Wednesday Addams Costumes


Shop our costumes for kids and adults featuring Wednesday Addams' Nevermore Academy uniform from the Tim Burton Netflix series starring Jenna Ortega.

Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume
If your kid is feeling like they don’t quite fit in, look no further than the Nevermore Academy! This academic institution accepts all outcasts, freaks and monsters and is where the whole Addams Family went to school! In this Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume, your child will be able to master their supernatural abilities and befriend the death-obsessed Wednesday Addams. This kids costume includes a matching blazer jacket and below the knee skirt set that is blue and black and has the Nevermore Academy crest. Under the blazer is a purple sweater-looking top with an attached white collar and black tie.
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume
Wednesday Addams has always felt like an outcast and finally finds her place at the Nevermore Academy, a place where she can perfect her supernatural abilities. New school means new outfit and your kid can get her new fit with this Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Kids Costume! Your kid can embrace their gothic style with this matching black, gray and white striped blazer jacket and long skirt set. The blazer features the Nevermore Academy emblem and a gray sweater-like top with an attached collar and tie. The whole Addams Family will be so proud of you when you show off your new Nevermore Academy Uniform!
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Girl's Costume
Your child will be talking about all things dark and morbid this year when they're all dolled up in our Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Dress Kids Costume. If your little angel loves the dark, witty, and sarcastic sense of humor of Wednesday, then you know they're going to fall in love with this dazzling Wednesday look. Everybody knows Wednesday Addams lives on the darker side of life, which is why she's one of the best characters in the entire Addams family. While donning this elegant garb, you bet your daughter will be expressing her dark and mysterious beauty alongside all her outcast friends and classmates at Nevermore Academy. With this Wednesday Raven dress costume, you will receive everything you need to make sure your child is all dressed up and ready for class at Nevermore Academy. Featuring an absolutely stunning black and dark brown accented dress with elegant layers of fabric, a stylish black collar around the neck, and a dark gothic belt design around the waist, your child is going to love this unique and enchanting look. A dress that is both drop-dead gorgeous and comfortable to wear, this look can't be beaten. Whether your daughter is heading to a Halloween party, going trick or treating with friends, or just looking to get dolled up as her favorite Addams family member, she's going to fall in love with this one of a kind dress. To really complete the look, be sure to check out our site for makeup kits, dark wigs, and jewelry to accessorize. When your daughter's friends dress up as Enid, Yoko, Bianca, and all the other great Nevermore Academy characters, your child will surely be on cloud nine. Pick up your Wednesday Addams dress costume today, and go make this a night she never forgets!
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance Women's Costume
This Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Rave'n Dance costume for women features an a-line dress crafted from black gauzy fabric, accented with dainty ruffles for a unique and fashionable look. Perfect for Halloween or themed-parties, this costume is sure to be a standout!
Girls' The Addam's Family Wednesday Wig
Your little girl won't have to go to the extremes by obsessing of death and the macabre to be Wednesday Addams for Halloween. This Wednesday TM Wig for Child will transform your little girl into this little Addams. The black wig features a center part and Wednesday's signature braids.
Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume
Roll call for all outcasts! Nevermore Academy has accepted your application so get ready for class with this Addams Family Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume. Join your friend Wednesday Addams and master your extraordinary supernatural abilities in your new favorite school uniform. This adult costume includes a matching blue and black striped blazer jacket with the Nevermore Academy crest and a flowy midi-length skirt. Also included is a sleeveless purple sweater-looking top with an attached white collar and black tie. You’ll be looking sharp for when Wednesday introduces you to the whole Addams Family!
Kids Addams Family Wednesday Costume
Your daughter will be looking truly haunting this year when you dress her up in our Child Wednesday Addams Costume. With this set, you will receive everything she needs to become her favorite cryptic Addams Family character with a dark sense of humor and a sharp wit. Featuring a stunning dress that will instantly have her raising spiders and playing terrible tricks on her brother Pugsley, she's going to have a blast. Pair with a matching Wednesday wig from our site to really top out this look.
Bold Goth Black Lipstick
Going a bit 90s grunge or full goth? This Bold Goth Black Lipstick will take your costume or cosplay over the finish line. You've never seen a lip color so daring! Get ready to show the world that you're unafraid to make a statement with this bold goth black lipstick. It goes on smoothly and gives you the perfect coverage you want. So put your lips on display and make a statement with this daring lipstick. With a creamy, satin finish that will last through the night, this black gothic costume lipstick is the key to nailing your intense vibe.
Wednesday Addams Girl's Costume
Our Wednesday Addams Girl's Costume will have your kid feeling extra spooky in this classic black dress with a dotted white flower pattern and attached white cuffs and a dramatic white collar. This ankle length dress also features faux black buttons down the front and is straight out of Wednesday’s opening scene in the hit self-titled Netflix show. Now your kid can make the same dramatic entrance! It is the perfect look as your kid gets ready to make their Nevermore Academy debut or for any Addams Family fan. Wednesday Addams is a classic costume for Halloween and this one is an instant hit!
Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume
Finally, Wednesday Addams found a place that not only accepts her love of the macabre and all things death but encourages it! At Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams can follow in Morticia and Gomez Addams’ footsteps and master her supernatural abilities. Now you can update your Wednesday Addams look and add her new school uniform to your wardrobe rotation in this Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Uniform Adult Costume. This adult costume features a black, gray and white striped blazer jacket and long skirt. The jacket has the Nevermore Academy crest on it and the costume also includes a gray sweater-like top with an attached white collar and black tie.
Cheri Black Wig
If you're dressing up as an evil witch this year, then you're certainly going to want the Adult Black Cheri Wig as part of your costume's look. With this look, you will receive just the set of hair you need to fly on your broom, create wicked potions in your cauldron, and howl at the moon with your sister witches. Featuring a long black set of hair that comes down past the shoulders, you're going to love this look with the rest of your magic witch costume this year.
Girls' Wednesday Addams Wig
Is your daughter looking for a classic, bold costume this Halloween? You can't go wrong with one of the most beloved Addams Family characters, Wednesday Addams. When Wednesday becomes the new student at Nevermore Academy, she is determined to escape but finds herself solving the recent ghastly crimes instead. Help your little one channel their inner-Wednesday with the Girls' Wednesday Addams Wig from to add the perfect, spooky touch. Constructed with high-quality synthetic materials, this sleek, black wig features Wednesday's signature long double braids and blunt bangs right above the eyes. Your little one will have everyone snapping with this Wednesday Addams wig for kids. Go for the iconic Wednesday look or try something else with this wickedly-cute wig! It's comfortable, durable design makes it perfect for everyday dress-up, so you can enjoy the fun again and again.
Women's Wednesday Addams Wig
Elevate your eerie elegance with the mesmerizing charm of the Wednesday Addams wig. Whether you're hesitating to fully embrace the Morticia look or simply captivated by Wednesday's unique flair, the answer lies in the Women's Wednesday Addams Wig, awaiting you at Envisioned to impeccably complement your costume or cosplay, this meticulously designed wig is your ideal choice for this year's transformative festivities. Immerse yourself in the persona of Wednesday Addams as you don her signature double braids and sleek obsidian bangs, perfectly encapsulated by this adult wig. Its uncanny resemblance to the beloved character promises to envelop you in an aura of gothic mystique, exuding the same audacious style that Wednesday embodies. Prepare to blur the lines between reality and fiction, embodying the eerie charm that has captured hearts for generations. Unveil the uncanny with every strand – this Wednesday Addams wig breathes life into your Halloween portrayal, ensuring an unforgettable and hauntingly immersive experience. Summon the enigmatic spirit of Wednesday herself, casting a spell that resonates beyond mere appearance. This year, seize the opportunity to etch your presence into the memories of all who cross your path. As the season approaches, seize the chance to infuse your festivities with a touch of dark sophistication. Let the Women's Wednesday Addams Wig weave its magic, making this Halloween a chapter destined to linger in the minds of all who bear witness.
Kids Addams Family Wednesday Costume
Gothic dress may be in fashion these days, but Wednesday Addams had them beat by half a decade, and she still does it the best. Our Wednesday Addams Kid's Halloween costume features her unmistakable black pilgrim's dress with ghostly white cuffs and collar, tied all together by a classy black belt with a large buckle. This low low price would even make the original goth princess crack a smile, so feel free to accessorize with tights, shoes, wigs and more, all available on our site. The best part is, any ghoulish props you put into her hands automatically be come this sweet child's affectionate play things. Perfect for the moody girl who wants to have fun, or even the every day princess who wants to express her darker side. Just be sure she's a good girl and always says thank you to Thing!
Children's Skull And Bones Tights
Boo! Celebrate this Halloween by showing off some really impressive bone structure thanks to the Skull and Bones Tights for Children. This black and white product features some seasonal skeletal decorations that will make you look like a real bag of bones this season. Have fun showing off your creepy new costume to all your friends; that is of course if these tights don't send them running for the hills first.
Girls' Addams Family Animated Movie Wednesday Addams Wig
If you're ready to take your Wednesday Addams costume to the next level, look no further than the Girls' Addams Family Animated Movie Wednesday Addams Wig. With her signature middle part, dark black hair, and perfectly plaited braids, this Wednesday Addams wig for kids will tie your ensemble together. Pair this wig with our Wednesday Addams make-up kit to recreate your best Wednesday Addams look.
Girls' Black Witch Wig
This Black Witch Wig for Child will surely give your little girl the confidence to cast spells this Halloween. The center parted, black wig will transform any little girl into a dark little witch with it's sleek design. Don't be surprised if your little witch will want to stay up well into the witching hour with this Black Witch Wig for Child.
7 Inch Fortune Telling Skull Prop
Get ready to predict some spooky prophecies this Halloween with our 7 Inch Fortune Telling Skull Prop! This awesome prop is just what you need to read palms, tarot cards, and conjure dark spirits like a pro. Plus, it's covered in beige and brown engravings of suns, eyes, symbols, and stars, so you'll have everyone asking you to read their future when you set this sinister skull on the table. Get ready to make predictions like a real fortune teller!
Adult Black Buckled Witch Boots
You have a plain black outfit that you want to give a little pop. The Witch Adult Black Boots is all you need! These boots are funky and go great with any dark costume. The boot has a short heel to make it comfortable to wear and a zipper to make it easy to slip on. There is a decorated buckle going across the front of the heel; and to complete the look ? a very pointy tip! This fun look will have everyone checking out your boots this Halloween!
Women's Long Black 24-inch Witch Wig
You'll have the power to turn your enemies into frogs, cats, or salamanders this year when you're wearing our Witch Wig - Black. With this one, you will receive just the wig you need to look truly sinister as a master of dark magic. Featuring a long black wig which comes down past the shoulders, you're going to love this magical look when paired with a pointy witch hat or witch costume from our site.
Women's The Addams Family Wednesday Wig - Deluxe
This dark and mischievous daughter in the Addams family is all into death and the macabre so she'd definitely be into Halloween. This Deluxe Wednesday TM Wig is the perfect way to capture her signature look. The black wig includes a center part and her bold black braids.
Adult Addams Family Wednesday Costume
You'll be the creepiest and kookiest goth girl at your next Halloween party when you wear the Adult Sized the Addams Family ? Wednesday Costume. This Halloween costume includes a black Puritan style dress with a white collar and cuffs, and a wide black belt with a large white square buckle. You can choose from Small, Medium and Large sizes so you can be sure it will fit comfortably on your figure. Shoes, leggings and wigs are not included, but you can complete the classic look with Realistic Skull, Black Patent 5 Inch Classic Pump Adult, or Deluxe the Addams Family Wednesday Wig for Adult, sold separately on our website. The Addams Family fans are sure to recognize the officially licensed details of this costume, which is based on the one worn by Wednesday in the classic TV show, and all the members of your party will enjoy its spooky retro look.
Adult Addams Family Wednesday Costume
When Morticia and Gomez see you in our Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume, they're going to be so proud of how you turned out! With this black and white trimmed Victorian style dress, you'll look like the most dour member of the Addams Family. This creepy and kooky costume will surely be the only one you need from now on, since what can top everyone's favorite TV family? Start snapping your fingers along to the theme song when you wear this costume!
Women's Black 30-inch Long Wig
Elevate your allure with the Women’s Black 30-inch Long Wig. This hairpiece will add an air of elegance and drama to any ensemble. It’s the perfect finishing touch for any costume, including witches, a gothic vampire, a sorceress, a wizard, or an emo icon. You can even embody the striking look of movie stars, like Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams. This dark black wig is easy to style, allowing you to alter it according to your costume’s needs. Plus, it looks like real hair. So, let your spooky beauty radiate as you wear this stylish accessory on Halloween.
7 Inch Spirit Resin Skull Prop
This year, unlock the mysteries of the future with our 7 Inch Spirit Resin Skull Prop! With this eerie yet eye-catching relic, you'll have everyone thinking you have a dark, supernatural secret! Crafted as a beige and brown skull, adorned with suns, symbols, and Ouija board letters, this spooky decoration will be sure to summon all kinds of mysterious forces. Buy yours today and you'll be the talk of the town with the most haunted house of them all!
Adult Black Patent Heeled Maryjane Shoes
If you're looking for a versatile pair of shoes for your Halloween costume, buy the Black Patent Sexy Maryjane Shoe! These classic black high heels have a strap across the top to secure the shoe to your feet. These are a great purchase because you can wear them with your regular wardrobe as well.
Wednesday Addams Women's Costume
Transform into the woeful Wednesday Addams with this perfectly macabre costume! This midi black dress features a dotted white flower pattern, attached white cuffs and a dramatic collar, juliette sleeves, and faux black buttons down the front. With this costume, you can live out Wednesday's iconic opening scene of the self-titled hit show. Please note, piranhas are not included! This Wednesday Addams Women’s Costume will be your favorite for Halloween, making your entrance at Nevermore Academy, or day trips to Jericho with Enid. Addams Family costumes always make for a classic Halloween costume and are a perfect way to get your whole crew involved in a group costume idea everyone will love!
Women's The Addam's Family Wednesday Wig
Everybody is going to love your dark sense of humor this year when you show up to the party wearing our Adult Wednesday Addams Wig. If you're dressing up as the daughter of the Addams Family who loves to raise spiders and play cruel tricks on her older brother, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this great wig. Featuring a black set of hair with two braided pigtails, you're going to love this stunning look.
Adult Black Nail Polish
Whether you're dressing up as a witch, a vampiress, or a demonic ghoul this year, you're going to absolutely love having the Nail Polish - Black to decorate your nails. With this one, you will receive just the set of nail polish you need to add that extra dark sinister touch to whatever costume look you're going for this year. Perfect with a whole variety of costumes from our site, you're going to have a blast with this stylish black nail polish.
Adult Black Lace-Up Witch Boots
Sail through the night sky in style with these coven classics. No broom rider should be caught dead without a pair of Black Witch Boots. When combined with a black hat, dress, and some nasty makeup, these boots will build the perfect witch costume! Shop from our online catalog for big savings!