Wisemen Costumes & Accessories


As the Nativity story goes, far in the East, three Wisemen saw a bright star in the night sky and knew it was a sign that a new king had been born. The bright star guided them to Bethlehem, where they found the baby Jesus and paid their respects with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Since these Wisemen were philosophers and nobles, their dress is much fancier than that of shepherds. If you are one of the Nativity pageant's Wisemen, show your nobility with a fancy Wiseman Costume in both adult and kids sizes!

Kid's Deluxe King Of The Kingdom Costume
Animal print adorns the royal blue and gold design of the Deluxe King of the Kingdom Boys Costume. This eye-catching ensemble features a long sleeved blue robe with gold embellishment on the chest and wrists. The hem of the robe, which reaches the floor, is also designed with an intricate pattern. A striking blue costume cape is also included, and it's design is unlike any other! The cape showcases bold tiger stripes in tan and black at the collar and down the lengthy sides of the robe. Your child will feel like the king of his kingdom once he steps into this elite ensemble. A gold belt is also included for an even bolder appearance. Crown and scepter sold separately. See our online Accessories Tab for additional creative suggestions. Let the rightful monarch own the throne this Halloween!
Kids' Burgundy Wiseman Costume
Dressed in style, your son will feel like one of the wisemen in the soft long sleeved robe, with gold accents, of the Kids Wiseman Costume in Burgundy. This long sleeved design features a deep v neck cut with exposed gold material behind it. There is a different pattern of material in the same red shade on the border. The long sleeves have a loose fit, so your child can wear a set of thermals under this ensemble on chilly nights. A fancy sash ties around the waist. It can be worn on either side depending on preference. It can also be tied in the back. The robe reaches to the floor, and should be paired with a pair of brown sandals or sneakers depending on the season. This is a great costume to wear to a church costume party or a Halloween gathering. A red headpiece is also included with a band of gold wrapping around it. Shoes and other accessories sold separately.
Kids' Purple Wiseman Costume
Children in religious families often enjoy hearing the stories of the sacred texts. With the purple and gold robe of the Kids Wiseman Costume in Purple your child will be able to dress up like one of his favorite characters. This adorable ensemble is great for trick or treating or wearing at a Christmastime costume party. Teach your children the story of the baby Jesus and how the three Wisemen relied on the Star of David to find him in the manger. The costume features a purple long sleeved design. There is a v neck front with thick gold trim highlighting the area. A gold sash wraps around the waist for an added accent to an already awesome outfit. The robe reaches to the floor and can be worn with a comfortable pair of sandals. Sneakers may be worn during the colder months if desired. A fun headpiece in matching colors is also included. See our online accessory suggestions for additional ideas. Beard not included.
Adult Blue Wiseman Costume
Get out your frankincense and myrrh this year and head to Bethlehem when you pick up our Adult Blue Wise Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a magical wise man who knows a thing or two about riding a camel through the desert. Featuring a blue robe, a fez, and a matching belt, you are going to absolutely love wearing this fun Biblical look this year with friends.
Adult Ivory Biblical Robe With Headdress Costume
The Ivory Biblical Robe with Headdress Costume Adult is the perfect outfit to wear if you plan on following a star to Bethlehem. The long flowing robe and kandura are designed in the style of traditional clothes worn by people in the Middle Eastern desert. The light color reflects the sun, the loose fit makes them comfortable and easy to walk in and because it covers most of the body it protects against sunburn. The magi, visitors to the infant Jesus who came from the East, are often called the three kings. However, in the bible they are not called kings and there is no mention of how many visited Jesus. Because they gave him three gifts, tradition says there were three kings, but some denominations believe there are as many as 12.
Adult Burgundy Wiseman Costume
Follow the North Star and head to Bethlehem with all of your buds this year when you get all decked out in our Adult Burgundy Wise Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become one of the famed Wise Men who made the trek across the desert to bring gifts to baby Jesus Christ. Featuring crimson red robe, a fancy red belt, and a matching red and gold headpiece, you're going to love this one.
Adult Brown Biblical Robe With Headdress Costume
Will you be bearing frankincense, gold or myrrh when you are dressed in the Brown Biblical Robe with Headdress Costume Adult? The brown ankle-length gown features long sleeves that flare out just a little at the ends. The kandura headdress has a gold band around the top and long veil on the sides and back. This outfit is the traditional style of dress worn for centuries in the Middle Eastern desert. It comfortable and protects the wearer from sunburn. The magi, or wise men, were a group of travelers who visited the baby Jesus and gave him gifts. While they are often referred to as kings, they are not called this in the bible. Sandals are not included but you may purchase a pair from our accessories section. Of course this will also look great as a Halloween costume too.
Adult Sapphire Wiseman Costume
Honor the newborn king this Christmas or Halloween when you dress as one of the three wise men. The Sapphire Wiseman Costume features a brown robe with light blue and gold center section, a blue cape with a leopard print capelet, and a belt that matches the cape. The full headpiece completes the costume, its white cloth material making it look like you've walked through the desert to give your gifts. While it's stunning on its own, you can add a beard set, sandals and decorative gift box, sold separately. The Magi, also known as the three wise men, are said to have brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn Jesus. This costume will show your Biblical knowledge or just your Christmas spirit at any Christmas or Halloween event.
Adult Purple Wiseman Costume
You'll be well on your way to see baby Jesus in Bethlehem this year when you are all dressed up in our Adult Purple Wise Man Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to hop on your camel and get your frankincense and myrrh together to give as gifts. Featuring a long purple robe, a golden shimmering belt, and a matching purple and gold headpiece, you're going to love this fun Biblical look.