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Unleash your inner speedster with our collection of The Flash costumes featuring looks from classic DC Comics to the 2023 movie starring Ezra Miller.

Kids Deluxe The Flash Costume
Trick or treating as Flash is the best. You want loads of candy? Psh that's easy! Just zoom around town for 3 seconds and you'll have twenty bags full! This Halloween become the quickest superhero in the universe when you buy the Deluxe Muscle Chest The Flash DC Comics Costume. Pick up yours today and you'll have more candy than any of your friends this year!
DC League of Super Pets Flash Toddler Costume
Your little one will be moving at the speed of light this year when they're all decked out in our DC League of Super Pets Flash Toddler Costume. The Scarlet Speedster has never looked cooler than in this comfortable padded jumpsuit, padded boot tops and foam headpiece. Perfect for fun costumed events or League of Super Pets watch parties. Celebrate your family's love of DC Comics and don't forget Flash's best bud, Merton the turtle!
Kids Justice League Flash Costume
If your child has a need for speed, then you certainly don't want to miss out on our Flash Kids Superhero Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to transform your kid into the quickest one out of all his friends. Complete with a red and yellow lightning bolt print jumpsuit, a pair of yellow shoe covers, a lightning bolt belt, and a matching Flash headpiece, your child will be zooming left and right with this heroic attire on.
Adult Justice League Flash Costume
Flash into your next costume party in the bold red halter top design of the Adult Sexy the Flash Costume. This bright look features a high neck, which keeps the costume up without the need for sleeves. Show off your toned shoulders and arms in this jaw dropping ensemble. There is a bold lightning bolt design on the front of the bust, so everyone can see what a powerful superhero you are. The mini dress has a loose fitting skirt to maximize movement and keep things comfortable. The hem reaches to the upper thigh. Matching red tights are included, so you don't have to feel like too much of your legs are displayed. A red eye mask comes with this ensemble and doesn't inhibit your ability to look smoking hot. Show off a sexy tousled hair style and a flawless makeup to maximize the sultry potential of this costume. Don't forget to wear the included boot tops for a head to toe complete look.
Adult Justice League Flash Muscle Chest Costume
Speed onto the scene of your next Halloween party in the Adult Flash ? Muscle Chest Costume. This officially licensed Halloween costume includes a red jumpsuit with foam muscles, attached tall, bright yellow boot tops, lightning bolt details on the sleeves, a matching lightning bolt belt, a Flash logo on the chest, and a red hood-mask with attached pointy lightning bolts on the side of the head. The flexible body suit will comfortably fit men in Medium, Large and X-Large sizes, and you can complete the super hero look with white gloves, sold separately on our website. The Flash is a DC comic super hero with superhuman reflexes and speed, and was introduced in 1940. Whether or not you live a fast-paced life, you'll look like a speedster in this authentically detailed costume that is sure to delight super hero fans young and old.
The Flash Deluxe Kids Costume
Transform your child into the legendary speedster superhero, The Flash, with this deluxe kids costume that is designed to make them look and feel like the real deal! The costume features an impressive padded muscle chest that will instantly give your hero-in-waiting the appearance of a superhero ready to take on any challenge. This officially licensed DC costume is designed to fit comfortably on your child and the red jumpsuit with gold lightning detailing makes it look straight out of the movie! The deluxe costume is complete with matching boot tops and a detailed half mask ensuring they will be the flashiest kid on the street. Whether your kid is attending a superhero-themed party, going trick or treating or just wants to play dress-up at home, this deluxe costume will be the envy of all their friends. So don't wait any longer and let your kid experience the thrill of being The Flash with this amazing costume!
Adult Justice League Flash Costume
Superman may have been faster than a speeding bullet, but the Flash leaves both of them in the dust! Get noticed in this simple but unmistakable Halloween Flash Costume for adults. The one piece red jumpsuit is available in large and extra large and will look dashing (pun intended) on most men. The suit is detailed with bright yellow lightning on the belt, sleeves, and head piece, and Flash's classic insignia is printed boldly on the chest. Complete the outfit with the included high yellow boot tops, and get ready to have criminals turn tail and run away - as fast as they can, but never fast enough! The Flash costume makes an excellent addition to any Justice League or superhero themed party or group of friends, but even on its own, it's a standout and - dare we say it? - FLASHY character!
Kids Justice League Flash Deluxe Costume
There have been a lot of reincarnations of The Flash, but your little one can emulate any one of them--or all of them at once--when he dresses in the Deluxe Flash Child Costume this Halloween. The red muscle chest jumpsuit comes equipped with three-dimensional gauntlets and yellow boot tops. Your purchase will also include some accessories--a yellow belt and the character's signature mask, which is red and yellow and covers the top half of the head and face, come with the suit to complete the ensemble. Your son will totally be able to go trick or treating through the entire neighborhood in a matter of minutes, but he'll slow himself down in order to enjoy time with his other superhero buddies as they spend Halloween night together.
Kids Justice League Flash Deluxe Costume
Speed around town this Halloween in our Children's Justice League Deluxe Flash Costume. The Flash is the fastest man alive and has been since his first comic book appearance back in the 1940?s. Though there have been many iterations of the famous hero, this particular outfit is modeled after Barry Allen in the Justice League film as portrayed by Ezra Miller. You will receive a full suit with all the same coloring, details, and markings as it is seen on the big screen. It is comfortable and easy to wear so you can maneuver through time and space with no problem! Wear this Flash costume out at night to grab candy faster than the speed of light. Also, check out plenty more superhero accessories and items to include as part of your order.
Adult Justice League Flash Deluxe Costume
You'll actually feel like the fastest man alive when you put on this Deluxe Flash Costume Adult! If the protector of Central and Keystone City is your favorite hero in the Justice League, let this item help you transform into the popular character best known for his super speed. The ensembles muscle chest jumpsuit, molded belt, headpiece and boot tops are all made to look just like suit worn by the Scarlet Speedster while he fights against evil enemies such as Magenta, Pied Piper and Captain Cold. His signature lightning bolt symbol decorates both the red jumpsuit and matching mask so everyone can instantly identify you as the Crimson Comet while you zoom through a Comic Con event or Halloween party. If you're looking to show up somewhere with a group of friends in matching Justice League costumes, check out the other characters offered here, like Green Lantern or Superman.
Adult Justice League Flash Deluxe Costume
Make quick work of bad guys while in this Justice League Flash Deluxe Men's Costume. Barry Allen is the fastest man alive which is why he?s dedicated his life to fighting crime and evil forces. He has made numerous appearances in comic books, television shows, and even on the big screen. In the Justice League film he teams with other heroes to eliminate an alien army! This particular outfit is modeled after the set worn in the movie. It has all the same markings and color patterns to match. Suit up to fight for the safety of everyone on the planet. Wearing this Flash costume is great for wearing during Halloween parties, superhero conventions and many more themed events. It is always ready for some quick fun!
The Flash Kids Costume
Go from zero to hero in a flash with The Flash Kids Costume! This kids superhero costume will make any mini-Flash look like they have stepped straight off the set of The Flash movie. The costume features a red jumpsuit, matching boot tops, and half mask, and makes it easy and comfortable to be a superhero. The gold lightning bolt detailing on the jumpsuit adds an extra touch of authenticity to this officially licensed DC costume. This kids superhero costume is designed for ultimate comfort and durability, making it perfect for playtime, trick-or-treating, or any other occasion. Give your child the chance to experience the thrill of being a superhero with The Flash Kids Costume and they will take on the world!
Baby/Toddler Justice League Flash Tutu
Become the quickest girl in the world the second you put on the Flash Tutu Toddler Costume. This adorable get-up comes with a bright red tutu dress with the Flash symbol on the center, a red eye mask, and red gauntlets. Trick-or-treating as Flash is the best! You can zoom through the streets, take all the candy, and then be back at your own house to eat it all, all under 10 seconds. Team up with some other superhero friends this year, and kick some bad guy butt in style. Buy your Flash Tutu Toddler Costume today, and this Halloween, enjoy the power of great speed!
Kids' DC Comics The Flash Light Up Ring
ur kid will be the quickest one out of all their friends this year when you get them our The Flash Kids Light Up Ring Accessory! The Flash's ring serves one major purpose, to release the Flash's superhero suit so he can quickly transform from just a regular civilian to a totally wicked fast superhero who knows a thing or two about taking down bad guys. When your child has this stylish Flash ring on as part of their Flash costume, they'll be looking and feeling powerful as ever! After all, there's nobody in the world who is quicker than the Flash. With this great accessory, you will receive just the Flash ring your child needs to zoom around the entire Earth in less than a few seconds. Just imagine how many chores your tyke will be able to get done when they're as quick as the Flash! Featuring a golden yellow bulky ring with a lightning bolt emblem on the front, with the whole ring lighting up in activation, it doesn't get any better than this heroic piece of jewelry. Perfect with a whole variety of different Flash costumes, you bet your child is going to fall in love with this one. Whether your tyke is headed to a Halloween party, going trick or treating, or dressing up as superheroes with their friends, this ring is sure to be a hit. To really make it a special night your child never forgets, consider making it a DC Comics superheroes theme with all their friends. Thor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Green Arrow, and all the other great DC Comics good guys would make great companions when your child is dressed as the Flash. If you're looking for other awesome Flash gear and accessories, be sure to check our site for more options. Pick up your Flash ring today!
Adult Justice League Flash Costume
DC Comics Scarlet Speedster is ready to be your secret weapon this Halloween when you are wearing this Superhero Style The Flash TV Catsuit Costume for Adults! Made in the image of the classic suit worn by the TV iteration of Wally West this complete costume is made of high-quality materials for a terrific fit you will love again and again! Take this look to the next level when you shop all of our officially licensed Flash and DC Comics 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories! Don't wait! Order today!
Adult Justice League Flash Costume
Ready to show off your crazy speed to all your friends this year? Then put on our Flash Mens Costume Top and schedule a foot race! With this heroic item, you will receive just the top you need to smoke all your buddies in the blink of an eye. Featuring a bright red costume top with a lightning bolt logo on the chest and a lightning bolt belt print design by the waist, you can't go wrong with this heroic top this year.
Kids' DC Comics The Flash Gloves
If you're looking to make your child's Flash costume complete, look no further than The Flash Kids Gloves! These gloves are the perfect accessory for any young fan of the iconic DC Comics character, The Flash. Designed to match the red color scheme of his iconic supersuit from The Flash movie, these officially licensed gloves will add an extra touch of authenticity to your kid's superhero costume. Made from high-quality materials, these gloves are both durable and comfortable, ensuring that your child can wear them for hours on end without any discomfort. The gloves are designed to fit most children. Whether your child is dressing up for Halloween, a birthday party, or just for fun, The Flash Kids Gloves are the perfect accessory to complete their look and make them the fastest man alive!
The Flash Deluxe Adult Costume
You will be the fastest man alive, Barry Gordon aka The Flash, when you wear The Flash Deluxe Adult Costume! This heroic outfit includes a red padded jumpsuit with gold lightning bolts, plus a detailed half mask with chin strap and cool red and gold boot tops. Look extra buff in this deluxe costume since it's padded to give you some extra last minute muscles. Embrace your inner superhero and gain unimaginable speed in this costume perfect for comic cons and justice-saving costume parties. Get your jumpsuit on, it's time to save the day! Whether you're attending an event or just trick-or-treating, you'll be sure to show off your superpowers in this officially licensed DC Comics product.
The Flash Adult Costume
Step into your heroic shoes with this awesome The Flash Adult Costume! Transform into the Flash himself with this quick and easy costume top and mask that is sure to make you zoom, zoom, zoom! This red long sleeve top will make you look buff with faux muscle details and looks just like the superhero's suit from The Flash movie. The red half mask has gold lightning details and will sit securely on your face no matter your speed. This costume is perfect when you need something quick, easy and comfortable. Going to a last minute costume party? You can throw this on in a flash! Become the hero of the night!
Baby/Toddler Justice League Flash Deluxe Costume
Someday your child may grow up to be as fast as Jay Garrick Wally West or Barry Allen but until then you can dress him in the The Flash (DC Comics) Infant Costume Deluxe. Based on the classic Flash costume the officially licensed set includes a red and yellow romper and headpiece.
Kids Justice League Flash Costume
Your child will be looking like a natural born speedster this year when they're all dressed up in our Flash Kids Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the quickest superhero on this side of town. Featuring a red jumpsuit with attached shoe covers and a matching Flash mask, there's not a villain in the world who will be able to catch up to your kid this year when he's donning this speedy attire.
Justice League Flash Pet Costume
If you're dressing like a speedster this year and you also want your dog to match, get the Flash Pet Costume today! Your dog will be transformed in minutes with the bright red shirt and headpiece. The two-piece outfit comes with yellow designs, a flash logo on the shirt and two flashes by the ear holes. Your pup will be the coolest dog on the block as the fastest superhero alive! With you and your dog having matching uniforms, you'll be sure to get lots of attention!
Adult Justice League Flash Costume
Whether you use your superspeed to fight bad guys or to travel across the world in the blink of an eye, you're certainly going to love wearing the Flash Mens Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to take advantage of the wonderful luxury of speed. Complete with a red high grade stretch fabric bodysuit, a deluxe yellow lightning belt, red gloves, yellow boot covers with attached wing accents, and a matching mask with yellow wings attached as well, you're going to love this speedy superhero look this year.
Tv Flash Overhead Vinyl M
You'll be the quickest superhero around this Halloween when you put on the Overhead Vinyl TV Flash 2018 Halloween Masks! Run around the entire Earth in under a second and surprise all your friends this year. With this 2018 Halloween Masks on you'll look just like the Flash! Buy yours today and then scan our site for the rest of your Flash costume.
Adult Justice League Flash Costume
Show off your wicked speed this year when you put on our Flash Adult Costume. In a foot race, nobody can beat you. Not even Superman! With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the fastest superhero in all of superhero history. Featuring a crimson red jumpsuit with a lightning logo on the chest, a pair of matching boot tops, and a hood, you're going to love this heroic and speedy Flash look.
Adult DC Comics Flash Costume
If you're looking to get ready for Halloween fast check out our Flash Men's Costume! When you put on this jacket and pants combo you'll look just like the speediest member of the Justice League. In this easy to wear costume you'll be able to get out of the house so fast you'll really feel like you have super speed!
Flash 12 Mask
Speed away and let your kids join the Speed Force this Halloween! Get them the Flash 2018 Halloween Masks for Children to protect their identity! Barry Allen is a staple of the Justice League and his iconic red and yellow 2018 Halloween Masks is faithfully recreated in this 2018 Halloween Masks that will be a comfortable fit for your kid. Tell them to race around the neighborhood for that candy! Order it online today!
Kids' Justice League Flash Gloves
Is your child ready to be a part of the Justice League? Who wouldn't want to fight alongside the world's most renowned Heroes? With these Justice League movie Child's flash gloves you can assure that your child is ready for the next fight and has everything they need to be the fastest kid alive. When the world needs saving they can turn to euro child for help so order now and suit up and save the city! Includes (1) pair of gloves.
Adult DC Comics The Flash Light Up Ring
You'll be all ready to zoom around the world and take down villains this year when you're all decked out in our The Flash Adult Light Up Ring Accessory. If you're a huge fan of this super speedy superhero, then you're definitely going to want the Flash's classic ring to help complete your look. Besides just looking really cool, the Flash's ring doubles as a superhero suit storage unit. Whenever the Flash wants to transform from his civilian identity into his Flash superhero identity, all he has to do is thumb his ring and release the suit for him to change into at hyperspeed! With this flashy accessory, you'll be all ready to hop into your supersuit and bring down all kinds of criminals and foes. Featuring a golden ring with a lightning bolt symbol on the front that lights up, this great piece of jewelry will pair perfectly with the rest of your Flash costume this year. Whether you're fighting off Captain Cold, Zoom, the Pied Piper, or Savitar, you'll be more than prepared for lightning speed battle when you have this one of a kind ring propped on your finger. Whether you're heading to a comic convention, a Halloween party, or just looking for an awesome accessory to always have a piece of your favorite superhero with you at all times, you definitely can't go wrong with this killer ring. Perfect with a wide variety of Flash costume looks, this ring is sure to be a hit. Take your Flash fun to the next level by making it a DC Comics costume theme with all of your friends! Just imagine how powerful you'll feel when you have Batman, Aquaman, Thor, Wonder Woman, and all the rest of the greats standing right alongside you in battle. Pick up your Flash ring today, and go make this your most heroic night yet!
Men's DC Comics The Flash Latex Mask
Transform yourself into the fastest man alive with an epic Flash costume complete with The Flash Adult Latex Mask! With its bold red color and lightning bolt detailing, this mask is designed to match the iconic Flash supersuit from The Flash movie. This officially licensed costume accessory is the perfect addition to any fan of the iconic DC Comics character, The Flash, and is highly detailed ensuring your costume will be accurate and authentic to The Flash franchise. Crafted from high-quality latex material, this mask is both durable and comfortable, ensuring that you can wear it for hours on end without any discomfort. The mask is designed to fit most adults and completely covers your head and stays in place with the help of the chin strap. The mouth and nose are exposed just like Flash’s actual mask. Whether you are dressing up for a cosplay event, a themed party, or just for fun, The Flash Adult Latex Mask is the perfect accessory to complete your superhero costume and become the fastest man alive!