JoJo Siwa Jackets


Transform your kiddo into the internet's favorite dancer, singer, and influencer, JoJo Siwa, with a sparkly jacket!

Girls' JoJo Siwa Pastel Biker Jacket and Hairbow
Your daughter will be looking absolutely glamorous this year when she's all dressed up in our JoJo Siwa Biker Jacket Kit. With this special kit, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the cutest viral sensation to ever put out a new video on YouTube. Featuring a multi-colored pastel glimmering biker jacket with a matching silver studded pink bow, your daughter is going to feel like an absolute star sporting this great look.
Girls' JoJo Siwa Bomber Jacket Costume
Your daughter will be feeling like an absolute star this year when she's sporting our Girls JoJo Siwa Jacket. With this one, you will receive just the jacket your little angel needs to make it big out there on YouTube just like her favorite icon, JoJo Siwa. Featuring a black bomber jacket with colorful decals, a pink dazzling sequins skirt, and a matching large pink hair bow, you are not going to want to miss out on this glamorous look this year.
JoJo Siwa XOMG POP! Kids Jacket Costume
Looking for the perfect jacket for your daughter's pop artist costume this year? Then look no further than our XOMG POP! Kids Jacket Costume. If your little angel dreams of being a part of Jojo Siwa's XOMG POP! band, then she is going to absolutely adore this one of a kind eclectic jacket. Perfect for belting her heart out, dancing all her favorite moves, and putting on a performance for the ages, your daughter is going to love this jacket so much she's never going to want to take it off. One thing is certain, looking this good with this jacket on, your daughter will be feeling like she's on cloud nine all night long. With this XOMG POP! costume, you will receive just the jacket your tyke needs to capture the world by storm. Featuring a flashy and sparkly multi-colored jacket with an attached tulle bow atop the shoulder, multi-layered fabric sections on the side and shoulder, and polka dot and star accents, this jacket is sure of superstar quality. With the word "XOMG" attached on each side of the jacket in big bold colorful letters, your daughter is going to look and feel just like a star in this one. Whether your daughter is hitting the stage with her friends at the talent show or dressing up for Halloween, she'll be looking and feeling her best when she has this unique pop star jacket on. If you're looking for more great costume and accessory items, be sure to check our site so your daughter can accessorize her look with wigs, sunglasses, jewelry and more! To really make it a fun time, consider a XOMG POP! costume theme with your daughter and her friends. With tons of other XOMG POP! costumes on our site, we have much to choose from. Pick up your jacket today!