Kids Classic Costumes

If your child is looking for a go-to costume, you can take them to any event in one of our classic looks. Whether they love nature or adventure movies, you can find the standbys that make every kid's eyes light up. When the outfit arrives and your child can try on their new dinosaur or pirate costume, you're going be glad you got them an outfit they'll love forever. For a birthday party, trick-or-treating, or a school event--their favorite costume is always the right choice!
Star Wars Episode VII Rey Child Costume
Who knows what Rey would have ended up doing if she hadn't escaped from that giant junkyard of a planet when she did. While jumping around the galaxy at light speed and thwarting the First Order is pretty dangerous work, it sure beats digging through wrecked ships for scrap and power couplings! Now your child can do the same in our Star Wars Episode VII Rey Child Costume!
Marvel Civil War: Black Panther Kids Deluxe Costume
Everyone loves Black Panther! You can suit up in his amazing outfit from his first onscreen appearance in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie. Save the day in this Black Panther Kids Deluxe Costume. This product is made from Polyester and Cotton and this deluxe costume comes with a muscle chest, boot tops and mask. Don't pass up your chance to step into the shoes of the king of Wakanda of himself. You'll look great for Halloween or any time you dress up.
Iron Man Child Costume
Your little one can bring Iron Man to the fight when they put on our Iron Man Child Costume. This awesome costume includes a padded jumpsuit, mask, gloves, and boot tops. Once your little one is suited up, they will be more than ready to join the rest of the Avengers to take on Thanos!
Iron Man Toddler Costume
Your little one will become the smartest Avenger when they put on the Iron Man Toddler Costume. This padded jumsuit comes complete with a mask, gloves, and boot tops - everything they need to become Iron Man. Fly into the sky in style in this costume and pair up with Hulk, Captain America, and Black Widow to take down Thanos and save the world!
Star Wars Episode VII Rey Child Costume
Who knows what Rey would have ended up doing if she hadn't escaped from that giant junkyard of a planet when she did. While jumping around the galaxy at light speed and thwarting the First Order is pretty dangerous work, it sure beats digging through wrecked ships for scrap and power couplings! Now your child can do the same in our Star Wars Episode VII Rey Child Costume!
Child Jedi Robe
Your child's jedi-master dreams with come true in our Jedi Robe Child. This costume incudes the cape only so you will need to piar this accessory with a Jedi Child Costume and Lightsaber for a complete Jedi look. Darth Vader won't know what him when your child comes at him in this Jedi Robe Child.
Lion Cub Costume and Rattle for Babies
Want to have a roaring good time with your tot this Halloween? Order the Infant/Toddler Lion Cub Costume. This three-piece set is worthy of the king of the beasts and includes a headpiece with mane, brown footie jumpsuit with white tummy and a gray mouse rattle. The Lion and the Mouse is a fable by Aesop and tells the story of a mouse that was caught by a lion. He pleads to be let go and promises to one day help the lion. The big cat finds this amusing but lets the mouse go. Sometime later, he is caught in a trap and the mouse gnaws through the ropes and sets the lion free. The moral of the story is even little beings can be powerful, something that is worth teaching your child. But until your child is old enough to learn fables, you can dress her in this playful outfit and take lots of photos.
Kid's Cheetah Cat Girl Costume
The Kids Female Cheetah Cat Costume is a cute feline outfit that is literally made to transform you into a kitty cat from head to toe. The outfit features a poly jumpsuit, attached cat ears, hood, and face mask. This Costume comes in a extra small, small, medium, and large to provide a comfortable fit. The outfit is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Shoes are not included with the outfit but our Black Patent Maryjane or Black Ballet Slippers will look excellent with the costume. You can add to the cheetah cat look by accessorizing with our large assortment of accessories such as Cat Nails and Eyelashes, Cat Tail, Black Cat Whiskers, or Leopard Fancy Nails.
Hulk Toddler Costume
Your child will be able Hulk SMASH any obstacle that comes their way when they throw on our Hulk Toddler Costume. You'll have the cutest Avenger out there when you step out with your little Hulk in tow. This costume comes complete with a padded jumpsuit, mask, gloves, and boot tops - everything you need to transform your little one into the strongest Avenger.
Darth Vader Child Costume
Set out to squash the rebel alliance and dominate the galaxy in our Darth Vader Child Costume. This costume comes complete with a padded jumpsuit, cape, mask, and gloves so your little one can fight against their enemy in style! Become one of the greatest villains in our Darth Vader Child Costume today!
Hulk Child Costume
Hulk SMASH! If your child is ready to release the beast from within then the Hulk Child Costume is perfect for them. This daring costume comes with a padded jumpsuit that imitates Hulk's muscles, mask, boot tops, and gloves. Show everyone there's a good guy inside when your child teams up with the Avengers to take down Thanos.
Kids Camo Trooper Costume
Give your kid a shot at upholding the code of honor and defending the American way with this Commando Child Costume! This awesome soldier's uniform for kids includes a jumpsuit, a padded vest, knee pads, and a face scarf. The jumpsuit is made of the digital camouflage worn by U.S. soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and it features an American flag patch applique on the left shoulder. With cargo pockets and a more traditional camouflage print, the padded vest will make your child ready for combat. The olive green knee pads make crouching comfortable, and the black face scarf feature the image of a skull to intimidate enemy forces. To complete your child's soldier outfit, be sure to add a toy gun, boots, and a helmet, which can all be found separately on our website. Dressed in this Commando Child Costume, your kid is sure to breeze through basic training and leave their mark on the battlefield!
Kid's Butterfly Girl Costume
Your daughter will be looking like a beautiful insect angel this year when she's sporting our Girls Butterfly Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your daughter into the most stunning little bug to ever flap her wings. Featuring a gorgeous black, orange, and white dress with Monarch Butterfly designs, as well as a matching pair of wings, she's going to absolutely love sporting this magical butterfly attire this year.
Kid's Wolf Jumpsuit With Mask Costume
Howl at the moon with all your friends this Halloween while dressed up in the Wolf Jumpsuit With 2018 Halloween Masks Costume for Boys! This furry costume features a hooded wolf-like jumpsuit with a matching wolf-face 2018 Halloween Masks. Team up with some other wolf friends this Halloween and you can all go on the prowl for candy as an awesome wolf pack! Buy your costume today and go make this Halloween a howling good time.
Kids Tan Firefighter Costume
Has your child always wanted to be a hero? With the Boys Tan Firefighter Costume, they can be the brave fireman they know and love! This costume is perfect for make believe or Halloween. It comes with a jacket & overalls. Combine it with any of our awesome firemen costumes and accessories for an awesome look!
Spiderman Toddler Costume
Your little one's spidey senses will be tingling in our Spiderman Toddler Costume. This padded jumpsuit comes with a mask to protect your little one's identity, gloves so they can shoot webs, and boot tops. Your little spider can hang out with MJ and Ned as they run around town solving mysteries and saving New York City.
Kid's Seven Seas Pirate Costume
Even when your little one dresses in the Seven Seas Pirate Child Costume, he won't have to get on a boat and travel across the ocean to find the buried treasure as long as you take him trick or treating around the neighborhood! The complex outfit is composed of a multiple garments, including a black jacket with an attached shirt front underneath and a pair of comfortable black pants. Other items, such as black boot tops, a belt, and a classic pirate hat with an attached red head scarf underneath, also come with the outfit so that your tot can appropriately accessorize. Your son and his mateys are going to have a blast on their treasure hunt through the neighborhood this year when you take them trick or treating!
Kid's Clucky The Chicken Costume
Classically comical it's hard to beat a good chicken costume! This Clucky the Chicken Costume for Kids is the all purpose and versatile costume that you're Halloween wardrobe needs! Including full body jumpsuit and chicken hood you will be everyone's favorite Feathered Friends and you'll have a complete an unforgettable costume for Halloween School functions or just taking pictures with Grandma! Made of high-quality and comfortable materials so your kid will love wearing it as much as you love seeing them in it. Add a rubber chicken to up the comedic appeal in this irresistible outfit! Find more terrific ideas to upgrade this look an hour full selection of Halloween costume 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories! Choose a costume that will make everyone your little one smile and make them the star of everyone's Instagram! Don't wait until the last minute! Your celebration begins when you order your Clucky the Chicken Costume for Kids online today!
Kids' Cat Costume
Your kid will be leaping, pouncing, jumping, and purring with delight this year when they're sporting our Cat Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your child needs to become an adorable feline who just wants to have a little fun. Featuring a black leotard, a purple tulle tutu with a black tail, a black pair of tights, and a matching set of ears, you're going to absolutely love this kitty look on your child this year.
Kids Green Army Boy Costume
Your little one will be in charge of all the toy soldiers this year when you dress them up with our Green Army Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a fun green figurine who knows their way around a rifle and a parachute. Featuring a green jacket, pants, a tank top, a belt, a mask, a helmet, and boot tops, you're not going to want to miss out on this great army get-up.
Solo: A Star Wars Story Han Solo Child Costume
Your little one is going to look adorable in this Han Solo costume! Featuring a jumpsuit with attached boot covers and jacket, all you'll need is a blaster and maybe a keychain featuring dice to complete the look and save the galaxy!
Rey Child Costume
Start training to use the Force in our Rey Child Costume! This Rey costume features a short-sleeved jumpsuit with attached fabric wraps. The front of the jumpsuit features a printed texture to look like Rey's desert-scavenging outfit, and comes complete with matching gray arm warmers. Finish off your little one's costume with a scavenger's bag and they'll be good to go!
Kids Peacock Costume

This item does not ship internationally.

Ruffle some feathers this Halloween when you wear this Peacock Costume! The outfit features a fit and flare dress that is many shades of green and blue. The top is garnished with deep purple trim and two gold strands descending down the front. A magnificent green collar is attached to the top of the dress to add extra flare to the outfit. The tiered skirt has three layers: the top layer is made of green and clear mesh with golden designs all over, the middle layer is a shimmery green, and the bottom layer boasts of purple and gold. A deep green bow lies on the waistline of the skirt. Of course, the costume includes a grandiose tail made of pale blue material and garnished with sparkling peacock feather print. The glittering gold and green headpiece really brings the whole outfit together. Purchase a pair of golden flats, peacock feather eyelashes, or a makeup kit, each sold here separately, to complete the look.

Captain America Child Costume
Watch your little one command the respect and attention of all guests in our Captain America Child Costume! This costume comes complete with a padded jumpsuit, mask, boot tops, and belt. Your capable crime-fighter will be a patriotic powerhouse in this muscle-chested costume and will be able to team up with Bucky to stop crime for generations to come. Shield not included.
Captain America Toddler Costume
Red, white, and blue. Those are the trademarks of Captain America and what will be your little one's too when they put on our Captain America Toddler Costume. Defend enemy's attacks with the included shield and always be one step ahead of the enemy while wearing the included utility belt. Throw on this padded jumpsuit with included mask and boot tops to completely transform into America's favorite Avenger.
Kid's Nativity Donkey Costume
Your nativity play is not complete without a donkey, so order this Children's Nativity Donkey Costume, which includes a jumpsuit and headpiece. While the bible doesn't specific exactly how Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem, tradition says the pregnant woman rode a donkey. So this is why the pack animal is always seen in a nativity scene or play. Your audience will be expecting a donkey so give them your child dressed in this lovable outfit. These horse relatives were domesticated in Africa about 5,000 years ago, so it would not be unusual for travelers to have a donkey. They are very smart animals and eager to learn but can be stubborn as well. It they are commanded to do something they perceive as dangerous, they will simply refuse. Offered in a medium, which fits most kids who wear sizes 8 through 10.
Baby/Toddler Octopus Costume
Your kid will be the master of the ocean this year when you dress them up with our Octopus Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to spread out their tentacles and have some fun. Featuring a light blue furry body with squiggly polka dot tentacles, as well as a pair of white leggings and a cute octopus face hood with a white hat, you're going to love this adorable oceanic look on your kid this year.
Kids' Junior Fighter Pilot Jumpsuit and Hat
Off you go into the wild blue yonder! Don't fly away from this site until you order the Boy's Jr. Fighter Pilot Costume for your child. This green jumpsuit comes with a blue hat. Several patches accent the suit, including an American flag, an eagle head and an ACE patch. Fighter pilots engage in plane to plane combat, known as dogfights. And kids, especially boys, love to hear the tales of daring heroics. The first known dogfight occurred during the Mexican revolution in 1913, but it wasn't until the first World War that they became an important part of military strategy. The most well-known and feared pilot from that war was Manfred Von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron. He was the nemesis of the allies and remains a nemesis of Snoopy. Your child's Halloween will really take off once he puts on this outfit.
Kid's Captain Cutlass Pirate Costume
Lead the charge against landlubbers in the Boy's Pirate Captain Cutlass Costume. Being a pirate isn't easy but it sure can be thrilling when in-charge of a crew. This outfit comes as a long jacket with golden trim designs. A brown belt is included which has a red scarf attached. A classic tricorn hat tops off the ensemble to show you are the captain. Get this outfit ready for Halloween and pirate themed events. Browse our toy weapons to find a fitting sword and other 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories.
Baby/Toddler Vintage Wolf Costume
Welcome a baby wolf into your home and smile this year! Purchase the Vintage Wolf Infant/Toddler Costume for your child and take memorable photos. This grey and white three-part ensemble is adorable. It features grey and white shoe covers, a furry white and grey body with a tail, and a wolf head hood. Thick socks will easily complete this look. Also accessorize with grey leggings for warmth. All accessories are sold separately.