Rewards Double Points on Holiday Decorations, Costumes, and Accessories Rewards Double Points on Holiday Decorations, Costumes, and Accessories

Holiday Ride On Costumes

If making people laugh gets you on the Nice List, you are going to be at the top when you show up to your holiday costume party in a Ride-On Costume! These hilarious holiday costumes will make your friends and family do a doubletake thinking you rode a reindeer to the party or carried in by an elf! Hitch a ride on one of your favorite holiday characters, like Santa or a snowman! With Holiday Ride-On Costumes for adults and kids, the whole family can get in on the fun!
Kids' Ride In Camel Costume
Getting live animals for your nativity play is not always easy, so order a Ride On Camel Child Costume for your magi instead. The playful costume takes you straight to the desert. Your child's legs fit through the back legs of the camel and their upper body becomes the rider. The attached stuffed rider legs with sandals complete the illusion. The details continue with the camels humps and tail! There are even reins for the camel. We expect that you will have the most interesting nativity play in town. This can also be used for a humorous Halloween costume. Order it now so your child can wear it for both holidays.
Adult Myself On An Elf Ride On Costume
Ride into any holiday party in style with the Men's Myself on an Elf Ride on Costume. This is the perfect outfit to get folks laughing as soon as you step in the door. The costume is great to wear for any special occasion and perfect to ring the holidays in! The outfit includes a pair of pants that is designed to look like an elf with legs dangling over its shoulders. This one of a kind costume is all you need to show everyone you are ready to have a blast! The pants have an elastic band so it is easy to slip on and off.
Adult Cold Shoulders Snowman Ride On Costume
All year long you and your office coworkers have had lots of work to complete and you want to give everyone a good laugh at the holiday party. If you want to show everyone you are ready to have some fun, the Men's Cold Shoulders Snowman Ride on Costume is all you need! This outfit will have everyone smiling as soon as you enter the venue. The elastic pants that you slip on is designed to look like a snowman carrying you on its shoulders. It is cute and perfect to give everyone a funny moment to remember. Dance around all night long and show everyone you and the snowman are ready to get down!
Kid's Ride a Reindeer Costume
Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? We think this might be him and your little Christmas angel can ride him. Order the Ride a Reindeer Child Costume and watch your kid step right into the outfit and sit on its back. It features a stuffed animal with two attached rider legs, antlers and reins. It also comes with a Santa hat and a Santa coat.
Adult Santa Ride In Reindeer Costume
Want to be festive this holiday season but don't want to wear a simple Santa suit? Get the Men's Santa Ride-A-Reindeer Costume, which it features St. Nick riding on Rudolph. The set comes with a stuffed reindeer with attached Santa legs, hat and Santa jacket. The brown soft reindeer features two antlers on his head and a red nose. When you put on the reindeer suit, your legs become the its back legs and you hold up the front using the attached reins. Put on the hat and jackets and become Santa and Rudolph. The ninth reindeer first appeared in a 1939 book written by Robert L. May and has grown to become the most popular of all the reindeer. Don't forget to order a white beard, gloves and eyeglass frames, which are sold separately.
Adult Santa On My Back Costume
You've probably heard of having a monkey on my back, but have you heard of the Santa On My Back Costume Adult? This amusing outfit actually depicts you riding on Santa's back; we are guessing it's because you are someone's Christmas present. You will put your legs in Santa's pants and his face sits on your waist. Fake legs hang down so it looks like you are riding on Kris Kringle's back. St. Nick is dressed in his classic red suit with white trim and black belt with buckle. He wears a red cap and has a mustache, beard and bushy eyebrows, which are all white. The legs are wearing blue pants and what looks like black sneakers. We suggest you wear a red or green shirt and put on a Santa hat too.

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