Thanksgiving Costumes, Accessories & Decorations

Adult Black Tricorn Hat with Gold Trim
Make waves at your next costume party with this Adult Black Tricorn Hat with Gold Trim. With an adjustable drawstring for a secure fit, this comfortable hat will add an extra touch of class to any outfit. Whether you're attending a costume ball or taking a stroll around town, this light-weight hat with a sleek black finish and intricate gold trim will be the perfect timeless addition to your ensemble. From soldier to Minute Man, this versatile hat pairs well with a variety of costumes. It is made from premium, durable materials, so you'll always be ready to lead the way on your next adventure.
Kids Juliet Costume
Your little angel will be pining over love this year when you dress her up with our Juliet Child Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into one of William Shakespeare's most famous female characters. Featuring a gorgeous blue dress with white and gold accents, as well as a matching blue and gold headpiece, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this elegant look this year.
Bow and Arrow Accessory
You'll be the master of the forest this year when you're all equipped with our Bow and Arrow Accessory. With this set, you will receive everything you need to lurk in the shadows and hunt your prey with respect and grace. Featuring a brown bow with aqua blue splattered designs for a supernatural aesthetic, as well as a set of 2 arrows, you are going to have the time of your life wielding this weapon with the rest of your Native American attire.
Kid's Colonial / Pilgrim Girl Costume
Your little Pilgrim will settle right in to a night of Autumnal fun when she wears the Grey Pilgrim Girl - Kids Costume. This Thanksgiving or Halloween costume includes a long gray dress with a long white apron and round white collar, and a white bonnet. You can complete the historical look with accessories like Round Eye Glasses Clear, Black Patent Maryjane with Heel Child, Girls White Tights, White Gloves for Child, and Gold and Silver Colonial Style Shoe Buckles, sold separately on our website. This simple outfit is modeled after those worn by Pilgrims, who were early settlers of the Plymouth Colony in modern day Massachusetts around 1620. This authentically detailed costume will be a festive addition to any Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween or school event. Whether your child is carving up turkey or picking up candy, she look appropriately festive in this genuine ensemble.
Bow and Arrow Set
Take from the rich and give back to the poor as Robin Hood did with his mighty bow. Fight for vigilante justice as your favorite superhero. Or spread love with an arrow as the trickster Cupid. At the end of the day, the Bow and Arrow Set is the costume accessory to have in your arsenal. Set includes one (1) bow and one (1) arrow. Order online today!
Colonial Jabot & Cuffs Accessory
Looking for some accented pieces for your Colonial costume this year? Then look no further than our Colonial Jabot & Cuffs Accessory. With this set, you will receive just the attire pieces you need to really put on that air of elegance and class wherever you go. Featuring a white jabot with white lace trim, as well as a matching pair of cuffs, you definitely do not want to miss out on this stylish set of accessories this year.
Ben Franklin Wig And Eyeglasses Kit
Now your child can become the Renaissance Man of the Age of Enlightenment with this Children's Ben Franklin Disguise Kit! It comes with eyeglasses, and a wig featuring Franklin's famous bald head and long gray hair.
Adult Black Colonial Knickers Costume
Looking for the perfect pair of knickers for your colonial costume this year? Then look no further than our Black Colonial Knickers for Adult! Whether you're dressing up as a colonial soldier or an early American farmer, you're going to be looking your best and more while sporting these great bottoms. Featuring an all black pair of knickers that stop about the knee, you're going to have a blast wearing these fun American pants this year.
Adult Bow And Arrow Set
Complete your Robin Hood, knight or crusader costume with the Bow and Arrow Set. This accessory includes a functioning bow, a quiver with an adjustable strap, and three suction cup tip arrows. You'll be ready for action in a variety of costumes when you add this prop.
Kid's Colonial / Pilgrim Girl Costume
Staging a theater production or play about Plymouth? Or maybe you are attending a Thanksgiving costume event something along the lines of a reenactment to show how the very first ever Thanksgiving feast went with the Native Americans? Whatever the reason is dress yourself in authenticity for the occasion that also shows the classic look of the Pilgrims and what they were way back then in the pages of history books. Introducing the Pilgrim Child Costume for Girls (Medium Size)! Hop back into the time period when the first Pilgrims arrived to America and see what it was like to wear those clothes and those designs on them. You can obviously become one for your event including Halloween and assume the persona of a historical figure. Neat accurate and fun how can you go wrong? And don't forget about Halloween since that also counts as a valid holiday to put on a costume.
Adult Black Buckled Colonial Shoes
Make history this Halloween with the great Colonial Shoe Adult! The shoes, which are designed in a colonial style, are black with golden buckles on the top. These are perfect for your historical reenactment, colonial Halloween costume, or Thanksgiving pilgrim look.
Adult Martha Washington Costume
They say that behind every great man is a great woman. Now you can step into the world of one of the greatest women in American history! This Martha Washington Costume for women consists of a stunning one piece dress constructed to look like an elaborate 1700's era outfit: a long, light blue gown underneath a cream colored [jacket?] patterned with blue vertical stripes and a subtle red and green floral design. The dress is detailed with white lace along the cuffs and collar, and ruffled blue edges along the [lapels] of the [jacket] and the hem of the gown. Everything is topped off by a matching cap, making you the spitting image of the first First Lady. Be sure to pay a visit to our Accessories section for additional items such as wigs, glasses, gloves, shoes, jewelry, and more. Show your maternal side by dressing like the mother of our country!
Kid's Colonial Girl Martha Washington Costume
Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was the wife of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Although the title was not coined until after her death, Martha Washington is considered to be the first First Lady of the United States. Our Child's Colonial Girl Martha Washington Costume comes complete with a gown and navy blue blouse with white sleeve trimmings. The outfit comes in two sizes: medium and large, to ensure a comfortable fit. The outfit is versatile as it can be worn for any costume party, Halloween, or any history project presentation. This costume is one of our most coolest in stock and at such an affordable price it's sure to be a great steal this Halloween. Shoes are not included with the outfit but our Black Patent Maryjane with Heel Child will work perfectly.
Boys' White Colonial Wig
The year is 2023, but who says you can’t travel back to the 18th century for Halloween? On October 31, anything’s possible. This Boys’ White Colonial Wig from means your child can pretend to live in a history book for the night. Give your son the chance to live out his presidential dreams in this old-fashioned classic hairstyle. Whether he wants to embody the Founding Fathers or play the role of a Revolutionary War soldier, this wig will make his historical dreams come true. To complete the look, pair it with a blazer and a collared white shirt.
Adult Harvest Turkey Headpiece
Feeling festive? Be the star of the feast with the Adult Harvest Turkey Headpiece, a turkey-tastic tribute to autumn's bounty. With its plush turkey design, this silly hat will have everyone giving thanks for your exquisite sense of humor. Whether you're stealing the spotlight at Thanksgiving dinner or just aiming to add a dash of whimsy, this headpiece is the perfect recipe for laughter and fun. Get ready to strut your stuff with this cute little feathered friend perched atop your noggin!
Adult Black Capotain Style Pilgrim Hat
You'll be telling everyone what it was like to be one of the first settlers of America this year when you are wearing our Colonial Hat Accessory. Perfect for any Pilgrim or Colonial get-up, you definitely don't want to miss out on this classic historical design. Featuring a black hat with a black ribbon lining the base along with a large golden buckle in the front, you are going to absolutely love wearing this great hat atop your head.
Women's White Colonial Wig
You'll be looking classy as ever this year when you get all dressed up with our Womens Colonial White Wig. With this one, you will receive just the wig you need to look and feel just like a Queen in the Monarchy. Featuring a pure white set of hair with curly and wavy designs, you are going to be feeling drop dead gorgeous when wearing this one. Pair with a historical costume and some accessories from our site and you'll have the night of your life!
Kid's Colonial Boy Costume
Experience the olden days in the black and white design of the Child Pilgrim Boy Costume. Your son will look and feel like he's from the original colonies once he steps into the shortened black britches of this costume. This outfit is created with authenticity in mind, so be sure to add a good pair of white stocking socks and pilgrim shoes to his feet. The waist is highlighted with a simple black belt with a gold buckle on the front. The long sleeved shirt displays an oversized white collar and white wrist cuffs, This costume also includes an genuinely inspired pointed black hat. The front of the hat showcases a white ribbon above the brim with a gold buckle reminiscent of the belt buckle. Your child will love reenacting the first pilgrimages to the United States in this boldly contrasting ensemble. White stockings and shoes not included. See our online Size Chart to determine your best fit.
Men's White Colonial Wig
You'll be looking classy as ever this year when you get all spruced up with our Colonial Mens White Wig. With this one, you will receive just the wig you need to channel history and show the world what it was like to live back in the olden days. Featuring a stylish and stunning white wig with curls on the side and a ponytail in the back, you definitely don't want to miss out on this glorious look this year.
Pilgrim Set - White
You'll be farming the land in no time when you get all dressed up with our Pilgrim Set - White. With this one, you will receive everything you need to become one of America's first settlers. Featuring a white bonnet, an apron, a pair of white lace cuffs, and a collar made of heavy white cotton, you are going to have the time of your life when you are wearing this fun historical get-up this year!
Women's Colonial Mob Cap Bonnet
Travel back in time to the 1600's with this Women's Colonial Mop Cap Bonnet. This light-weight white bonnet, trimmed with decorative lace, is just the accessory you need to complete your time-period costume. Whether you're dressing up for a Halloween party, a colonial reenactment, a play, or a historical pageant, this authentic hat is sure to help you look and feel like a living piece of history. Made from high-quality fabrics, this hat is designed to look great, feel comfortable, and stay in place through all your old-timey adventures. Finish off your timeless look with the perfect accessory to exude elegance and class everywhere you go.
Adult Black Victorian Bonnet
Whether you're dressing up as a pilgrim, a Colonial settler, or a Southern Belle, you'll be looking more beautiful than ever when you're wearing our Adult Black Victorian Bonnet. This sleek and stylish bonnet is made from lightweight and breathable fabric to keep you looking and feeling cool and comfortable, and its elegant velvet bow and wide brim add a touch of 1800s authenticity to your costume. Put on this elegant black accessory and you're sure to be the talk of the town. Pair it with a black dress to complete your look!
Kid's Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume
Heres your childs chance to step into the past with this historical Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume! Jump into the era of the American Revolution with this traditional dress. This costume consists of a lovely period accurate brown dress with tan ruffled trim, a matching long apron, and a tan bonnet hat. Your daughter will have a great time as a Colonial Girl!
Adult Ride-A-Turkey Costume
Looking for a fun costume that is sure to get the party going this year? Then look no further than our Ride-A-Turkey Adult Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to hop atop a giant turkey and ride yourself wherever you need to go. Featuring a plushy stuffed orange turkey body piece with attached turkey legs and a pair of blue faux jean rider legs, you don't want to miss out on this festive turkey rider look this year.
Adult Roasted Thanksgiving Sweater Costume
You'll have the most festive sweater at the holiday party this year when you put on our Roasted Thanksgiving Adult Sweater. With this one, you will receive just the sweater you need to show your love for turkey. Featuring a black and brown long sleeve sweater with a large brown roasted turkey on a platter printed in the center, as well as the word "Roasted" on the chest, you're going to love this festive look.
Girls' White Colonial Wig
Your little one will be looking cute as can be this year when you dress them up with our Girls Child Colonial Wig. With this one, you will receive just the historical wig your daughter needs to become one of the original inhabitants of America she has read about in her textbooks! Featuring a fun and stylish white wig that will look great with a whole variety of historical Colonial looks from our site, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Ben Franklin Colonial Man Costume
Become one of the most intelligent Founding Fathers of America this year when you put on our Ben Franklin Mens Costume. With this patriotic set, you will receive everything you need to fly kites in lightning storms and help draft up the Declaration of Independence. Featuring a blue coat, a gray vest and shirt front, a white jabot, a set of black cuffs, red pants, and a pair of white stockings, you can't go wrong with this political look this year.
Kid's Colonial Boy Costume
Celebrate history in the blue and white character costume of the Colonial Boy Kids Costume. The front of the loose long sleeved design is done in blue fabric. There is button detail on the front for a truly genuine look. Your child will feel just like a boy from the colonial times in this awesome costume displaying a real looking jabot for that white frilled flare of the old times. Matching pants are also included and can be worn with tall stocking socks for an authentic capri-length look. Don't forget the striking black hat with white details around the upturned brim. The style looks so authentic, your child will love reenacting his favorite moments from history. The hat is specially designed for an ergonomic, snug fit for maximum comfort. Shoes and toy weapon are not included. See our online accessories suggestions for even more creative ideas.
Adult Colonial Woman Costume
This Colonial Woman Costume Adult comes with a dress and bonnet. The blue dress is floor-length, as was the style of the day. It has a small waist, full skirt, lace accents on the long sleeves and white fabric on the bodice. A small blue bow sits in the front of the white bonnet. During the colonial period, women worked as hard as the men. In most homes, tasks were divided by gender. Women's responsibilities including taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, laundry, sewing, making candles and emptying chamber pots. Fortunately, your lot in life is not as difficult. You have indoor plumbing, electric lights and instead of making your own costume, you can order it from us. Makes a great outfit for Independence Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving.
Adult White Felt Victorian Bonnet
Transport yourself to a time of elegance and grandeur with this classic hat. You don't have to travel in time to look the part! The Adult White Felt Victorian Bonnet is the perfect addition to your 19th century costume or cosplay. Channel your inner Victorian lady with this high-quality, white felt bonnet - ideal for theatrical costumes or for a fun day of dressing up. The tie at the bottom ensures your bonnet will stay securely in place throughout the day. For those times you want to be très chic, wear it to a special gathering.