10 Foot Crashed UFO Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decoration
The Inflatable Crashed UFO Prop accessory will have your front home looking like the home of the aliens. This piece will definitely have all the kids saying ooohhhh" as they come to your front door when trick or treating. Be one of the coolest neighbors with the most creative outdoor decorations."
10 Foot Light Up Colossal Skeleton Standing Prop
Looking to give your Halloween decor a major scare-factor makeover this year? Our 10 Foot Standing Light-up Titan Skeleton Prop is sure to do just that! This towering skeleton figure is the perfect way to make your house look like a haunted cemetery - it's 10' tall and even includes a stand with light-up eyes for extra spooky effect in the night. Don't miss out on this creepy decoration, it's sure to give your Halloween the extra oomph it needs!
10 Foot Reaper Archway Kaleidoscope Projection Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decor
It will take a daring soul to enter your yard when you have this Scary Pumpkin Reaper Archway Halloween Inflatable at your entrance! This inflatable archway is the perfect way to turn your home into a spooky haunted house this Halloween! Self-inflating in seconds, this airblown inflatable creates a truly eerie atmosphere in your yard. The archway is purple with big, orange hands at the bases and there is a jack-o-lantern head at the top with built-in Kaleidoscope projection lights that are sure to send chills down any trick-or-treater's spine. This inflatable decoration will take your Halloween yard decorations to the next level!
10 Inch Long Dropping Spider
Hang the 10 Dropping Spider Prop on your front porch or in the doorway to your Halloween party to give guests and trick-or-treaters a jump scare! While this black spider isn't frightening or gory in and of itself, the fact that it suddenly drops down from the ceiling to say hello makes it as good for scaring as any other horror prop. It's covered in an all-black fabric and has four straight legs on either side of its body. Two white ovals act as eyes on this black arachnid.
10 Inch Vulture Skeleton Prop
A picture is worth a thousand words--so a skeleton must be nearly a book. Amaze your friends and neighbors with this vulture skeletal prop. Versatile enough for indoor or outdoor display. Just wear your eyes to believe and tell your tallest tales.
10 Piece Set of Bones
In need of some bones? Then don't miss out on our Bone Bag - 10 Piece this year! With this set, you will receive all of the bones you need to decorate your home in style. Featuring a bag of 10 bones all coming in different dimensions, you will have a blast scattering them throughout the living room, out on the porch, or out on the front lawn with the rest of your decorations this year.
10-inch Indoor or Outdoor Zombie Hand from the Ground
The dead will truly be risen this year when you decorate your home with our 10-inch Indoor or Outdoor Zombie Hand from the Ground. Whether your place this ghoulish hand out on the lawn along with some tombstones for a haunted cemetery vibe, or just place it in the living room to add an extra layer of spookiness to the ambiance, you're going to love this creepy corpse-like hand. Featuring a blue zombie hand which is emerging from the ground, you'll have all your guests on edge when they catch sight of this ghostly horror.
10-inch Skeleton Rat Decoration
What's worse than a rat infestation? A skeletal rat infestation of course! With our 10-inch Skeleton Rat Decoration, your house will look like it's been taken over by rodents from the underworld. Featuring a 10" rat prop with no flesh and all bones, this creepy creature knows a thing or two about scaring some guests. Perfect when paired with some other spooky decorations and props from our site, you're going to have the scariest house on the block in no time. Pick up your skeleton rat today, and go make this a Halloween you never forget!
1000 Watt Fog Machine
Spice up the night with the Fog Machine - 1000w. This accessory includes a 1000 watt fog machine. You'll enjoy dancing the night away when you pick up this high quality item.
11 Inch Trick Or Treat Neon Window Wall Decor
This Halloween, give your trick-or-treaters the warmest of welcomes with our 11 Inch Neon Bright Trick Or Treat Sign Decoration! It's the perfect sign to give your visitors a festive atmosphere, with its black background, orange 'Trick or Treat' lettering, and white flying bat designs. Don't miss out on this special decoration - it'll make your house the talk of the neighborhood! Plus, the attached suction cups make it easy to put up and take down. So get ready to enjoy a spooky, fun-filled Halloween with our Neon Bright Trick or Treat Sign!
11-inch Zombie Groundbreaker Lawn Stakes
The yard won't be fully complete until you have a decrepit zombie bursting from the ground to scare the trick or treaters with! With our 11-inch Zombie Groundbreaker Lawn Stakes you will receive everything you need to make it appear as if your home is a haunted graveyard with corpses who enjoy the fresh air more than the underground. Featuring a set of lawn stakes with zombie hands and a zombie face that you can easily plant into your lawn, this assembly is as quick as can be. Pick up yours today, and then check our site for more ghoulish decorations!
11.5 Inch Zombie Hands Light Up Graveyard Prop
This Halloween, your house will be the talk of the town with our 11.5 Inch Fade In/Out Light-up Grave Breaker Hands Prop! Get ready for the fright of your life when these zombie hands start to glow - it's sure to make the trick or treaters think twice before approaching your house! Each set comes with two arms and hands that light up, a connecting wire, and four stakes for easy assembly. Don't miss out on this spooky set - it's sure to make your Halloween decorations unforgettable!
12 Foot Creepy Tree Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decor
Halloween is the time of creeps, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, and even nature itself seems out to get you when the moon rises. The 12 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Creepy Tree is ready to gobble up unaware trick-or-treaters, and at such a height we don't think anybody will be able to get away best keep your distance while enjoying your candy. It comes with an LED light to make sure it's the centerpiece of your decorations.
12 Foot Floating Ghost Lightshow Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decor
Get ready for the most spooktacular Halloween yet with this Giant 12 Foot Light-up Floating Ghost Halloween Inflatable! Add some extra scare-factor to your yard and terrify all the trick or treaters who come to visit. This 12 foot blue wavy ghost airblown will look amazing in the daylight and even better when lit up in the evening. Plus, it comes with a heavy duty fan, ropes, and yard stakes. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind ghost decoration - it's sure to give everyone the fright of their lives!
12 Foot Ghostly Reaper Light Up Animated Prop
October and Halloween to be precise is the time of spooky apparitions and otherworldly visitors. Use the 12 Ft. Light Up Ghostly Reaper to add a huge, scary character to your next time of costume fun. This immense ghoul will draw everybody's attention, even if they think they aren't easily scared. It even lights up, so it's the perfect addition to the outdoor decorations among haunted graves, creaky old trees, and zombies clawing up out of the ground.
12 Foot Light Up Skull Greeter Hanging Prop
Add some spookiness to your house this Halloween season with our 12 Foot Hanging Light Up Skull Reaper Prop. This large, 12-foot skeletal reaper prop comes with a grey, tattered robe and red glowing eyes, so it's sure to give your guests a bit of a scare when they come to visit. Not to mention, it includes a string for easy hanging. Get your hands on this creepy demonic figure prop now and make your house the talk of the town!
12 Foot Scary Tree Light Up Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decor
Transform your home into the most haunting spot in the neighborhood with our 12 Foot Light-up Scary Tree Halloween Inflatable. Trick or treaters won't know what hit them when you set up this spooky inflatable tree in your yard. At 12 feet tall, it's sure to make a statement. It features big scary claws, green eyes and a mouth, as well as a light for nighttime display. Plus, you get a heavy duty fan, ropes, and yard stakes - everything you need to make your Halloween extra special. Get ready to have a blast with this creepy tree!
12 Foot White Fabric Spider Web Yard Decor
This Halloween, you'll have the spookiest house on the block, guaranteed! Our 12 Foot Spider Web Fabric Prop will make it look like a giant arachnid has taken up residence at your place. This decoration includes a large 12' gray fabric spider web prop that you can put up anywhere in your yard or porch - perfect for drawing the attention of trick-or-treaters (and maybe even some real spiders!). Make your home the talk of the town this Halloween and grab this awesome decoration now!
12 Foot White Light Up LED Spider Web Yard Decor
Get ready to make all your trick or treaters shriek in fear this year with our 12 Foot Spider Web Light-up LED Yard Prop! This spine-chilling piece of decor is sure to make everyone believe there's a giant spider lurking somewhere on the property. The package includes a 12' rope web with 99 LED bulbs, a remote, a gutter hook, 5 ground stakes, and 1 cord so it's easy to set up and you'll be ready to start haunting in no time!
12 Ft Hanging Groom Ghost
When you decorate with our Hanging Groom Ghost Prop - 12', you will be spooking the love right out of the air. With this set, you will receive everything you need to invite a sad and mortified groom ghost to your lawn to mourn the loss of his bride. Featuring a scary white faced demon in agony with long black draping tattered robes, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this large 12' prop.
12 Piece Set of Small Skulls
Scatter some skulls around the house and the yard this year with our Skull Bag - 12 Piece and you'll have everyone wondering if they just walked into a morgue or a crypt. With this set, you will receive everything you need to add some old decrepit bones to your overall house decor. Perfect for Halloween or for horror themed parties, you are going to love having these 12 4" skulls to decorate with this year.
12 Piece Tombstone Graveyard Set
Your house will be the most haunted one on the street this year when you decorate with our Cemetery 12 Piece Kit. With this kit, you will receive everything you need to turn your lawn into a spooky graveyard scene straight from a horror movie. Featuring 3 gray tombstones, 3 brown skulls, 2 skeleton feet, 2 skeleton hands, 1 bag of spiderwebs for that extra spooky touch, and 9' of barbed wire, you're going to love this set.
12' Hanging Prop Witch
Looking for a giant witch or hag prop to decorate your home with this year for Halloween? Then don't miss out on our Witch Hanging Prop - 12'. With this item, you will receive a large hanging witch which you can set up out on one of the trees on your lawn, or out on your porch. Measuring 12' in height, this terrifying prop is sure to make even the bravest trick or treaters this year scream in fright!
12-inch Black Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket
Whether you're going trick or treating with the kids or leaving out a bowl for all your trick or treating guests, the 12-inch Black Witch Cauldron Candy Bucket is sure to please. This large 12" bucket is perfect for storing candies, treats, and sweets, all while looking enchanted as ever. A cauldron is a witch's favorite magical item, allowing them to brew potions out of herbs, newt eyes, bones, and more. Place a bunch of candies into this great big cauldron and see how many magic potions you can concoct for all the kids this year!
12-inch Green Witch Hanging Decoration
You'll have the scariest house in town this year when you decorate with our 12-inch Green Witch Hanging Decoration. If you're looking for the spookiest witch or warlock to dangle from your tree, out on the porch, or inside the living room, then you can't go wrong with this menacing sorcerer prop. Featuring a bright green faced witch with an evil facial expression and a dark black cloak, you're going to have a magical blast scaring the neighbors with this one of a kind 12" hanging prop. Pick up yours today, and go wreak havoc in style this year!
12-inch Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration
Evil will certainly be afoot this year when you decorate the home with our 12-inch Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration! With this spooky little prop, you bet all the ghosts and ghouls will be shrieking in unison. Featuring a black cloaked demonic figure with a white skeletal face, a menacing facial expression, and black tribal accents, it doesn't get much more terrifying than this. Perfect for hanging on door knobs, out on the porch, or right in the living room, this creepy little grim reaper is sure to cause some screams this year. Pick up yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween and haunted props and decorations!
12-inch Scary Clown Hanging Decoration
There's nothing more terrifying than a murderous clown, which is why you're going to love scaring your guests this year with our 12-inch Scary Clown Hanging Decoration. Whether you're looking for a spooky prop for the lawn or porch, or just looking for a quick way to spookify the living room or kitchen, you can't go wrong with this evil little clown. Featuring a red and black cloaked clown with a menacing evil smile and bright orange fiery hair, you'll have as much fun as a day at the circus watching all your guests shriek at the sight of this wicked 12" prop.
12-inch White Ghost Hanging Decoration
Add a touch of horror to any spooky ambiance this year when you decorate with our 12-inch White Ghost Hanging Decoration. A charming little ghoul is sure to make any room or outdoor area an eerie place to be. Featuring a white cloaked ghost prop with a black pair of eyes and a frowning mouth, this little ghastly poltergeist will help bring together all your scary decorations this year. As perfect for the living room as it is outside on the porch, this little spirit is sure to leave a spooky impression. Pick up yours today, and then check our site for the rest of your Halloween and haunted decor items!
12.25-inch Sparkling Pumpkin Porch Light Cover
This smile will invite other smiles to your doorstep. A grinning jack-o-lantern is a Halloween classic. Trick-or-treaters won't be able to resist greeting this cute, orange pumpkin. Be the most adorable stop on the block! The light cover measures 12.25 inches tall and 9 inches wide.
13 Inch Dragon Skeleton Prop
Don't believe the people who say dragons aren't real. We have a Skeleton Dragon right here that proves they are. The creature stands on all fours as if he is standing guard. Dragons were known to covet treasure and kill anyone foolish enough to steal it from them.