Adult King Tut Costume

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You're going to feel like pure gold this Halloween when you put on the Black and Turquoise King Tut Costume. Everybody loves King Tut. This ancient pharaoh ruled Egypt for ten years until his death where he was then mummified and placed in his famous sarcophagus. Many people don't know this but King Tut was only nineteen years old when he died. That means he was ruling Egypt as a nine year old when he first started as king! Talk about a powerful soul destined for royalty and great things. When you put on this costume you too will feel and look like the magnanimous Tut! With your purchase you will receive a glorious black tunic with a royal gold and turquoise collar a matching belt and armbands and a wondrous headpiece with a golden cobra at its top. Buy your King Tut costume today and go make this Halloween your most luxurious one yet!
Care instructions
To avoid danger of suffocation keep away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs beds, carriages, or play pens.
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