Hostess Snacks Costumes & Accessories

Hostess Twinkie Adult Costume
America's favorite snack cake will quickly become your favorite costume with this Hostess Twinkie Adult Costume! This foam pullover costume is all you need to become the ageless yellow snack cake that has been satisfying sugar cravings for close to a century! This comfortable foam costume has a Hostess Twinkie printed on it and is perfect for trick-or-treating or as an attention getter for a bake sale! Have a friend be another Hostess treat for a great couples costume theme!
Hostess Cupcake Adult Costume
Nothing will be sweeter than when you are wearing this Hostess Cupcake Adult Costume! This high-quality pullover foam costume gives you the unmistakable appearance of America's favorite cupcake. Get some sweet looks at your next costume party or bake sale in this comfortable foam costume that has a Hostess cupcake printed on it. You will have a snackable costume that is sure to make people smile and maybe even trigger a few sugar cravings!
Hostess Twinkie Pet Costume
Elevate your furry friend's style game with our charming Hostess Twinkie Pet Costume, an irresistible choice designed to make your pet shine like a golden treat in any crowd. This delightful ensemble includes a golden Twinkie outfit adorned with white cream circle accents on top, ensuring that your pet becomes a delectable sight that's hard to resist. Make a statement with your pet's fashion choices by embracing the whimsy of the Hostess Twinkie Pet Costume. Whether you're preparing for Halloween festivities or simply seeking a fun and playful way to dress up your pet, this costume guarantees to turn heads and create moments of delight at any occasion. Immerse your pet in cuteness with an outfit that not only looks adorable but also provides comfort. The Hostess Twinkie Pet Costume is thoughtfully designed to ensure a comfortable fit, allowing your pet to enjoy hours of playful fun without any discomfort. Putting on and taking off the outfit is a breeze, ensuring that your pet is ready for their Twinkie-themed adventure in no time. Picture your pet transformed into the most scrumptious dessert of all time – a golden Twinkie that's simply irresistible. This costume is more than just an accessory; it's an opportunity to let your pet take center stage and captivate hearts with their unique and charming appearance. The Hostess Twinkie Pet Costume is a celebration of playfulness, charm, and the joy that comes with transforming your pet into a beloved treat. Don't miss out on the chance to add an extra layer of excitement to your pet's life – get their Twinkie costume today. Whether you're attending themed parties, going on leisurely strolls, or simply spreading smiles during everyday outings, this ensemble guarantees endless fun, admiration, and conversations wherever you go. Let your pet become the star of the show with the Hostess Twinkie Pet Costume, and watch as their irresistible charm and whimsical appearance light up the surroundings. Embrace the magic of playful transformations and celebrate the sweetness of life with a costume that adds a sprinkle of joy to every moment you share with your beloved furry companion.
Hostess Cupcake Pet Costume
Indulge in the sweetness of the season with our delightful Hostess Cupcake Pet Costume, a scrumptious transformation that's bound to turn your furry friend into an irresistible treat. Picture your pup embodying the delectable charm of a brown and chocolatey cupcake, topped with tantalizing white frosting accents – it's a recipe for cuteness that's hard to resist. Elevate your pet's wardrobe game with this charming cupcake costume, perfect for Halloween festivities or any occasion where you want your pet to steal hearts with their irresistibly cute appearance. As your pet dons this ensemble, they'll become a walking embodiment of the joy and delight that comes with the most mouthwatering desserts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Hostess Cupcake Pet Costume is more than just an outfit – it's a celebration of sweetness and playfulness. Made to ensure both style and comfort, this costume guarantees that your pet will not only look adorable but also feel at ease throughout their cupcake-themed adventure. Who can resist the temptation of a Devil's Food dessert? This costume is the ultimate temptation for anyone with a soft spot for cuteness. Prepare to witness your pet steal the spotlight as they become the center of attention at any gathering or event, spreading smiles and igniting conversations with their charming cupcake persona. The Hostess Cupcake Pet Costume isn't just an accessory; it's a way to celebrate the joy of indulgence and the magic of playful transformations. This costume promises to create cherished memories, make hearts melt, and capture the essence of delight that only a sweet treat can evoke. Don't wait to add a touch of sweetness to your pet's world – get your Hostess Cupcake Pet Costume today! Whether you're attending costume parties, going trick-or-treating, or simply enjoying a playful day out, this ensemble guarantees endless fun and admiration. Embrace the magic of whimsy and sweetness with a costume that adds an extra layer of joy to every moment you share with your beloved furry companion.