Kids Zombie Costumes

If your child is all about the Walking Dead, you can help them fulfill their fantasies of being part of the show with our creepy zombie costumes! They can do special effects makeup like the best of them with our zombie accessories, and then when they see themselves in the tattered clothes in our selection they'll feel like they're Patient Zero! And no matter how gross your child looks, they'll stay comfy in our zombie costumes as long as they're rampaging.
Kids Punk Zombie Costume
When the zombie apocalypse comes no one will be spared. Not the rich the poor the pop artists or the punk rockers. Order the Punk Zombie Costume-Child so your kid can be undead with an attitude and great taste in music. It includes a jacker with a zombie chest-piece and a headpiece with a mohawk.
Kids Sweet Screams Costume
Little kids in horror movies are always scary, so your child will certainly fit that role in our Girl's Sweet Screams Costume. Prepare your daughter to scare everyone on Halloween! This outfit comes as a single dress. It is entirely white with a sheer overlay. There are decorative tears and tattered pieces. A collar line also features deterioration along with a black ribbon bow. Tie up her hair using the included ribbons to make the look complete. Pull off a terrifying time with this Sweet Screams costume. Select other ensembles and products to help get even more decorative for the spooky holiday.
Kid's Zombie Pirate Boy Costume
Your child will be hunting for oceanic treasures in style this year when you dress them up in our Pirate Zombie Boys Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into an undead crewmate of the Black Pearl! Featuring a gray and brown pirate shirt with an attached vest and wrist ties, a black belt with a golden buckle, a matching chest belt, and a set of brown boot top covers, you don't want to miss out on this stylish matey attire.
Swamp Zombie Kids Costume
Alligators and snakes aren't the only creepy things to come out of the bayou! Your kid will get all the screams when they are in this Swamp Zombie Kids Costume! This set includes a grizzly skull mask, a swampy green jumpsuit featuring a zombies decaying body and matching skeletal gloves, this costume creates a unique zombie look. This costume is quick and easy so your little undead kid can be scaring everyone they see in no time!
Kid's Sublimation Prom Princess Zombie Costume
Your little angel will be the most popular corpse in school this year when you dress her up in our Zombie Prom Princess Costume! With this unique get-up, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into an undead little angel who has a knack for being loved by all of her friends. Featuring a cute pink and black spooky dress with a Miss Zombie Princess sash, you can't go wrong with this fun zombie look for your daughter this year.
Kid's Zombie Hunter Costume
Go kill some undead corpses this Halloween when you put on the Child Zombie Slayer Costume! You'll feel just like Rick and Carl and Daryl from the Walking Dead while wearing this awesome get-up. With your purchase you will receive a brown cowboy-like hat a Zombie Hunter green shirt and a long blood splattered trench coat. There's not a zombie in the world who could take you down while you're donning this powerful slayer costume. Decide upon your weapon of choice and you'll send all of those undead walkers running. Whether you're more of a dagger and sword guy or whether you'd rather take down your foes with a cross-bow a bat or a hammer you'll have the time of your life swinging away while dressed up in this trench coat. Be sure to check out our site for all of your other gear 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories and weapons. Pick up your zombie hunter costume today and this Halloween go hunt some zombies with all your friends!
Zombie Robe Kids Costume
Caution: Zombies Ahead! Your kid is taking the undead thing to the next level in this Zombie Robe Kids Costume! Perfect for haunted houses or bringing the frights to spooky costume parties, this costume set includes an oversized mask, robe, waist sash and gloves. This costume is sure to scare anyone with a giant mask that features hollow eyes and sharp teeth and the tattered, olive-colored robe has layers of netting. Your kid cant go wrong with this terrifying zombie costume!