains when you put on our Adult 2nd Skin Deadpool Costume. With this look, you will receive everything you need to become the witty joke-spitting superhero who loves getting under the skin of his foes with his words. Featuring a red and black full body stretch jumpsuit with a matching Deadpool mask, you're not going to want to miss out on this epic set of attire.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Costume
You'll be ready for action this year when you put on our Adult Deadpool Hoodie. With this look, you will receive just the stylish hoodie you need to become your favorite katana swinging hero who loves to let profanities fly just as much as his ninja stars. Ajax won't stand a chance when you're sporting this fun red and black Deadpool hoodie featuring a front zip closure that goes all the way up to the hood to create a Deadpool mask impression.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Deluxe Plus Size Costume
Become the Merc with a Mouth this season with our amazing Deadpool Deluxe Plus Adult costume! Transform into one of the most iconic characters from Marvel this year as Wade Wilson. Take advantage of your exceptional weapon skill and powerful regeneration to go on all sorts of adventures this Halloween. Featuring a muscled foam chest jumpsuit and mask, this costume has all the looks you'll need this year. Make the deal sweeter with any of our fantastic prop weapons to complete your amazing ensemble!
Adult Marvel Deadpool Gloves
You are the master of disguise so do not let any fingerprints behind by wearing the Deadpool Adult Gloves! These gloves come in a satiny red shade and are labeled with a simple square symbol at the top of the hand. Be sure to finish your superhero look by adding on the Deadpool overhead mask as well!
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Deluxe Costume
Do you want to go undercover this Halloween and do the craziest things without anyone noticing? Now you can in the Deadpool Deluxe Adult Costume. This outfit will have you covered from head to toe and will allow you to do things you wouldn't normally do. The costume includes a fiber filled muscle chest jumpsuit and a mask. There are printed features on the jumpsuit to make it look like you are buff and in the best shape of your life! Get ready for a Halloween that will have everyone wondering who is behind that mask!
HugMe by KidRobot - Plush - Deadpool with Unicorn
Zip it Stan Lee! In anticipation and just in time for the new movie Deadpool 2 everyone's favorite neighborhood pool guy is back in action in HugMe form with a magical sidekick along for the ride. Standing 16" tall and containing a vibrating pack for a hugably fun experience, grab yours today because I bet it feels huge in this hand. 3 AA batteries included.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Top
You'll be whipping out all the best insults this year when you're wearing our Adult Deadpool Costume Top. Head to the party sporting this heroic costume set and you'll have everybody laughing and admiring you all at once. Featuring a red and black printed Deadpool top with a silver over the body utility belt design, you're going to love this heroic look this year. Ajax won't stand a chance against you while you're wearing this top, that's for sure.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Costume
The Deadpool Grand Heritage Adult Costume is the perfect outfit to make you look and feel fierce and ready to battle. It is the perfect piece to wear for a comic convention or for Halloween. The outfit includes a jumpsuit, mask, belt, cuffs, shin guards and a molded ninja backpack. You will be sure to catch everyone's eye with the bright red and black features. Your whole body will be covered so no one will know exactly who you are! Let your inner child out and get ready for a night you won't forget!
Adult Lady Deadpool Costume
Show up to the party as everybody's favorite potty mouth superhero this year when you put on our Deadpool Womens Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to gain the katana wielding skills of Deadpool, as well as his innate ability for laying in a quick joke. Featuring a sleek red and black bodysuit, a brown belt, red gloves, matching boot covers, a leg garter, and a red and black Deadpool mask, you're going to love this look.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Muscle Chest Costume
Ajax won't be able to stop you this year when you're sporting our Adult Muscle Chest Deadpool Costume Top. With this look, you will receive everything you need to become the only Marvel superhero who is famous both for his katana swinging abilities as well as his knack for making wise cracks. Featuring a red and black muscle padded top printed with an over the body utility strap and a brown belt, you're going to love this heroic attire.
Men's Marvel Deadpool Mask
Take down the evil scientist named Ajax with the Deadpool Adult Fabric Overhead Mask! As one of the special operative forces, you need to hide your identity with this bright red and black mask. A white mesh makes up the eyes which will allow you to see your target!
Men's Marvel Deadpool Mask - Deluxe
Become everybody's favorite potty mouth this year when you put on our Adult Deluxe Deadpool Mask. If you feel like kicking bad guy butt with this special mask on, then you better start getting your best insults ready, because Deadpool does not hold back. With this look, you will receive a red face mask with black ovals over the eyes. Have a blast cursing it up with your friends at the party this year while sporting this fun headpiece.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Deluxe Top Set
Show up to the party wearing the Costume and Mask Deadpool Deluxe Set and you'll instantly make everybody happier. There is something just so charming and fun about Deadpool and his witty words. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become your favorite katana wielding superhero. Featuring a red and black costume top with a deluxe molded mask, you're not going to want to miss out on this awesome Marvel hero costume.
Adult Deadpool Deadpool Costume
You'll be looking absolutely stunning this year when you put on our Deadpool Womens Tank Dress. Walk into the party donning this gorgeous superhero attire and you'll have everybody double-taking from the moment you arrive. Featuring a gorgeous red and black printed tank dress with an over the body white utility belt print with a brown printed belt around the waist, you're going to absolutely love wearing this fun Marvel comics Deadpool look this year.
Adult Lady Deadpool Plus Size Costume
You'll be the coolest superhero at the party this year when you're sporting our Plus Size Womens Deadpool Costume. With this set, you will receive all of the gear you need to defeat Ajax with your verbal insults alone. Deadpool is famous for his witty quips, after all. Featuring a red and black bodysuit, a brown belt, red gloves, a brown leg garter, boot covers, and a Deadpool mask, you're going to love this special look this year.
Marvel - Classic Deadpool Head Knocker
Possibly the most skilled mercenary in the world... and definitely the most annoying... Deadpool is the joke-cracking, reference-making, fourth-wall-breaking, taco-eating funnyman of the cold-blooded killer set. Pay homage to the Merc with a Mouth with this 8" Deadpool NECA Head Knocker made of cold-cast resin that’s hand painted for amazing detail.