Top Kids Costumes


Halloween never looked so good! Here are our most popular, fastest selling costumes for kids for the 2022 Halloween season.

Paw Patrol Chase Costume for Babies and Toddlers
Chase the German Shepherd is a natural leader, born and bred. Take care of the town in this Boys Toddler Paw Patrol Chase Child Costume. The complete costume includes a soft brown, long sleeved jumpsuit with an attached tail and shiny blue vest printed with pockets and a silver zipper, and a yellow starred police badge on the end of it. A blue backpack to match the vest is also included with the same star badge. A headpiece is also included featuring a policeman's cap with tall brown ears poking out from the sides. Have a sibling dress as Marshall the fire pup for a great matching costume! Have a safe time trick or treating this Halloween, just look out for cats and feathers- Chase is allergic!
Paw Patrol Skye Costume for Babies and Toddlers
Let your toddler take to the sky this Halloween in this Paw Patrol Skye Toddler Costume! This officially licensed outfit is a great choice for any fan of the flying pooch. It includes a pretty pink tutu dress, a headpiece, and Skye's winged pup pack. The lovely dress features a satin bodice with a printed zipper and pockets. The scalloped waistband sits above a sparkly tulle skirt, which coordinates with sheer accents on the shoulders of the dress. Grey wings come out of the light purple backpack to help your child soar through the neighborhood. The headpiece is designed to look like Skye's pilot goggles with her orange fur on top. If your child is a pup that's just gotta fly, they're going to love wearing this Paw Patrol Skye Toddler Costume!
Kids Justice League Flash Costume
If your child has a need for speed, then you certainly don't want to miss out on our Flash Kids Superhero Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your kid into the quickest one out of all his friends. Complete with a red and yellow lightning bolt print jumpsuit, a pair of yellow shoe covers, a lightning bolt belt, and a matching Flash headpiece, your child will be zooming left and right with this heroic attire on.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Wonder Woman Costume
Your little super hero will love the shiny bright look of the Toddler Wonder Woman - Kids Costume. This Halloween costume includes a dress with a red top and shiny blue skirt complete with white stars and the Wonder Woman logo on the chest, a matching short red cape, shiny bright yellow belt, silver gauntlets, long red- and white-striped boot tops, and a gold headband with a red star in the center. This officially licensed costume will comfortably fit most children from age 1 to 2, and can be accessorized with our Glamour Girl Makeup, sold separately. Also be sure to check out our 6 Inch Glow Stick and Halloween Blinking Safety Light, easily found on our website, to help keep your little Wonder Woman safe while she's flying around the neighborhood.
Girls' Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume
Whether she's skipping along the yellow brick road or just along the living room floor, your little girl will be over the rainbow with joy in this Deluxe Dorothy Wizard of Oz Halloween Children's Costume. Featuring Dorothy's unforgettable blue gingham-pattern overall dress, this outfit also comes with an attached white shirt underneath with puffed out short sleeves and dress-matching blue bands around the sleeve cuffs and collar. Also included is a large, bright blue hair bow, making her the cutest girl in Munchkinland! Available in multiple sizes, this Deluxe Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume is priced so low you'd have to have fewer brains than the Scarecrow not to pick it up! Don't forget to add ruby red slippers, a Dorothy style wig, and a basket complete with Toto, all available separately at our Accessories page. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!
Kids Boy Dragon Ninja Costume
Your kid will be the most powerful ninja out of all their friends this year when you dress them up with our Dragon Ninja Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a kung fu master who can channel the energy of a dragon in all their punches and kicks. Featuring a black hooded top with an attached dragon scale tabard and attached black belt, a gauntlet for the left arm, a pair of black pants, and a dragon mask, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Girls' DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Costume - Deluxe
Your daughter will look brilliantly wicked in this DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Deluxe Costume. Harley is one of the many students at Super Hero High working on various skills to use in battle. Many may know Harley has a villain but this popular animated series depicts her as a lovable goof. This costume includes a white top with black and red diamonds. This ensemble also comes with blue shorts and attached red and black leggings. A black wristband, belt, and eye mask also come with this garb. Fans of the cartoon or the character in general will enjoy dressing the part in this Harley Quinn costume. Take a look through our accessories and toy weapons for more superhero items to include with your order.
Kids' Black and White Striped Jailbird Costume
Your little one will be breaking all the laws this year when you dress them up in our Child Jailbird Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a master criminal who knows a thing or two about living life on the wild side. Featuring a black and white striped inmate shirt, a matching pair of pants, and a convict hat, your kid is going to have the time of their lives while all dressed up as a scary prisoner this year.
Kids Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound
The dinosaurs are no longer extinct with the Kids Inflatable T-Rex Costume with Sound. Don't be a fossil when you put this costume on. You'll look hilarious when you show up as an inflatable T-Rex. This costume comes with all you need for a great time this Halloween. It includes a full body inflatable costume with open face and gloves. A battery operated fan keeps everything going!
Kids Black Panther Black Panther Deluxe Costume
Your kid will be taking back Wakanda in style this year when he's wearing our Deluxe Black Panther Boys Costume. If your child dreams of leaping through the sky and destroying his foes like a superhero, then you know he is going to absolutely love dressing up in this fun Black Panther get-up this year. Featuring a muscle padded black jumpsuit with attached boot tops and a highly detailed Black Panther mask, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Kids Five Nights At Freddys Foxy Costume
Foxy may be a discontinued animatronic pirate entertainer at Freddy Fazbears Pizza but that doesnt mean he doesnt come to life afterhours to terrorize anyone he sees! Your kid can take on this killer pirates persona with this officially licensed Five Nights At Freddys Foxy Costume and frighten everyone they see! This costume comes with a red jumpsuit depicting his damaged appearance, hooked mitt, and creepy mask with Foxys flipped-up eyepatch.
Baby/Toddler Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Costume
You already know how quickly your little one can devour his Halloween candy, but this year you'll be shocked at how quickly he can collect it when he goes trick or treating in the Toddler's Toddler Sonic Romper Costume! The outfit consists of a one-piece jumpsuit and a character headpiece so that your son or daughter will be comfortable enough to run through the neighborhood with Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and all of their other friends on an epic Halloween adventure. If your little one loves the video games as much as they love the TV show, the outfit is also perfect for wearing during gameplay to add even more fun! Playtime will also always be exciting when your tot has this outfit to wear, so make sure you buy this versatile garment for your Sonic lover today!
The Batman Deluxe Kids Costume
Batman is waging a vengeful war against crime in the DC Comics film, The Batman. During Batmans early crime-fighting days, he must hunt down the cryptic Riddler, who is targeting the elite of Gotham. Your little hero can don their own Batsuit straight from the movie with this officially licensed Deluxe Batman Costume! Stop the widespread corruption that plagues Gotham in this deluxe muscle padded jumpsuit that has attached boot covers and 3D arm gauntlets. This costume also includes a detachable cape, 1/2 mask, and utility belt to create the ultimate superhero outfit!
Kids Avengers Thor Deluxe Costume
There's not a villain in the world who will be able to take your kid down this year when he's wearing our Boys Deluxe Thor Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to summon lightning storms, generate energy blasts, and smash villains through the wall with his Mjolnir hammer. Featuring a muscle padded jumpsuit, boot tops, and a molded silver headpiece, your kid is going to love this fun Avengers attire.
Kids Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Costume
Your kid will be the quickest one out of all their friends this year when they are sporting our Kids Sonic Jumpsuit Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to zoom and dash like a professional racer. Featuring a blue oversized Sonic jumpsuit with a beige belly and sleeves, red shoes, and a spiked Sonic face hood, your kid is going to be feeling fast and cozy all at once while donning this fun video game character costume.
Kid's The Original Inflatable T-Rex Costume
Stomp your way back to the Cretaceous Period with Deluxe Inflatable T-Rex Child Costume. This outfit set recreates the classic likeness of this feared predator. This creature is the same dinosaur that scared viewers in the original dinosaur age. This creature is famous for eating goats, breaking out of its cages and chasing jeeps. This creature is a carnivore and is known to be the king of all dinosaurs. That's if the Indominus Rex doesn't steal the title! Now you can become this feared dinosaur with this deluxe inflatable costume set. This outfit features this giant reptile's battle damaged exterior, an attached battery operated fan, attached shoe covers and wearable 2 fingered gloves. Dinosaur fanatics will feel large and in charge when they don this realistic outfit.
Kids Justice League Aquaman Deluxe Costume
Your child will be talking to the fish, sharks, and sea creatures this year when you get them all decked out in our Deluxe Boys Aquaman Costume. If your little one dreams of swimming in the ocean with the speed and power of Aquaman, then they're going to love this aquatic attire. Featuring a foam-padded gold and green muscle jumpsuit with attached gauntlets and boot tops, as well as a matching golden belt, your child is going to feel like the true King of Atlantis donning this outfit.
Kids Avengers Hawkeye Costume
Your child will be firing off arrows left and right this year when he's all decked out in our Boys Marvel Hawkeye Costume. Hawkeye is a true master with a bow, so when your son is wearing this heroic get-up, he'll have a blast fighting Thanos and other villains. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become a master archer and join the Avengers with all of his best buds. Looking this heroic, he's going to love this archer attire.
Kids DC Comics Harley Quinn Tutu Dress
Sometimes, it can be just as fun to play as a superhero villain. Introducing the Girls Harley Quinn Tutu Dress! If your daughter is set on going as Harley Quinn for Halloween, be sure to add this dress to her wardrobe. With that tutu dress, all what's left is to add some props and face paint for a killer look! Pretending to be a superhero can be cool and fun. However, being a villain, especially on Halloween can be just as exciting! Made from polyester, the dress comes with an eye mask, headpiece, collar, and glovelets.
Kids DC Comics Batgirl Premium Costume
What do Barbara Gordon Stephanie Brown and Betty Kane have in common? Aside from being women of Gotham City they've also played Batgirl to Bruce Wayne's Batman at one point or the other. And with our Premium Girl's Batgirl Costume your child can too!
Kids Five Nights At Freddys Foxy Costume
If your kid loves playing Five Nights at Freddy's, then you know they're going to love dressing up with our Boys Foxy Freddy's Costume. Foxy is the pirate fox accordion player in Freddy Fazbear's band, and while his instrument skills are solid, he has this big problem where he murders the guests at night! With this set, you will receive a red costume top, a pair of gray mitts and a pirate hook, as well as an evil animatronic Foxy mask.
Kids The Brave And The Bold Batman Costume
Get a fun cartoon look with our Kid's Brave and the Bold Batman Costume. Batman's design in the Brave and the Bold TV show features the same colors seen in this comfortable jumpsuit, mask, and cape ensemble. The grey suit features a yellow and black Batman logo on the chest, built-in gauntlets, and a utility belt design. To keep your secret identity safe, this outfit also includes a blue plastic mask that covers everything above the nose. Batman always manages to look great weather he is solving a big mystery or stopping a crime with his superior fighting skills, and you can look just as good! Add neat bat-gadgets like a batarang or grappling hook to create an action-packed Batman costume for your next social event.
Kids' Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume
When the Tin Man asks for a heart in the movie ?The Wizard of Oz,? he discovers he had one inside him the whole time. Your child will bring out the hearts of everyone else in this Tin Man Child's costume! Featuring a metallic gray jumpsuit, this Ozian outfit also comes with an attached gray padded vest and matching bow tie. Top the costume off (literally) with the iconic silver colored funnel hat, and you'll be ready to walk the Yellow Brick Road and confront whatever danger and wonders await! Want to add even more luster to your look? Our Accessories page has a poppy field full of extras, like a ticking clock heart, silver axe, makeup kit to shine up your non tin features, and more! The perfect costume for a lone wanderer or the part of a group, be sure to grab your Tin Man Costume for Child today, before they're gone like a Kansas twister!
The Batman Kids Costume
The Bat is back and looking for vengeance! DC Comics brings us a new version of the Caped Crusader with The Batman. A young Bruce Wayne in his early crime-fighting days tries to take down the cryptic serial killer, The Riddler. Now your little hero can suit up in this officially licensed Child Batman Costume from the movie to expose and stop Gotham's rampant corruption and crime! This Batman costume includes a padded jumpsuit designed like Batmans new Batsuit. The jumpsuit has 3D arm gauntlet details, attached boot covers, a detachable cape, and a 1/2 mask. Be the hero Gotham deserves!
Deluxe Catwoman Girl's Costume
Cat woman is the cunning and skilled woman thief from the famous Batman franchise. This costume includes a one piece black jumpsuit, molded eye mask replicated after the Catwoman eye mask from the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rising and molded belt. Make sure to include some additional accessories such as a fashionable pair of shoes and some matching jewelry to make this ensemble complete. Catwoman is a favorite amongst girls because not only is she tough and independent she is able to hold her own against the caped crusader himself. Unlike Batman, Catwoman doesn't have such a strict set of morals but that's part of what makes her so interesting. This is going to be a big hit this year which makes it a great choice for a Halloween costume.
Kids Teen Titans Starfire Deluxe Costume
Whether she's a fan of Teen Titans or Teen Titans Go!, your child will enjoy setting foot in the Girl Starfire Deluxe Costume this Halloween. As the alien with the pink hair from a far away planet, Starfire is pretty as she is powerful. If this sounds like your little one, give her an awesome costume that's comfortable and cute. The Girl Starfire Deluxe Costume comes with a dress, boot tops, a belt and gauntlets.
Baby/Toddler T rex Fossil Costume
Want to dig up some ferocious cuteness this Halloween? You can when you dress your toddler up in this T-rex Fossil Costume! This comfortable black jumpsuit is printed with a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and has attached feet, gloves, hood, and tail. The hood has the iconic T-rex skull printed on it. Your kid will have a great time with this fun, prehistoric costume!
Kids Wonder Woman 1984 Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume
Wonder Woman's job is probably one of the most difficult ones on the planet, but your daughter will certainly be ready for the challenge when she's wearing our Child Deluxe Wonder Woman 2 Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your little angel into an Amazonian princess warrior who seeks to serve justice and order wherever it's needed. Featuring a gorgeous Wonder Woman dress, gauntlets, and a tiara, she's going to love sporting this look this year.
Kids Dark Knight Catwoman Costume
Your girl will look as sassy as her favorite Batman character when she wears the Catwoman Costume for Girls. This costume includes a black jumpsuit with a front zipper detail and attached boot tops, a wide black utility belt, headpiece and a shiny black molded eye mask. Catwoman is a super villain in Batman comic books, TV shows and movies. She is known for her athletic and gymnastic abilities, burglary skill, and tight black costumes with climbing spikes and retractable claws. She uses a bullwhip and cat o' nine tails for self-defense and for gymnastic stunts. Whether your girl likes to watch Batman TV shows, saw the Catwoman movie or is excited about the new The Dark Knight Rises, she's sure to enjoy this authentically detailed costume. Be sure to check out our other super hero costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website for a fun group costume.
Kids Wonder Woman 1984 Cheetah Deluxe Costume
Your daughter will be boasting all kinds of fun superpowers as a supervillain this year when she's wearing our Child Deluxe Cheetah Costume. With this set, your daughter will be granted super speed, super strength, and enhanced senses with long claws and fangs for fighting as she takes on strong superheroes like Wonder Woman and the Justice League. Complete with everything you need to transform your daughter into this wicked supervillain, she's going to love this fierce animal look this year.