Adult Prisoner Costume

Size: M
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You've spent your life being good. You've never been arrested never even gotten a parking ticket so this Halloween change things up a bit and see what it's like to be bad. Break the law in the Prisoner Costume for Women! This criminal costume comes in small medium and large and it includes a dress belt hat and mug shot sign. You may be an inmate but that won't stop you from looking incredible in this black and white striped dress and black belt. Put on the matching hat hold the mug shot sign and get ready to have your picture taken all night long. Complete your costume with a ball and chain or a pair of handcuffs and have fun telling everyone at the Halloween party what you did to land yourself in prison. Maybe you robbed a bank or stole a car. Perhaps it was insurance fraud or breaking and entering. You did the crime so you have to do the time but at least you get to do it in this fabulous prisoner costume.
Care instructions
Spot Clean
100% Polyester
Keep away from Fire
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