Adult Religious Costumes

Your prayers have been answered! Whether it's to poke fun or take part in a church event, you can find any religious costume among our congregation. Bless your next costume party as an angel, or offer counsel as a priest--and there's no need to take orders to wear one of our priest costumes. We even have a dazzling collection of angel wings that will let you choose just the plumage you want to show off when you descend from the heavens.
Adult Jesus Costume
Halloween isn't the only holiday for dressing up. We've got the perfect religious costumes that are perfect for any holiday! This Jesus Men's Costume features a robe with a red shoulder drape attached, a crown of thorns and even the perfect wig and beard to finish off this holy look. Pair this costume with a pair of our Men's Brown Sandals and our Biblical Staff in Brown, both sold separately on this website, and you'll have the perfect Jesus costume for any Christmas or Easter event! This Jesus costume is just one of our many religion-inspired outfits that are perfect and authentic-looking for all occasions. You'll have all the makings to really shine this holiday season in this Jesus Men's Costume.
Adult Nun Costume
You'll be the holiest gal at the party this year when you show up wearing our Nun Womens Costume. With this stunning set, you will receive everything you need to become a beautiful sister of the Church who just wants to spread a little love and healing to her friends. Featuring a black robe, a white hood, a black veil, a pair of white gloves, and a matching cross necklace, you are going to have a blast sporting this divine attire this year.
Women's Angelic Robe and Halo
Bring something celestial and holy to the party while wearing our Women's Angel Costume. Angels are often a traditional and long-running outfit to dress as for a variety of occasions. People have been turning themselves into angels for so long as part of plays, performances, and even Christmas events. This particular outfit comes as a single, long, white gown. It flows all the way down to the feet while featuring minor decorative folds along the chest. There is also a white belt tie to wrap yourself together. The sleeves are long and opened wide which makes for a great source of ventilation. You can appear as the holiest being in attendance wearing this Angel costume. Have a look at some of our accessories to see what else you can add to the ensemble.
Adult Plus Size Nun Costume
This plus size nun costume can work well for an adult Halloween costume party or a theatrical performance costume.
Adult Priest Robe and Collar
Head to the party wearing the Adult Priest Costume and you'll be delivering sermons and homilies to your friends all night long. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a highly respected priest and a true man of God. Featuring a long black robe with a white collar, you are going to absolutely love sporting this holy look with all your friends this year. Pair with some matching priestly accessories from our site and you'll really be looking the part.
Adult Mary Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Mary Costume and you'll be telling everyone what it's like to be the mother of one of the most highly loved and regarded figures throughout all of human history. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the beautiful Virgin Mary. Featuring a pale blue robe, a white headpiece, and a matching white belt, you are going to love wearing this pure look this year.
Adult Plus Size Jesus or Joseph Costume
There's just something about a celebration that someone dresses up for. The Plus Size Jesus Costume features a long white robe with an attached red drape and a crown of thorns. This costume is available in one standard plus size that is designed to fit most men up to 300 lbs comfortably. We've also included a curly brown wig and beard set to accurately capture this religious figure. The dramatic bell sleeves are sure to make a statement while you lead a prayer. Pair this robe with a pair of our Men's Brown Sandal and Shepherd's Crook or Biblical Staff in Brown, both sold separately on our website, for a more authentic look. This is a great ensemble for Easter, Christmas or any church function. You can even embody this savior for Halloween in this Plus Size Jesus Costume.
Adult Nun Costume
You'll be blessing everyone in your path this year when you get all dressed up in our Holy Nun Womens Costume. With this divine set, you will receive everything you need to spread light, love, and good energy to all of your friends and family members. Featuring a long black nun robe, a white belt cord, and a matching black and white headpiece, you're going to look like you belong in the monastery sporting this special look!
Adult Blue Wiseman Costume
Get out your frankincense and myrrh this year and head to Bethlehem when you pick up our Adult Blue Wise Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a magical wise man who knows a thing or two about riding a camel through the desert. Featuring a blue robe, a fez, and a matching belt, you are going to absolutely love wearing this fun Biblical look this year with friends.
Adult Plus Size Priest Robe and Collar
Bless me Father for I have sinned! Get closer to God with this Adult Plus Size Priest Costume. This priest costume includes a full-length black robe with a white collar. Its a perfect low hassle costume that will get you some laughs. Get ready to hear everyones confessions at your next Halloween party when you become this saintly character!
Adult Angel Costume
You're kind to everyone spend your free time doing volunteer work and you never miss a chance to help a senior citizen cross the street. Your friends say you're an angel in disguise so this Halloween show your true identity in the Angel Costume for Women! Be a vision in white when you wear this gorgeous dress and headpiece. You'll be an ethereal beauty in this lovely white dress which has sheer bell sleeves a white waist sash and a high-low hem. Put the silver tinsel halo on with your dress and you'll be on cloud nine. The dress comes in small medium and large and will look heavenly with a pair of white or silver shoes. Take your costume to a higher level with a pair of feathery white wings and an angel harp. Get your special someone to dress like the devil for the ultimate good and evil couples costume.
Adult Shepherd Costume
You'll be herding all the sheep in no time this year when you get all dressed up with our Adult Shepherd Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a rural shepherd who knows a thing or two about using a cane and getting his sheep in line. Featuring a long white and purple gown and robe, as well as a matching belt, you are going to love wearing this great Biblical look this year.
Adult Ivory Biblical Robe With Headdress Costume
The Ivory Biblical Robe with Headdress Costume Adult is the perfect outfit to wear if you plan on following a star to Bethlehem. The long flowing robe and kandura are designed in the style of traditional clothes worn by people in the Middle Eastern desert. The light color reflects the sun, the loose fit makes them comfortable and easy to walk in and because it covers most of the body it protects against sunburn. The magi, visitors to the infant Jesus who came from the East, are often called the three kings. However, in the bible they are not called kings and there is no mention of how many visited Jesus. Because they gave him three gifts, tradition says there were three kings, but some denominations believe there are as many as 12.
Adult Burgundy Wiseman Costume
Follow the North Star and head to Bethlehem with all of your buds this year when you get all decked out in our Adult Burgundy Wise Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become one of the famed Wise Men who made the trek across the desert to bring gifts to baby Jesus Christ. Featuring crimson red robe, a fancy red belt, and a matching red and gold headpiece, you're going to love this one.
Adult Joseph Costume
Whether you're heading to a costume party or dressing up for a nativity play at the local Church, you are going to absolutely love our Adult Joseph Costume. With this Biblical set, you will receive everything you need to become the husband of Mary and the mortal father of Jesus Christ. Featuring a brown and white gown and robe with a matching cord belt, you are going to love wearing this holy look this year.
Adult Priest Shirt and Cross Necklace
Exorcise all demons on Halloween as you become a holy man or have people confess their sins to you since you look the part. Introducing the Priest Costume! Halloween is full of evil and demonic monsters devils zombies and other hellish creatures that's pretty much a fact. Thankfully there's you who will cast them all away and back where they came from with your tools and knowledge of God and the Bible. Illuminate with purity and light as you walk down the street or across the party floor and watch as all the monsters cower in fear once they are touched by the divine light or once they see you. You might even get a few sinners come up to you and confess because no one is perfect let's be honest for a brief moment! However being what the costume is supposed to represent it's not just great for Halloween! If you feel like you can wear this for a play/theater production or even a reenactment of The Exorcist!
Adult Brown Biblical Robe With Headdress Costume
Will you be bearing frankincense, gold or myrrh when you are dressed in the Brown Biblical Robe with Headdress Costume Adult? The brown ankle-length gown features long sleeves that flare out just a little at the ends. The kandura headdress has a gold band around the top and long veil on the sides and back. This outfit is the traditional style of dress worn for centuries in the Middle Eastern desert. It comfortable and protects the wearer from sunburn. The magi, or wise men, were a group of travelers who visited the baby Jesus and gave him gifts. While they are often referred to as kings, they are not called this in the bible. Sandals are not included but you may purchase a pair from our accessories section. Of course this will also look great as a Halloween costume too.
Adult Sapphire Wiseman Costume
Honor the newborn king this Christmas or Halloween when you dress as one of the three wise men. The Sapphire Wiseman Costume features a brown robe with light blue and gold center section, a blue cape with a leopard print capelet, and a belt that matches the cape. The full headpiece completes the costume, its white cloth material making it look like you've walked through the desert to give your gifts. While it's stunning on its own, you can add a beard set, sandals and decorative gift box, sold separately. The Magi, also known as the three wise men, are said to have brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn Jesus. This costume will show your Biblical knowledge or just your Christmas spirit at any Christmas or Halloween event.
Adult Mary Costume
Put on a church play using the Womens Mary Costume. She gave birth to Jesus in a manger and raised him with her husband, Joseph. This outfit comes with clothing to fit the time period. They are made of polyester material and various sizes. Choose our Mary costume to use during all sorts of events such as performances, decades days, or even creating your own character. Look around our site for other ensembles someone else can wear as part of a group outing!
Adult Joseph Costume
Welcome the tired and hungry to your parish in this Men's Jesus Costume. Jesus was born on Christmas day and because of that comes the origins of the holiday celebration. This particular outfit is for wearing to represent an older Jesus and portray is life in later years. You receive a white robe with an attached red sash. Use this during church plays around Christmas or other holidays. Check out other matching products to include as part of the telling of Christ.
Adult Nun Costume
Head to the party wearing the Adult Nun Costume and you'll be blessing all of your friends all night long. With this special set of attire on, don't be surprised when everybody starts coming to you for your healing advice and divine presence. As a nun, you're one of the kindest people on Earth! Pair with some matching accessories and gear from our site, and you'll be ready to heal the world in a flash.
Adult White Nun Costume
Whether it's holy ground or holy crap you'll get SOME reaction out of your friends when you wear our Womens White Nun Costume this Halloween season. Featuring all the details you'd expect of a mother superior our costume is the perfect baseline for you to bring your season to the next level. Want to get in touch with your religious side? We've got you covered. Want to be a naughty nun this year we've got that covered for you too! Pair up this spectacular costume with scary 2018 Halloween Masks or makeup for a terrifying visual change that gives this costume so much flexibility and design that'll go to this great pair of robes year after year! Scare your friends and family to death then bless them at the same with this iconic look that is ready for your own unique spin on this classic costume! So if you want to terrify the party or wish them all the best our Womens White Nun Costume is the best way to get your holy (or unholy) presence into the party!
Adult Blue Biblical Robe Costume
Choose the Adult Blue Biblical Robe to complete your Biblical costume this winter! The blue robe is a necessary accessory when participating in a Nativity scene. Remember all of your lines!
Adult Joseph Costume
You're going to be leading the sheep all throughout the fields and pastures this year when you get all dressed up in our Joseph Adult Biblical Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the mortal father of Jesus Christ, and a highly regarded figure in the Bible. Featuring a purple robe, a brown long vest, a matching purple headpiece, and a beige cord belt, you're going to love this special look.
Adult Shepherd Costume
Tend to your flock in this Shepherd Costume for adults. Go Biblical with this authentic shepherd outfit! This tradition costume features a traditional blue, black, and grey striped hooded robe with a long, ivory satin tunic underneath and belt. Transform into a legitimate Biblical character with this costume! Ideal for nativity scenes, caroling, plays, or costume parties!
Adult Deluxe Joseph Costume
Show your Christmas spirit any time when you wear the Deluxe Joseph Men's Costume to your next Christmas or Halloween event. This one-piece costume looks like a two-piece costume because it includes both a tunic and attached robe. The tunic and robe are the same length and end just above the feet. They come in coordinating colors, the tunic being light blue and the robe light brown with wide light blue sleeve cuffs. It features details like a braided gold trim, rope belt and matching white headpiece. It looks great accessorized with a crook, wig, beard or sandals, sold separately. Pay tribute to Joseph, who gave Mary shelter while she delivered the baby Jesus. Go to your next holiday event as one of the most important figures in the Bible, and show your appreciation for scripture by wearing the Deluxe Joseph Men's Costume.
Adult Purple Wiseman Costume
You'll be well on your way to see baby Jesus in Bethlehem this year when you are all dressed up in our Adult Purple Wise Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to hop on your camel and get your frankincense and myrrh together to give as gifts. Featuring a long purple robe, a golden shimmering belt, and a matching purple and gold headpiece, you're going to love this fun Biblical look.
Adult Saint Joseph Costume
The Men's Saint Joseph Costume can be used for many different occasions, whether it's for a Christmas play or a holiday party. The men's costume comes complete and will have you looking just like the saint himself. St. Joseph is known as the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. This costume is perfect for a Nativity scene and to remind people what Christmas is all about. Show your child a new way of learning and show them your holiday spirit!
Adult Shepherd Costume
You'll know all the secrets of the sheep this year when you get all dressed up with our Adult Shepherd Biblical Costume. With this special set, you will receive everything you need to become a master shepherd who knows a thing or two about living in the ancient rural valleys. Featuring a brown and white robe with a matching white cord belt, you are going to absolutely love wearing this special shepherd look this year.