Kids Ghost Costumes

You might experience a haunting this Halloween when your little one has one of these ghost costumes to make his poltergeist pranks feel real! He can go for a Charlie Brown ghost look or a full-on Exorcist moment, to make the kids in his class have nightmares long after the trick or treating is over. Either way, he'll be getting a warm and comfy ghost costume that can keep up with even the most rambunctious kid.
Kids' Haunted Ghost Costume
You'll be feeling just like Casper the friendly ghost this Halloween when you put on the Spooky Ghost Child Costume. It's not much of a surprise that ghosts are so commonly associated with Halloween. What's creepier than the souls and spirits of dead people roaming around haunting all of their friends relatives and family? Ghosts are spooky; plain and simple. This Halloween you're going to have a roaring time while dressed up as a white spooky ghost yourself. With your purchase you'll receive a long white robe with frilly designs hanging from both the arms and the bottom. Along with this pure white robe you'll also receive a white hood with black eyes and a mouth printed on the front. Put this creepy costume on and you'll be sure to scare all of your friends. Pick up your child ghost costume today and go make this Halloween a fun and haunting one!
Kid's Forsaken Souls Costume
Tortured spirits will be freed from their thralls of their living beings when this deadly beauty arrives to the scene. The Forsaken Souls Child Costume features black dress with ghost details, lace-up chest, and hood. Check out our accessories page for makeup that will make you look even more terrifying. As you make your way around town on Halloween, the ghostly apparitions will start to rise up and haunt the Earth. Lead the souls to their new home, in the eternal underworld, where they can roam free from the search of their lifeless bodies. The Forsaken Souls Costume will make your queen of the Netherworld. You will be ruler of the underworld, and master to the souls of the dead. The eternal kingdom shall be yours!
Kids Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume
Help out the ghosts and other undead creatures who are walking around the neighborhood this year by wearing the Beetlejuice Deluxe Child Costume and scaring away all of the living residents so that you can all help yourself to their candy. The ensemble comes with a black and white striped top and matching pants set. To accessorize, a mask that covers the forehead with an attached wild grey wig is also included so that you can really emulate the look of this hilarious character this Halloween. The hilarious 80s film quickly became a Halloween favorite and maintains its popularity to this day, so everyone on the block will really appreciate this look when you go trick or treating this year. Get your friends to dress up as some of the other characters to create a fun group theme!
Girls' Hauntingly Cute Ghost Tutu Costume
Your daughter will be looking haunting as ever this year when you dress her up with our Child Ghost Tutu Dress Costume. With this gorgeous and spooky set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful little ghost who loves scaring her friends with a well timed "Boo!" Featuring a dazzling white ghost face tutu dress with black accents, as well as a matching headpiece, she's going to love this precious look.
Kids' Cool Ghoul Costume
Your little one will be looking ghoulish as ever this year when you dress them up with our Cool Ghoul Kids Costume. With this creepy set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a spooky poltergeist who loves haunting all their friends. Featuring an all white hooded robe with black stitch designs, a long white dangling chain, and an evil white ghost mask, they're going to love this scary costume this year.
Adult Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Costume
Your child will be playing all kinds of wicked pranks on their friends this year when you pick up our Teen Beetlejuice Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become a terrifying poltergeist who likes to have a little spooky fun from time to time. Featuring a white and black striped jacket, a matching pair of pants, and a dickie, your child is going to have the night of their lives sporting this one.
Kids Ghostly Spirit Costume
Be a gorgeous ghost in the Ghostly Spirit Costume for Girls! This all-white ensemble includes a long dress hooded gauze coat and wig. This costume will get you in the Halloween spirit and you'll be an ethereal beauty when you wear it. Have a haunting Halloween in the Ghostly Spirit Costume!
Kids Ghostly Girl Costume
Your angel will be all ready for her big day this year when you dress her up in our Ghostly Girl Girls Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a ghoulish bride who can't wait to seal the deal with her undead partner. Featuring a beautiful white ghostly dress with a pair of tattered white leggings, she is going to have the time of her life wearing this special look this year.
Pumpkin Ghoul Kids Costume
Dont wander too deep into the pumpkin patch or you might encounter this Pumpkin Ghoul Kids Costume! This spooky costume set creates a ghoulish character and includes a black hooded tunic with tattered netting layers, a sinister-looking jack-o-lantern mask, rope belt, and gloves. Putting together this comfortable Pumpkin Ghoul costume is quick, easy and creates a haunting presence that is perfect for trick-or-treating, haunted houses or any other costume event that your kid wants to evoke some scares at!
Kid's Graveyard Spirit Dress Large Costume
Your daughter will be looking like she just emerged from her coffin in the cemetery this year when you dress her up with our Graveyard Spirit Girls Dress. With this spooky set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful young skeleton. Featuring a pretty black dress with a gray skeleton print design on the front, as well as a matching black spiderweb cape, she's going to love wearing this haunting look this year.
Kids Ghost Groom Costume
There's nothing worse than dying unexpectedly before your wedding nuptials. Don't let your untimely death on your wedding day stop you from being with the girl of your dreams! This Halloween come back from the dead to visit your bride when you wear this Boy's Ghostly Spirit Groom Costume! With this costume you have everything you need to reclaim your long lost love. The costume includes a ghostly grey dress shirt pants and classy top hat. Face makeup and shoes are sold separately. It's incredibly comfortable so you can wear it all day long while out trick or treating on Halloween or wearing it in a school play. The Boy's Ghostly Spirit Groom Costume will have everyone asking what happened to you on your wedding day. Tell the tragic tale with this dead groom outfit so you can finally cross over. The Boy's Ghostly Spirit Groom Costume is available in children's sizes small medium and large.
Kid's Haunted Costume
If you are looking for a creepy and unsettling costume this Halloween look no further than this Haunted Costume for Kids! Including black dress and hooded cape you have a complete look that can be the foundation for any costume from a witch to a zombie and countless others in between! Made of high-quality and comfortable materials so you never have to break character to adjuster costume! Enjoy a versatile costume that can be whatever you want it to be! Great for Halloween school plays or costume parties! Add some face paint and fake blood to create a haunted zombie character that no one will forget! Check out our entire selection of Halloween costumes props and makeup to maximize your outfit! Have fun and make a costume that will strike terror into the hearts of everyone you see! Don't wait until the last minute to secure your first choice costume! Get a great price and fast shipping when you order your Haunted Costume for Kids online today!
Girls' Spooky Beauty Ghost Costume
Prepare for a hauntingly beautiful transformation with our Ghostly Girl Child Costume. This set will transport your child to the spirit realm, turning them into a captivating and ethereal apparition. The centerpiece of this costume is the beautiful white skeletal dress, adorned with tattered edges and trim for an authentically eerie touch. Complete with a matching attached white hood, this ensemble is perfect for haunting a room in style. Don't miss the chance to own this gorgeous ghastly look that will leave a lasting impression on all who encounter it. Embrace the supernatural and scare your friends in style!