Kids Werewolf Costumes

If your child goes a little wild on the full moon, they might be howling for a werewolf costume when Halloween rolls around! Your little monster can run with their pack, or go lone wolf, when they choose a werewolf costume to go hunting in this Halloween. With our fur and ripped up clothing, they're sure to stay warm on a chilly night, and they'll find a werewolf's skin as comfy as their own PJs. Plus, they can wear their werewolf costume for play pretend anytime the rest of the year--especially when the full moon rises every month!
Baby/Toddler Wolfred Costume
If your family is in love with this FX show then you are going to need this Wilfred Costume for Kids. Your little one might not fully understand but this is one of the most unique items that you will ever find for Halloween. If you're unsure just ask Bear! This pup is the only pup who is allowed to sit at the dinner table. Some folks thinks he is a real dog other see him for what he really is; a man in a dog suit! How hilarious is that? You will have your trusty companion with you at all times and you can bet that all of your friends and neighbors will stop you just to see how adorable your kid looks in this item. This faux-fur hoodie jumpsuit will not only be comfortable but it will make you want your child to wear this item on the daily and not just on Halloween! Don't worry though. Your little one knows better than to act like the real Wilfred. He'll behave.
Werewolf Kids Costume
Take a walk on the wild side in this Werewolf Kids Costume! Your kid can transform into a moon howling wolf with this adorable but hair-raising red plaid dress that features claw marks, a fur collar, and a jagged hem. Also included are pair of furry mitts and a wolf ear headpiece. This costume is a cute take on a traditional werewolf design and your kid wont even need a full moon to transform into this classic beast!
Kids Universal Monsters Wolfman Costume
You have contacted lycanthropy and turned into a werewolf or wolfman (which is pretty much the same thing as the other really) hungry for blood and thirst to devour. Turn yourself into a hairy / furry beast that is a common encounter in tales and in myths. Introducing the Universal Monsters: Wolfman Costume for Boys. During the day you are basically a regular kid who enjoys playing games reading playing sports and being with family. But whenever there is a full moon you start to itch and hair grows on your chest and all over the place. You are unable to control yourself as you slowly turn into an abomination of the night. Run through the forests of your town or city and celebrate Halloween as a classic monster! Show off your incredibly awesome and talented wolf howl and how well you can replicate it. But when morning comes you are back to normal!