Kids Gothic Princess Costume

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Indulge her majesty with this Royal Princess Child Costume. Your little girl is definitely a princess to you which is why this makes for the perfect ensemble to wear! It is representative of the Gothic style during the Middle Ages and was quite popular. Think of attending various Medieval Times or festivals to match the time period. This particular outfit comes as a long purple dress. It has drapings along the top and sleeves. A lining of violet appears along the center with drawstring attachments. Complete the look using the included headpiece. It wraps around the forehead and has additional drapery falling below the chin. Use this during various historic recreations and reenactments from centuries ago. The Royal Princess costume is certainly fitting for children to wear if they would like to be treated with the utmost respect and honor. Browse around for scepters tiaras and other 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories to match.
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