Adult Pin Up Witch Costume

Size: One Size
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You have most likely seen a few pin up girls or posters during your life. They date way back to the time period around the second World War where gorgeous girls graced posters posing and while wearing clothes (or half naked in some cases) usually army uniforms or anything like that. Not only did they become a popular symbol of pop culture but their fame has been carried over to today! Introducing the Pin Up Witch Costume for Women. Grace yourself as you become a popular pin up girl with a witch theme which is ideal for Halloween. With your looks combined with the witch costume some might think that you are an actual pin up girl model! Strike a pose or a stance that was very well known during the timer period. If anyone knows anything about pin up girls they will definitely and without any doubt recognize and appreciate your striking new look!
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Vacuum Form Plastic And Polyester
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