Blue's Clues Costumes & Accessories


No mystery is too great when the Blue's Clues gang is on the case! If your kid loves watching Blue and Magenta scavenge around for clues and hunt down answers to mysteries, then they are going to love choosing from one of our comfy and cozy Blue or Magenta costumes to wear. Join in on the fun yourself with a comfywear Blue costume or a Josh costume top, and you'll really be cracking down on some clues this year. Perfect for birthday parties, Halloween occasions, or just for lounging around in some comfy Blue's Clues attire, you don't want to miss out on one of these special Blue's Clues get-ups.

Girls' Blue's Clues Blue Tutu Dress and Headband
Your daughter will be ready to solve all kinds of mysteries with her friends this year when she's sporting our Girls Blue's Clues Blue Dress Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your little angel needs to sniff out even the toughest of clues! Featuring a gorgeous blue velvety tutu dress with sparkling tulle and dazzling blue spots, as well as a matching Blue ears headpiece, she's going to love this incredible look this year.
Adult Blue's Clues Blue Comfy Wear Costume
If the mystery is what is the cutest and most comfortable costume you can choose this year, the answer is this Blue's Clues Blue Adult Comfywear Costume! Perfect for relaxing or partying, this hooded jumpsuit makes you everyone's favorite puzzle solving pooch with a costume that is versatile enough for any fun costume or dress-up party! Made of high-quality materials, you will find yourself making excuses to put on this amazingly fun and simple costume all year round.
Men's Blue's Clues Steve Top
Kick it back to the original Blue's Clues TV host this year when you get all dressed up in our Blues Clues Steve Adult Costume. With this awesome set, you will receive everything you need to hunt down clues, solve mysteries, and go on all kinds of fun inquisitive adventures with everybody's favorite blue puppy, Blue. Joe might have taken over the hosting duties for now, but Steve will still always have a special place in all of our hearts when it comes to the original Blue's Clues. With this Blue's Clues Steve Costume, you will receive just the costume top you need to share some of that pure and wholesome energy we all have grown up with through Blue's Clues. Featuring the classic two-toned striped green shirt that Steve has become famous for, you'll certainly be looking the part while wearing this one. Just throw on a pair of beige khaki pants and a pair of brown shoes and you'll have everybody looking to join your canine mystery solving team this year alongside Blue, Magenta, Salt, Pepper, and the rest of the gang! Whether you are heading to a Halloween party with friends or dressing up with the kids, this classic Steve costume is sure to please. The best kind of costume nights are theme nights, so have a blast teaming up with friends or your children and dress up as all the Blue's Clues characters in style! We have Rainbow Puppy costumes for babies and toddlers, as well as Joe adult costumes on our site to help bring the theme home. No matter what you decide, you'll certainly have a night you won't forget when you're decked out as this iconic children's show host. Buy your Blue's Clues Steve costume today, and go make this your best night yet!
Blue's Clues Magenta Jumpsuit and Headpiece for Toddlers
Your little one will be looking way too cute this year when she's donning our Infant/Toddler Magenta Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your daughter into an adorable pink puppy who has a great nose for sniffing out clues with Blue. Featuring a pretty pink spotted jumpsuit with hand covers and boot covers, as well as a matching Magenta face headpiece, she's going to love this dazzling look this year.
Blue's Clues Blue Jumpsuit and Headpiece for Toddlers
Your little guy will be sniffing out all kinds of clues this year when you dress them up in our Infant/Toddler Blue's Clues Blue Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your tyke into the cutest blue Labrador to ever solve a mystery. Featuring a bright blue spotted jumpsuit with hand covers and boot covers, as well as an adorable Blue face headpiece, you are not going to want to miss out on this fun look.
Men's Blue's Clues Joe Top
You'll be ready to solve all kinds of mysteries this year when you are wearing our Blues Clues Joe Adult Costume. Head to the party sporting this classic wear, and you'll have everybody asking what it's like to work with Blue and Magenta. As Joe, you are Steve's younger brother who took over the Blue's Clues show after Steve went off to college. Quite a pair of shoes to fill, but you'll certainly be ready to crack the case and follow all kinds of clues alongside Blue this year when you are donning this classic Joe outfit. With this Blue's Clues Joe Costume, you will receive everything you need to become everybody's favorite beloved mystery hunter host. Everybody is familiar with Steve's classic striped two-toned green shirt, though Joe's style is just a little bit different! Featuring a green two-toned square patterned shirt that will pair perfectly with a pair of khaki pants to complete the look, you're going to have the time of your life wearing this great costume top. Whether you're heading to a costume party with some friends or taking your kid trick or treating on Halloween, you'll certainly be looking the part with this one. Everybody loves Blue's Clues, it's a classic amongst kids and parents alike. This year, you'll bring all the pure and wholesome energy of the show wherever you go when you're sporting this special green top. This costume becomes even more special when you dress alongside your kid! Could you imagine the adorable pictures and memories you'll make when you dress your kid up in one of our Blue's Clues Rainbow Pup costumes and you solve mysteries together? Make this your best costume night yet and pick up your Blue's Clues Joe costume today!
Men's Blue's Clues Josh Top
Take a television trip down memory lane when you put on this Blue's Clues Josh Adult Costume Top! Josh's iconic striped costume shirt is awesomely recreated in this comfortable crowd-pleasing costume piece. A must-have for any fan of Blue's Clues, or mystery-solving dogs in general. Perfect for all kinds of costume event occasions or just sitting around watching old episodes. Check out all of our Blue's Clues costumes and accessories to turn this into a family theme!