Shimmer & Shine Costumes & Accessories


Your child will be granting wishes left and right this year when they're all spruced up in one of our fun Shimmer & Shine costumes from our Shimmer & Shine collection. It's not easy being a genie in training. Sometimes you grant a wish correctly, and other times... well, there might be a mess or two to clean up. When your child is all dolled up as their favorite little genie, they'll certainly be looking and feeling just like magic, and hopefully with no messes to clean up! And with our adult Shimmer and Shine costumes, you'll be able to join your tot in a magical genie theme for your family Halloween costumes this year. What's more enchanting than that?

Baby/Toddler Shimmer And Shine Shine Deluxe Costume
Shine is the twin sister genie of Shimmer. This costume is a light blue jumpsuit with an attached light blue vest. The garb also comes with yellow cuffs with red rubies on them. This costume also comes with a blue headpiece. Shimmer and Shine's bracelets glow when they are actively using their magic or Leah calls on them. Your child will look spectacular in this adorable genie outfit. Your wishes will come true when you see how beautiful they'll look in this awesome costume.
Baby/Toddler Shimmer And Shine Shimmer Deluxe Costume
If your little princess had three wishes, we bet one would be for the Shimmer and Shine Deluxe Shimmer Child Costume. The set includes a headpiece with a long red pony tail, cuffs and a jumpsuit with attached vest. The jumpsuit features sparkly purple pants and the vest in trimmed in gold. When a girl names Leah wins a genie bottle at a carnival, she received a huge surprise. Genies Shimmer and Shine were inside. The twins are actually genies in training, and so when they fulfill Leah's wishes, they often make mistakes, such as getting her a surfboard instead of a skateboard, filling Leah's house with trees when she asks for a tree house, or getting a real dinosaur instead of a dino toy.
Girls' Pink Shimmer and Shine - Shimmer Wig
Steal the spotlight this Halloween with our Girls' Pink Shimmer and Shine - Shimmer Wig! Radiating a disco ball's brilliance, this sparkly pink wig guarantees you'll be the showstopper, captivating everyone under any light. As you dazzle and gleam, expect a flurry of admirers inquiring about your sparkling accessory. Prepare to be the luminous talk of the party!
Girls' Blue Shimmer and Shine - Shine Wig
Take your standout ensemble to the next level with our Girls' Blue Shimmer and Shine - Shine Wig! Imbued with a disco-ball sheen, this wig promises to be the conversation starter at any gathering. Perfect for Halloween or any festive occasion, this sparkly blue wig for girls' radiant sparkle ensures you not only fit the part but also become the dazzling focal point. Prepare to bask in compliments as you light up the room with this scintillating accessory!
Kids Shimmer And Shine Leah Deluxe Costume
Let your little girl shimmer and shine this Halloween in the Shimmer and Shine Deluxe Toddler Leah Costume! She'll love pretending to be kind caring Leah in this adorable pink outfit and gold crown headpiece with blonde ponytail. Get her a plush purple fox to stand in as Leah's beloved Parisa and everyone will think this costume is genie-ous!
Adult Shimmer And Shine Shine Deluxe Costume
Become everyone's favorite genie this year when you get all decked out in our Adult Deluxe Shine Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a beautiful wish-granter who knows a thing or two about magic. Featuring a pretty blue top with an attached vest, a matching pair of pants, a pair of golden cuffs, and a dazzling bright blue headpiece, you're not going to want to miss out on this stunning look this year.
Kids Shimmer And Shine Zeta Costume
An evil sorceress has never looked so cute! Put on this Zeta costume. Get ready for a perfect Halloween in Zahramay Falls. This set comes with a blue structured jacket and purple pant jumpsuit. Try on her beautiful headpiece with signature hair! Cast a spell in this cute outfit, complete with green gem decals.